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My name is Guy and I'm a smart home addict. If there’s an upgrade that will make my home cleaner, safer, more efficient or more fun, I want it. When I recently moved home, I had an electrician installing a Netatmo Thermostat and a Nest Hello doorbell before I even had a bed. And the cups of tea were obviously provided via a Xiaomi smart kettle that I controlled from my phone. The reason I can’t stop buying this stuff is that, after years of competing standards, hubs and apps, it’s finally starting to all play nice together. Whether you’ve tied yourself to Amazon, Google or even Apple’s smart assistants, most smart home kit now works with them. The most complicated part has become remembering the right wake word for each…

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I CLEANED UP WITH A TINY TOY DYSON It’s kind of funny that lots of toys are just mini home appliances. At the Toy Fair in Kensington Olympia, I somehow ended up playing with Casdon’s Little Helper Dyson cord-free vacuum cleaner. It simulates a cyclone, and little balls whirr around in the cylinder just like dust or dirt. It even has attachments like the grown-up Dyson I have at home. What I can’t get my head around is why it’s way more fun to use than the real thing. Heather Wald, Content Editor I PLAYED MUSIC USING MY TROUSERS Drumming is great fun; finding space for a drum kit less so. So Sphero’s new Specdrums kit uses a colour-sensing ring to turn practically anything into a percussion instrument. You can use the coloured mat…

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hot stuff

HOT FIVE #1 HOLE LOTTA LOVE Honor View 20 In a world where almost every smartphone is an expensive, superpowered rectangle, it’s becoming ever harder for the handsets that don’t unexpectedly explode in your hand (you know who you are) to make an impression. That’s not the case with Honor’s hole-ier-than-thou View 20. Half the price of an iPhone XS, this is the first blower to sport a punch-hole on the front. After it became clear there are more people who think pineapple belongs on pizza than there are people who like notches, Honor came up with an alternative: a small cutout that houses the 25MP selfie camera, leaving you more of that 6.4in LCD to look at. There’s also the 48MP main camera sensor borrowed from Sony, an AI Ultra Clarity mode that puts…

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ruark r5

THE POSH EXTERIOR HIDES A 90W STEREO AMP WITH TWO NEODYMIUM DRIVERS PLUS A SUBWOOFER Who knocked the legs off the pretty coffee table? Ruark did… except it didn’t have any legs to begin with, and it’s not a coffee table. The Ruark R5 is essentially a cheaper, shrunken-down version of the veteran British audio brand’s R7 Radiogram (which does have legs) – but that’s not to say it isn’t a comparably high-end piece of hi-fi kit, or absolutely rammed with features. Sorry, I stopped listening when I spotted what looks a lot like a CD drive…? Yup. Rightfully earning its billing as a truly all-in-one music system, the R5 is packing a CD player, a DAB radio, aptX HD Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, plus analogue, digital and optical inputs. Realising that not everyone will…

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future stuff featureless phones

We’re only a few weeks into 2019, and already phone companies are hurling concept art and press releases about with merry abandon. Their current infatuation: making tech vanish. And it seems they’re going to take this a bit too literally, making your phone almost disappear in two distinct stages. This goes way beyond dumping the headphone jack or shrinking the notch: the idea is to eradicate all buttons and holes. So you’ll no longer have speaker grilles, you’ll only be able to charge wirelessly, eSIMs will be enforced, and you’ll get no physical buttons for on/off or changing the volume. Not excited by this prospect? Neither are we, to be honest. But the second part could be even trickier. Stage two is to make devices truly wafer-thin, so you’ll be able to shove…

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best of winter namm 2019

MORE NEW MUSIC TECH P72 SHRUNK ROCK Marshall Studio Series There are two features shared by most of the classic guitar amps that Marshall has produced over the past half-century or so: extreme bigness and even more extreme loudness. This is fine if it’s 1969 and you’re playing Fillmore East; not so much if it’s 2019 and you’re at home in Penge West. So here comes the Studio Series: compact, 20-Watt versions of the British maker’s greatest hits. from £849 / KEY CHANGE Arturia MicroFreak You might be wondering why Arturia has made the keyboard of its latest zany synth look like a decorative screen in a Moroccan brothel. Well, it isn’t really a keyboard at all, but a pressure-sensitive circuit board with ‘poly-aftertouch’ for added expressive interactivity. The MicroFreak blends analogue filters with digital oscillators,…