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Stuff UK October 2017

Stuff inspires and nurtures a passion for gadgets. We make them look amazing and explain in a fast, confident and unfalteringly entertaining way how they will enhance our readers’ lives. Stuff is a celebration of the new, the innovative, the shiny and the cool. It’s pure gadget joy.

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When the cyborg uprising finally happens, I for one will welcome our new overlords. Why? Because robots are straight up better than humans. So, while we’re still some way offfrom a world where Wall-E is in charge instead of The Donald, there’s no harm in prepping for the inevitable. That’s why this issue we’ve scoured the tech world for its finest robot offerings, from Dyson’s 360 Eye vacuum to Sphero’s BB-8 and Lego’s new Boost Creative Toolkit. And don’t worry – for now at least, they’re all benevolent. Despite what your parents might have told you, one thing that definitely won’t be the end of us all is video games. So we ran a vote in the office to uncover the best games of all time, and rounded up the results…

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our month

I STARTED A WATER FIGHT WITH FOXES Don’t get me wrong, I like foxes. But their daily garden ‘markings’ and 3am screams have forced me to start Operation Watergun. A true nerd would have built his motion-activated water pistol with a Raspberry Pi and PIR sensor, but I lazily bought mine. The Home Defence Scarecrow (£42 / amazon.co.uk) has worked a treat, with my furry friends scurrying from its spray as if it were a garden-based ED-209. All I need to do is remember not to walk in front of it. Mark Wilson, Features Editor I LOST A CODING CONTEST TO A 7-YEAR-OLD The wooden block you see below is Cubetto, a cute little robot that can teach your children to code. You position some plastic instruction pieces, press ‘go’, and it moves around…

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hot st uff

HOT FOUR #1 BACK WITH A BANGSAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 8 Remember the time Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 was Stuff’s cover star? We do. It was not a fun month, but time forgives all sins and here we are one year later with a new Note to contend with. Having been burnt before by a very similar-looking mega-phone, we weren’t initially sure what to make of this phoenix-like rise from the ashes. Then we picked up the Note 8’s S Pen stylus, conjured up a juvenile stick-man drawing and remembered what it was that we loved about these phones in the first place: they’re built to do absolutely anything. In practice, this means everything the Galaxy S8 is capable of and a little bit more. An added dual-lens camera serves up far superior zoom capabilities…

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smart soundbar shoots for the sky

Sky Soundbox from £249 / sky.com Sky’s wall-bouncing TV soundbar/base/thing will tickle your ears with magic • Telly addicts If you’ve got Sky Q, chances are you’ve already set your TV’s pixels to stun – but Sky’s not convinced that your built-in speakers are doing its pictures justice. Enter the Soundbox: a fancy speaker system that aims to elevate your telly’s sound to suitably ear-pleasing levels. • Ask the family Sky is in the business of making good TV shows, not soundbars, and you can’t just pick up the audio know-how for a speaker system overnight – which is why it enlisted hi-fispecialist Devialet’s help for this. Behind the grille are six 7.5cm woofers (so no sub is required) and three 5cm full-range drivers that bounce the sound off your walls to trick your ears into…

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STARGAZE FROM YOUR SOFA Run out of stuff to watch on Netflix? Do you know what’s infinite and will never have you reaching for the remote? Outer space. Online stargazing site Slooh.com used to charge a fee to watch its live streams of the cosmos, filmed using its six telescopes in Chile and the Canary Islands, but now you can log in for free. Want to pick where to point one? You’ll need to pay for that, but free users get up to 20 hours of streaming a day, which will be enough time to see one quattuornonagintillionth of what the universe has to offer. That’s what we call value for money. NEWS FEED SKY SPORTS GOES ATMOS-PHERIC Got one of those AV receivers that bounces sound off the ceiling? Got a 2TB Sky…

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1 Kaspar £19.99 / iPad One synth not enough to express your songwriting genius? How about eight – playing at the same time? That’s Kaspar, an iPad noisemaker where hitting one key is enough to make a chart-topper. 2 Motion Stills £free / Android On iOS, Motion Stills made Live Photos useful. On Android, there are no Live Photos… so the app requires you shoot using its camera. But it’s fab for turning animated snaps into mini-movies. 3 WorkOutDoors £2.99 / Apple Watch Exercise is all very well until you take a wrong turn and end up in a canal. Unlike other Apple Watch fare, WorkOutDoors sensibly displays an auto-rotating map alongside your workout statistics. 4 Songbirds £1.99 / iOS This one’s for scratching that Electroplankton itch – using your iPhone. It has three environments in which minimal winged creatures flit…