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Wanna know a secret, reader? Not all adets are born equal. From Bluetooth-enabled rubber bands to phones that chu harder than a ke party, it’s our job at Stuff to wade throuh a whole load of uff and find those diamonds in the rouh. So hats off to 2017 for provin so enerous with its tech bounty so far. There’s been so much awesomeness that we had to make a list just to keep track of it all Yep, our Stuff Awards are still a couple of months off, but in the meantime we wanted to show you the brilliant breadth of this year’s adety oodness. From the widets you can buy on a whim to the ear that’s worth savin another 12 months for, our 100 Greatest Gadets of 2017…

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our month

I STEPPED INTO A STYROFOAM STARGATE TO TEST SMARTPHONES It might look like some kind of sci-fi matter transporter, but this anechoic chamber is actually just one of a hundred ways the bods at Huawei’s Beijing R&D campus make sure the company’s phones are up to scratch. Walk inside, shut the door, and things are so quiet you can hear your own heart beating – it’s beyond eerie. I’ll stick to drop tests and swimming pool dunkings, thank you very much. Tom Morgan, Reviews Editor I WATCHED THE DEATH OF HYBRIDS AT LE MANS Every year since 1923, a load of racing cars have thundered down the streets surrounding the picturesque town of Le Mans, France. Or whistle, as the case may be – over the last few years it’s been all about reducing…

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hotst uff

SIZE IS EVERYTHING Equivalent to a full frame of 35mm analogue film, the 6D Mark II’s sensor is a light-capturing master. With extra space for those 26.2MPs, it’ll do detail like a pro. RAPID FIRE Shooting sport in full frame isn’t often advisable, because of the size of the images. But if you insist, the Mark II can shoot RAW at up to 6.5fps, so you’ll get whopping clarity in that action shot. ENTRY-LEVEL PRO While £2000 (body only) might not sound like a bargain, the 6D hits shelves more than £1400 cheaper than Canon’s only comparable full-frame model, the 5D Mark IV. HOT FOUR #1 MR SENSITIVE CANON EOS 6D MARK II Every once in a while it’s important to reconnect with your sensitive side. When it comes to Canon’s 6D DSLR, a mini-break was long overdue.…

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cinemaquatic action shots

Paralenz Dive Camera €649 / An under-sea snapper for diving sorts: Paralenz goes down, deeper and down with its 4K water baby • Depth perception Taking your GoPro for a snorkelling session? Pah! Oh, sure, your fancy Hero 5 can capture 4K footage down to 10m – but beside this dedicated diving cam that’ll look like a leaky shoe at the bottom of a pond. Clad in military-grade aluminium, the Paralenz Dive Camera can keep shooting 200m deep without a housing. And it’ll do so in 4K at 30fps • Deep blue see While capturing hi-res crabs is a fine achievement for a device as big as a torch, you won’t be squids in on YouTube if your colour palette’s all off. Thankfully, this oceanic snapper comes with in-built colour correction, so your establishing coral…

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giga pixel

REAR WHEEL SCREAMER The new 911 GT2 RS, Forza Motorsport 7’s cover star, uses a 3.8-litre flat-six to propel itself to 60mph in less than three seconds. In fact, it’s so powerful that a new cooling system had to be fitted, which sprays the air cooler with water under high load. Sadly, there’s no equivalent system for drivers who overheat with excitement – despite the £207,506 price tag. NEWS FEED MORE FOR THE PUSHING Amazon’s range of Dash Buttons has expanded to include 20 fresh products. Got a mint habit? Grab the Mentos button. Batteries gone walkabout? Duracell should see you boosted, while Heineken and Tassimo versions shouldn’t leave you parched. SWITCH BACK IN TIME These custom-painted Joy-Cons bring a dose of ’80s gaming nostalgia to the Switch. Wrapped in the NES’s classic red, black and…

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1 RYL £free / Android If Big Brother made a smart dictaphone, over which you had complete control, it’d be a bit like RYL. Always listening, the app only saves the last 15 minutes or hour of audio when you tell it to. 2 Puppr £free (IAPs) / iOS As if your iPhone hadn’t already intruded into enough areas of your private life, now it can help you teach your pooch everything from ‘sit’ to ‘leap on my shoulder like I’m a D-list circus act’. 3 Holo £free / Android, iOS When futurists first thought of augmented reality, we’re pretty sure they were dreaming of the day when – as in Holo – you could overlay a tiny dancing dog (or Spider-Man) on your desk. 4 Firefox Focus £free / Android, iOS Feeling paranoid? Reckon someone’s always watching? Try Focus, a…