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Stuff inspires and nurtures a passion for gadgets. We make them look amazing and explain in a fast, confident and unfalteringly entertaining way how they will enhance our readers’ lives. Stuff is a celebration of the new, the innovative, the shiny and the cool. It’s pure gadget joy.

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A wise sod once said, “The destiny of man is to unite, not to divide.” Unfortunately, that choice phrase was uttered before the internet existed and people felt the need to argue over which smartphone OS is best. Rather than tackle such eternal conflicts in a YouTube comments section, we’ve done the job in 18 pages. So from Nikon vs Canon to PlayStation vs Xbox and Apple vs Google, this magazine is dedicated to the techy conflicts that define the gadgets we buy and what Stuff squabbles about on its lunch breaks. Mercifully, we didn’t have room for a full-blown FIFA vs Pro Evo face-off or we’d have got no work done this month. As it is, we spent the best part of a week at the CES show in Las Vegas…

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our month

I PLAYED WITH VIVE’S TRACKER On the bus ride into Las Vegas, home of the annual Consumer Electronics Show, my driver proudly noted the city’s hotspots. From beating slot machines to getting hold of medical marijuana, this woman always had a tip up her sleeve. The one thing she didn’t know about? HTC’s new Vive Tracker, which can turn anything into a VR peripheral. For one glorious hour I was a crack sniper, alien photographer and all-round badass. It’s the most fun you can have in Vegas without going broke or faking a doctor’s certificate. Rob Leedham, Editor MY FITNESS BAND FORCED ME INTO THE GYM Whenever I get a new gadget, I’ll spend hours on the sofa playing around with it. But when I got my hands on Samsung’s Gear Fit2 this…

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hot st uff

HOT FOUR #1 THREE IS THE MAGIC NUMBER RAZER PROJECT VALERIE Before pulling out this sucker in a coffee shop, you’re going to want some suitable entry music. The Ride of the Valkyries, say. Get that playing, roll back the cuffs on your leather trenchcoat and then break out the Razer. Try to maintain eye contact with someone as you unfold each of its three 17.3in 4K screens. Make sure the keyboard is cycling through its full LED rainbow before completing the third act of your CostBucks performance: plug in and don a VR headset. (It can be Oculus or Vive – while not revealing specs, Razer say its three-screened monster will run either.) “You’re not even using the screens,” some babyccino-sipping urchin will breathe. And your day is done. As hot as… 4K…

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dell’s xps is now flippin’ handy

Dell XPS 13 from £1349 / ● Same name, new game Eagle-eyed Ultrabook fans will recognise the XPS 13 name, but Dell’s taken its powerful, portable and popular laptop and cracked it. Well, sort of: it’s scooped up the best bits of the existing XPS 13 – winner of the laptops supertest in our February issue – given them a boost and stuck them into a hybrid shell that will rotate right round on itself. ● Small talk The complicated hinge might have added heft, but the carbon fibre and aluminium body works hard: turning the scales to 1.2kg, it’s not tablet-light but it’s hardly a rock. It’s slimmer than a Surface Book, so it ought to slip nicely into your satchel. Dell says it’s the smallest 2-in-1 laptop in the world. ● Every trick’s…

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giga pixel

YOU SAY HELLO, I SAY… It’s all the fault of your parents, encouraging you to be popular. Get a decent tribe of family and friends, they said – you’ll never want for anything. Except for some bloody peace! The constant calls about trivialities like “coming home” or “when you’re coming to pick us up from school because it’s cold”. Sheesh. You’ve had to get yourself this $799 Navdy head-up display, which connects to your phone via Bluetooth and shows calls, texts, notifications, navigation and trip data. Gesture control lets you dismiss it all while barely diverting your eyes from what’s important in life: the road. Shut up, Casey F. NEWS FEED VR NOT ALONE Having dunked our minds into VR gamescapes and been tickled by the notion, we now want to take things in…

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1 Brian Eno: Reflection £30 / iOS, tvOS It’s quite spendy, but this latest collaboration between Eno and Peter Chilvers is like having brainy Brian live-remixing his latest album from inside your device. And he doesn’t even need feeding. 2 Pigment £free (IAPs) / iOS, Android Colouring-in is good for stress but bad for grinding paint into the carpet. Pigment is the best digital take around – unlike rubbish tapto- fill pretenders, this one feels like the real thing, just without mess. 3 The Happiness Planner £2.29/month / iOS Can you really plan for happiness? Probably not, but this minimal freebie to-do manager wants to help you try, through reflection and focusing on what matters. 4 Sensual Sax £3.99 / iOS There can’t be many apps with a massive ‘sex’ wheel – at least not that Apple would approve. But this…