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Stuff UK July 2017

Stuff inspires and nurtures a passion for gadgets. We make them look amazing and explain in a fast, confident and unfalteringly entertaining way how they will enhance our readers’ lives. Stuff is a celebration of the new, the innovative, the shiny and the cool. It’s pure gadget joy.

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It’s summer, and that can only mean one thing. No, not topless skinheads parading around your local park, but big sporting events on the telly. From the Champions League final to England and South Africa’s Test series and the British GP, much of this awesome TV will be screened in 4K. Stuck with an old-fashioned HD set? Then you’ve got two choices: ingratiate yourself with that work colleague who has more money than personality (you know the one), or fix your peepers on our ultimate 4K TV buyer’s guide. Whether you’ve got £500 or £5000 to spend, we’ve picked out the perfect new screen for you. Better yet, it’s not a World Cup year so you won’t spend all that money to watch England scale new heights of incompetence. I guarantee every…

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our month

I HUNG OUT OF A HELICOPTER TO TEST SMARTPHONES …because bowls of fruit, late-night pub selfies and my back garden clearly weren’t a good enough test for today’s superphones, which have more camera smarts than your local branch of Jessops. Or at least that’s what Samsung wanted me to think, when they thrust a Galaxy S8 in my hand and a harness around my unmentionables, before whisking me 1200 feet into the air to lord it over all of Greater London. Tom Morgan, Reviews Editor I TURNED UP MY GUITAR WITH A KEYBOARD There are three great things about the SD30, an all-valve 30-Watt guitar amplifier from British indie maker Stone Deaf. Firstly, as you can see from the picture below, it’s got lots of pretty coloured lights on it. And secondly, you can…

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hot st uff

HOT FOUR #1 SQUIDGE MAGNET HTC U 11 There’s always one constant in the tech world: poking. Poke the home button, poke the app icon, poke the camera shutter. But HTC’s new U 11 doesn’t like being poked – it likes being squeezed. Ultrasonic sensors on the sides of the phone make it sensitive to your grip, serving up a whole new way to interact with your mobile. Want to launch the camera? Give it a quick clutch. OK Google? Hold it for longer. There are only two input patterns at launch, and there’s no word on whether developers will be able to programme their own, but at least the rest of the specs should keep you busy until HTC offers more for your palm to do: there’s a 12MP UltraPixel snapper on…

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panorama professional insta360 pro

• On the ball… …you’ll find a total of six lenses, though you don’t have to use them all at once. If you’d prefer a closer focus as you livestream cutting your toenails to Facebook Live via the onboard Wi-Fi, then you can opt to use fewer active lenses. You’ll still get glorious 4K streams, broadcast with up to 60% reduction in bandwidth, thanks to ‘cube map projection’ tech and the H.265 compression codec. For wholesome 8K footage you’ll need to post-process, though full-res stills can be slung at social media straight away. • A stitch in flow… …keeps things smooth. The Pro uses optical flow stitching, rather than the traditional templatebased model, to combine picture streams from each lens. Analysing images at pixel level, the software attempts to ‘see’ what’s actually in…

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TANTALISING TUBES Nixie tubes are nothing new. In fact they’re decidedly old-school, what with their 1950s heritage, and so it is with the Nixie Machine. A concept clock hewn from the imagination of Frank Buchwald, its crab-like form titillated design fans in 2015. And now it’s back. Sculpted from brass and glass, the new Nixie’s 1.2m span is crowned by Wi-Fi-connected light tubes, with the internet keeping things on time. There’s also a host of added features, including timezone settings and day/night dimming. But really, you should buy a Nixie II (£23,000 approx) just to ogle. NEWS FEED CORTANA COME HOME Microsoft’s AI assistant hasn’t been keen to sit on our shelves, but that’s all set to change with Harman Kardon’s Cortana-packing Invoke speaker. An Echo-like cylinder of 360° sound, it’ll do Skype calls,…

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1 Pocket Sense £free (IAPs) / Android One for the paranoid, Pocket Sense blares an alarm at (but sadly won’t zap) any scoundrel who attempts to pilfer your phone from your pocket, grab it from a table, or even unplug it during charging. 2 Riven £3.99 / Android Hottish on the heels of Myst, PC classic Riven finally shows up on Android. Again it’s remastered fare, and has you swiping about to explore before the puzzles make geysers burst from your ears. 3 Burly Men at Sea £4.99 / Apple TV The fantastical story of three fishermen with impressive beards makes it to Apple’s telly box. The oddball branching storyline and illustrated facial hair should be even more arresting in big-o-vision. 4 iRig Recorder 3 £free (IAPs) / Android, iOS This one’s all about high-quality field recordings, for when you need…