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I GOT MY HANDS ON HUAWEI’S FOLDING PHONE Never have I seen a mere smartphone treated with the same reverence as the Mona Lisa. So when Huawei gave me a one-on-one session with the Mate X, the tablet-smartphone hybrid that folds in the middle of the OLED screen, there were three people with me in a tiny meeting room at Mobile World Congress, all watching me like I was a very dangerous person. One rule: don’t actually fold it. Which, it turned out, was too much of an ask for me. Whoops. Natalya Paul, Online Editor THE HOT FIVE p8 I SHOWED THE WORLD HOW BAD I AM AT TETRIS I’ve spent every free second of the last month playing the best battle royale game. I’m not referring to the game your nephew is banned…

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When was the last time you took a Live Photo on your iPhone that wasn’t an accident? Probably never, right? In the three years since Apple introduced the gif-like feature to the iOS camera app, no one seems to have worked out what it’s for – until now. Spectre uses a combination of Live Photos and AI-based image stabilisation to shoot long-exposure shots without the need for a tripod (as long as you have an iPhone 8 or newer). Rather than taking one shot, it stitches hundreds together and creates a single frame that can be tweaked using the phone’s Live Photo editor. You can even use it to erase movement from your shots, so you can recreate that scene from the start of 28 Days Later.…

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david bowie is

Having spent five years touring the world, the ‘David Bowie Is’ exhibition arrives on phones. It’s a curious thing, poking around Bowie’s life in augmented reality, perusing lyrics, watching videos and examining costumes – all without having to crane your neck to see over other people’s inconveniently situated heads. For those who experienced the original show, this app should beat any associated book, no matter how lush. For everyone else, we can talk about wonder of tech and a future where art is freed from the confines of galleries. Mostly, though, it’s a superb, fitting tribute to an icon.…

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wtf is the nubia alpha?

So the bendy screens are coming to our wrists as well, huh? Looks that way. Such is the current onslaught of flexible displays, pretty soon you’ll be able to walk into your local electronics store for a game of ‘Will it bend?’ without risking several thousand pounds’ worth of damage. Nubia’s just-a-little-bit-bonkers Alpha wearable doesn’t want to simply supplement the smartphone in your future pocket; rather, its maker’s ambition is for it to replace that phone altogether. Not the first time I’ve heard that kind of talk. So is it a phone or a watch? Both. Sort of. It’s difficult to know where to start with this contraption – which looks like something that’d get auctioned off at a Star Trek convention – but the headline feature here is the pliable OLED display…

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The Dirt Motley Crue are undoubtedly the biggest hair metal band of all time. Their 1980s rise to stardom is depicted in this Netflix-produced biopic, which dispenses with whitewashing in order to gleefully present the Crue’s antics (think trashed hotel rooms, drug overdoses and vehicular homicide) in grippingly lurid detail. Film / Netflix Our Planet This collaboration between Netflix and the WWF has succeeded in finally prising the 92-year-old national treasure away from Auntie’s clutches: Sir David’s dulcet tones accompany the eight-part nature doc, made to spark governments into action regarding climate change and waste… as well as entertaining Netflix subscribers. S1 / Netflix The Case Against Adnan Syed Serial’s phenomenal first season re-investigated the apparently dodgy conviction of Baltimore teenager Adnan Syed for the 1999 murder of his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. With Syed about to…

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KICK-STARTER Insta follower OBSBOT TAIL When you’re making movies about people, the blighters won’t stay still. So keeping them in shot can be tricky, especially if your ‘crew’ is you, a rucksack and a cheese sandwich. Hence Obsbot Tail, which styles itself as the world’s first auto-director AI camera but is really an automated cinematographer. Set it down and define who to keep in frame, and you’ll get buttery-smooth 4K tracking shots, thanks to the three-axis gimbal and 1/2.3in Sony CMOS sensor. You needn’t prod the Obsbot app to shake things up either: a hand gesture is enough to have your robot DP perform its actions. £375 / KICK-STARTER Ain’t got no body PICOH It might look like the head of a 1970s sci-fi robot, but Picoh’s LED matrix eyes, mechanical mouth and light-up base enable it…