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Stuff UK February 2017

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Whether its Rocky Balboa or that time your smartphone survived a dip in the drink, everyone loves a comeback story. Especially if it comes with a glossy montage and fist-pumping soundtrack. While we didn’t make this month’s cover with Eye of the Tiger on constant rotation, it’s fair to say that laptops are ‘having a moment’. They used to be a boring essential, like your pension plan or James Milner. Now even Dell have made one we actually want. Rather than taking this as a further sign of the coming apocalypse, we went and chucked a whole load of them together in a great big supertest. Obviously Apple’s new Touch Bar-equipped MacBook Pro was the device that set our hearts aflutter, but could it withstand an onslaught of competition from the likes…

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our month

I PLAYED MY FAVOURITE GAME OF 2016 IN VR If you were unfortunate enough to meet me in 2016, I probably bored on about how brilliant Superhot is. This first-person shooter/ puzzle game, where time only moves when you do, lets you play out impossible gunfights in super-slow-mo. It’s the closest you’ll ever get to being John McClane, or so I thought until I played Superhot VR with the Oculus Rift’s Touch Controllers. So apologies to anyone I bump into this year – I’ll be banging the drum for another 12 months. Rob Leedham, Editor I BRACED MYSELF FOR VEGAS CES is the tech industry’s biggest get-together and it takes place every year in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, its 2017 edition kicks off on 3 January, just in time for my New Year’s hangover to…

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hot st uffo

HOT FOUR #1 VIRGIN SQUEEZES 4K INTO ITS TINY NEW BOX VIRGIN TV V6 & TELLYTABLET We’re about to launch our own Stuff set-top box. It only has three channels – Fiction, Non-Fiction, Fireplace – to combat the angst many families feel when faced with a bazillion programmes, streamed or broadcast. A fourth button on the remote, Fabricate, will activate the StuffBox’s 3D printer to produce an original jigsaw puzzle for the family to enjoy instead of watching TV at all. Horrified? Then turn your anamorphic eyes to Virgin’s tiny new V6 box. It can record six channels at once, while you watch (or stream) a seventh. It supports 4K and HDR, albeit the former only via Netflix and YouTube, and the latter only when HDR broadcasts begin. A newly updated TV Anywhere…

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a selfie cam to be proud of

Like it or not, selfies are here to stay. So unless you want to be confirmed as the out-of-touch oldie you always swore you’d never be, you’d better get on board… Super selfies You know what the best way to stick it to the kids would be? Taking selfies that are so special they’ll be left flabbergasted by your artistic and technical genius. Yeah, that’ll show ’em. The Fujifilm X-A10 is in many ways just a very nice, very compact Fuji compact system camera. And weknow all about them – the X-T2 won our System Cam of the Year award this year, and the X-T10 took the same title in 2015. Smashing snapper The X-A10 slots in at the bottom of Fuji’s range – it’s just £499 with a 16-50mm kit lens – but…

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1 Korg Kaossilator for Android £7.99 / Android Five years after iOS, Android finally gets some Korg love. Prod and slide your way to banging choonz, and hope Korg’s efforts give music creation on Android a boost. 2 Runkeeper £free (IAPs) / Apple Watch Armed with Runkeeper, you could leave your iPhone at home and get stats from your Apple Watch. Plus, with a shiny Series 2’s GPS and the latest Runkeeper update, you’ll now get a map too. 3 Drivetribe £free / iOS, Android Can’t get enough of The Grand Tour? Try Drivetribe – essentially Instagram for cars, with Clarkson, May and Hammond involved. Just hope Clarkson doesn’t smack his followers for not giving him steak. 4 Infuse Pro 5 £6.99/yr / iOS, tvOS Firecore’s elegant video player grabs files from your network, then converts and squirts them to your…

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giga pixel

ORTEGA PERSONAL SUBMARINE Space remains a bummer. Vacuum, radiation, terrible broadband, and the journey times are an absolute bore. But if you’re determined to go off-grid, have you considered the ocean? Sure, there are equally challenging details to do with the availability of oxygen and all of your body temperature leaching out into the water. But if you do manage to establish a foothold, you’ll need transport. This Ortega Mk.1C submersible can run fast on the surface and even faster underwater, although you’ll need your own air supply. But remember: nipping topside to post a ’gram is not really in the ‘off-grid’ spirit. NEWS FEED DEWIRED SCIENCE A Chinese startup, helped by HTC’s Vive X accelerator programme, has made a wireless adaptor for the Vive VR headset. Its first batch was immediately consumed…