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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Unless you’ve left your present-buying until Christmas Eve, and have to contend with the shopping-centre leftovers before heading back to a home filled with tetchy in-laws and sugar-addled little ones. Then the holiday season can be an unmitigated nightmare. Fear not, because this month’s bumper issue of Stuff is here to see you reign supreme among friends and family as the king of Crimbo. Not yet rifled through the 100+ present ideas we’ve crammed into the Gift Guide you got with this issue? There’s plenty to keep you going in this main mag. From a smartphone supertest that sees the iPhone X face off against Google’s Pixel 2 XL, to our Christmas TV streaming guide, there’s loads to be digging into. Alas, Netflix still…

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IN THE GIFT GUIDE I HAD A LEVITATING LIGHTBULB MOMENT While I loved getting a Paul Daniels Magic Set for Christmas back in the day, this floating lightbulb is way more exciting. Flyte (£299, drew a crowd in the Stuff office when it landed for our Gift Guide. But then someone had to ruin the magic by saying his dad had seen magnetic induction lamps back in college. OK, but only the canny Swedes managed to turn that idea into a mantelpiece marvel, and it’s hard to imagine a better Boxing Day icebreaker. Mark Wilson, Features Editor I HAD THE POSTURE POLICE ON MY BACK Punishment takes many forms. Meet Upright Go (£75,, a device that sits on your back and gives you a gentle buzz every time you slouch. This isn’t an…

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hot stuff

Thwack to basics The backlit keys are chunky blighters, with more travel and feedback than Apple’s butterfly keyboard. If you like your keys to let you know you’re giving them a bashing, Microsoft’s won’t let you down. HOT FOUR #1 MAC ATTACK MICROSOFT SURFACE BOOK 2 As fans of The Matrix will tell you, sequels are not always a good idea. Luckily, Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 looks like anything but the Reloaded of the laptop world. There are all-new 13in models with spec bumps galore, but the headline-grabber here is the 2018-bound 15in variant. On the outside it just looks like a blown-up version of its little bro, but this beast is kitted with an 8th-gen quad-core i7, while a GTX 1060 and 6GB of video RAM mean it’ll handle your Xbox Play Anywhere…

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it’s all systems go as oculus cuts the cord

Oculus claims the ‘next-generation’ lenses in the Go are its best ever, with a Rift-matching wide field of view and less glare. THE GO IS A WIRELESS VR HEADSET THAT HAS ALL ITS COMPUTING GRUNT BUILT IN Oculus Go US$199 / • Get up and Go Rather than clashing with the Rift or Gear VR systems, Oculus Go sits somewhere between the two. The pull here is that it doesn’t need a stupidly powerful PC or one of Samsung’s flagship smartphones to work. It’s a standalone, truly wireless headset, with the entirety of its computing grunt built in. • Screen test To keep that price down, Oculus Go substitutes the Rift’s OLED for a ‘fast-switch’ LCD screen with 2560x1440 resolution. The display is designed to boost visual clarity and reduce the ‘screen-door’ effect that occurs when…

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#28 AMAZON KEY Matt Tate A smart security system that lets people into your house when you’re not there. No, this isn’t our very own Black Mirror episode pitch, but the premise of Amazon’s new Key service. Recently launched in the US, it’s available free of charge to anyone with a Prime subscription, but you’ll need to purchase Amazon’s keyless door lock and Cloud Cam to start using it. With the devices installed, an Amazon courier can wander into your home with your package in hand simply by scanning in its barcode. After an encrypted authentication process to confirm the driver is at the right address at the right time, your door unlocks and the camera will start recording. This way you’re able to keep an eye on the stream and ensure your…

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giga pixel

PLANET OF THE GAPES The debate about which planet is the best has been going on since the Big Bang – but after staring at this beautiful image of Jupiter, it just squeezes past Uranus to win our vote. This shot of a system of swirling storms above Jupiter’s southern hemisphere was obtained by the Juno spacecraft, which has been in orbit around the gas giant since July 2016. The image data is sent back to Earth and uploaded by Nasa to a public database, where artists – in this case Seán Doran – can put it through Photoshop processing to produce jaw-droppers like the one you see here. NEWS FEED A NEW TYPE OF VIRTUAL REALITY Typing in VR is about as easy as blindfolded unicycling – with the new Logitech Bridge system,…