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Stuff UK May 2017

Stuff inspires and nurtures a passion for gadgets. We make them look amazing and explain in a fast, confident and unfalteringly entertaining way how they will enhance our readers’ lives. Stuff is a celebration of the new, the innovative, the shiny and the cool. It’s pure gadget joy.

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Usually being Stuff editor is a pretty fun job. You get to mess around with the latest gadgets, travel around the world a fair bit and make a magazine at the end of the month. Sounds like a proper doss, right? Not on the day when you find out the phone you’ve put on your cover – Samsung’s infamous Galaxy Note 7 – has started exploding. And it’s getting a worldwide recall. That day was a nightmare. So why are we are we proclaiming the brilliance of another Galaxy handset only eight months later? Firstly, the S8 is the most exciting phone in the world right now. Secondly, Samsung has put a slew of new protections in place to stop ‘a Note 7 scenario’ happening again. Finally, I really want one, and…

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I SHOT SOME BEARS IN BAVARIA Don’t worry, no bears were harmed as the shooting in question was done using the SP 150-600mm f5-6.3 VC USD lens from Tamron (available in Nikon, Canon and Sony mounts). The Bavarian Forest National Park served as the perfect location to try out my wildlife photography skills, and this sub-£1000 super-telephoto zoom didn’t disappoint. The vibration compensation was faultless on my Nikon D750 and I was able to get pin-sharp shots handheld at 600mm, which is bear-ly believable. Will Clarke, Senior Designer I GAVE MY CATS 20 SECONDS TO COMPLY Rather more successfully, I gave my 10-year-old an introduction to real-world coding by putting her in charge of the Jimu TankBot (see p29). Using drag-and-drop lines of Scratch-style code, this trundling titan can be programmed to navigate around…

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hot four #1

INS8TIABLE APPETITE FOR DRAMA SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 Companies the size of Samsung don’t do meek. If the track ahead is looking bumpy they tend to stoke the fire, open the valves and blast through. It is in such a conflagration of fire and steam that the S8 arrives. And it looks, we think, rather good. It continues the current trend for smartphone displays (see also the LG G6 and Xiaomi Mi Mix) to be judged not by size, but by screen-to-body ratio. The S8’s 5.8in screen – expected to be AMOLED, with a tall 2960x1440 pixel layout – is curved at the edges, where it nearly meets a matching glass panel on the back. There’s also a larger version, the S8+, with an even bigger 6.2in screen. Now, if only Samsung’s confidence…

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hot four #2

TWO-FACED SON OF A WATCH TAG HEUER CONNECTED MODULAR 45 If you were to ask a chicken whether it came before the egg, it’d give you one of those looks. If you then asked it whether Tag’s newest smartwatch is expensive because it’s modular, or modular because it’s expensive, it’d probably throw you out of the hen house. Either which way, the Swiss company’s second scratch at a premium smartwatch is worth clucking about: swappable straps and lugs are one thing, but the ability to swap out the entire Android Wear 2.0 module for a mechanical movement is a first. But why would you? The electronic option has Intel brains, a 1.39in AMOLED screen, 4GB of storage and GPS, all of which sounds to us like the kind of thing you’d want…

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hot four #3

GIVE YOUR TV A RAISE SONOS PLAYBASE Top tip: a stack of Stuff magazines makes a handy way to raise your TV up over the top of a soundbar – an oft-complained-about design flaw. If that’s too lo-fia solution, then good news! The Sonos Playbase is a solid oblong of sound engineering, upon which sits your TV. Within the Playbase are 10 speaker drivers for expansive and bass-rich treatment of your TV’s sound output, or as part of a Sonos multiroom system, or for streaming the likes of Spotify and TuneIn radio. You can even add a couple of smaller Sonos speakers and a Sonos sub to make a 5.1 system. Top tip: a big pile of Stuff magazines makes an extremely ill-advised surround speaker stand. As hot as... cranking up Countryfile £699…

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hot four #4

MANY LEDs MAKE AMBILIGHT WORK PHILIPS 55POS9002 You’re a canny lot, so you’ve probably been waiting to buy a new TV until this year’s new TVs have knocked loadsamoney off the prices of last year’s TVs. That’s savvy shopping. But it means you’re now faced with the very real temptation of this year’s TVs, including the new swathe of OLED models such as this Android-powered Philips. It’s the company’s second OLED: a 55-incher with HDR in both HDR10 and HLG standards. (Dolby Vision isn’t currently supported but may well be unlocked later if we all kick off.) But the best thing about Philips tellies like this – and the reason you’re now going off that 2016 LG you were about to pull the trigger on – is the LED-driven Ambilight cleverness that…