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Stuff inspires and nurtures a passion for gadgets. We make them look amazing and explain in a fast, confident and unfalteringly entertaining way how they will enhance our readers’ lives. Stuff is a celebration of the new, the innovative, the shiny and the cool. It’s pure gadget joy.

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Look, I know we make putting to_ether your favourite _ad_et mag look easy, but the hardships of our job really add up. Gor_ing on the latest ice-cream makers, _etting sore thumbs from all-day _aming, squinting to be sure that new 4K TV really does look awesome… it all takes a toll. I can only speculate, but these must all be part of the reason why Consulting Editor Fraser Macdonald leaves Stuff this month after 15 years. As a bona fide sweetheart, biscuit connoisseur and one of the best writers to ever _race our pa_es, he’ll be dearly missed. The Hot Stuff section will be back in rip-snorting form next month, but I can’t promise it’ll attain the same standards of manic eccentricity As one era ends, a new one be_ins. Samsun_’s Galaxy…

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our month

I TECHED MYSELF OUT OF A HIKE The map geeks at Ordnance Survey have released another feature for their OS Maps app. With a Premium subscription (£24/year) Aerial 3D lets you swoop over Britain’s glorious crags and oxbows as if you were a circling eagle, hunting for rabbits. You can even overlay your proposed hiking or biking route, if you have it as a .gpx file… at which point I realised just how high it was, and decided to leave it for another weekend. I’m guessing that’s not quite what they had in mind. Fraser Macdonald, Consulting Editor I KISSED MY DSLR GOODBYE Mo’ money, mo’ problems… or in my case mo’ camera gear to lug around on holiday, mo’ of an arse than it’s worth. And so, I embraced the ‘keep it simple,…

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hot st uff

iMirror While the new iPad has a brighter screen than any of the previous models bar the Pro, the LCD panel lacks an anti-reflective coating. It essentially becomes a mirror from the faintest hints of sunlight. HOT FOUR #1 PICK THE LOW_ HANGING FRUIT APPLE iPAD (2017) Oftentimes we come at you like a gin-whiffy market trader, hounding you to smash down all your cash on some two-week wonder or other. But today we have our other hat on: Sebastian, the savvy shopper. And he’s saying, look at this new iPad, right? It might not be called the iPad Ultra Pro or some such, but as a straight-named replacement for the iPad Air 2, it’s worth a peep. But only, says Seb while prodding you in the sternum, if you play it cool. If it’s…

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spandex smartwatch

from £470 / The 935 has all of the features of Garmin's recent Fenix 5, but in a smaller, lighter and racier form. On your marks… Rising from the Fenix Let us bring you up to speed. Garmin makes lots of fitness watches. Anything with ‘Vivo’ in the name is more basic, from which you can step up to the super-sporty Forerunners. Fenix is its premium smartwatch range… though, notably, using its own OS rather than Android Wear. This one covers the same bases as the Fenix 5 That flagship Fenix comes in three sizes, all of which are absolutely jam-packed with features. The Forerunner 935 has all of those gubbins, but manages to be a few millimetres thinner and a good Fun Size Mars Bar lighter. Why is this important? If you’re a…

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giga pixel the bigger picture in tech

WALLS? I SCREAM Walls are stupid. We need a roof over our heads to keep the rain off, and we need a floor under our feet to keep us out of the grot, but for what do we need walls? For this: Bang & Olufsen has revealed BeoSound Shape, a wall-mounted wireless hi-fisystem that you build by tessellating a mixture of hexagonal tiles. Some of them are amplifiers, some are speakers and the rest are stuffed with acoustic damping material, although one must also contain the BeoSound Core wireless module. How much? B&O isn’t saying yet, except that a basic system of six tiles will cost about £3400. Yipes. NEWS FEED NEW TESLA PARKS ON YOUR ROOF In its bid to save the world/ empty your wallet, Tesla has this new super-lowprofile solar array…

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1 Drop Not! £free / iOS Isometric one-thumb survival games? Yawn. But wait! This one’s by the Power Hover people and has 20 handcrafted levels. More adventure than typical cheapo endless shenanigans. 2 Workflow £free / iOS For automation wonks, Workflow is best-in-kind on iOS. Apple’s now gobbled the app up and made it free. Great news, unless you’re using Google-orientated workflows, which have been expunged. (Sigh.) 3 Transformers: Forged to Fight £free (IAPs) / iOS, Android Much like Kabam’s Marvel game, this one welds Street Fighter-ish one-on-one brawls, and has you tapping at the screen with all the finesse of a Michael Bay movie. 4 Rounded Corner £free (IAPs) / Android Green with envy on seeing new phone displays with natty rounded corners? Use Rounded Corner to get said corners on your rubbish old phone. If…