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January/February 2020

SUNSET celebrates your love of Western living. Discover new weekend and day trip destinations, inspiring homes and gardens, and fast and fresh recipes that highlight the West's great local ingredients. For annual or monthly subscriptions (on all platforms except iOS), your subscription will automatically renew and be charged to your provided payment method at the end of the term unless you choose to cancel. You may cancel at any time during your subscription in your account settings. If your provided payment method cannot be charged, we may terminate your subscription.

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find your peak

THE ROUTE WAS CALLED The Crystal Cave, and I figured the worst thing we’d come across climbing this snow-slicked cliff in Jackson Hole might be some of Tolkein’s trolls. But this was no mere hike with a side of fantasia. This was an exploding form of rock climbing apparently named after the Italian for “Life Insurance.” So-called via ferrata offer a gymnastic test of mettle with training wheels, thanks to a length of braided cable anchored along the route. Your job is to gambol between natural rock protrusions and U-shaped rungs hammered into the face of the wall. The rest is “easy”: you simply clip and unclip your safety restraint around each anchor while stifling the desperate cries of your inner soul. I write this from the comfort of my desk as…

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ask sunset

Q: A friend with a green thumb gave me some beautiful forced paperwhite and hyacinth bulbs as a hostess gift. But now that the blooms have faded, I don’t really know what I’m supposed to do with them. Do I chuck them in the compost, or can they have another life? a: Forced bulbs are a wonderful thing that florists and handy gardeners have fun with. Bulbs that have been chilled for a couple months are brought to room temperature—either in a pot of soil or a vase of water—which “forces” them to bloom. Garden Editor Heather Arndt Anderson urges you not to ditch them. "As you’ve noticed, the bloom doesn’t last forever, but you can absolutely get more joy out of those bulbs, especially if they were kept in soil,"…

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best of the west

Winter’s White Gold Don’t let Italy and France take all the credit. Come winter, Oregon’s forest floors hide buried treasure in the way of native truffle species that rival their Italian cousins in flavor and aroma, albeit with uniquely Northwestern notes of moss and Douglas fir. At around $15 an ounce, white truffles are currently a fraction of the price of their Italian brethren. Take full advantage of this native delight at the Oregon Truffle Festival. With workshops, cooking demos, and wine pairings, the festival hosts two sessions: one in Eugene, in the Southern Willamette Valley, Oregon’s truffle region (January 24-26); and other in Yamhill County, Oregon wine country (February 14-16). If you can’t make it, seek out truffle and hazelnut flavored La Truffe truffle beer, a collaboration between the festival…

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escape plan

SILICON VALLEY RESET Canyon Ranch Silicon Valley workers in need of an instant bio-hack can unplug at the new Canyon Ranch Woodside. Situated on 16 acres of redwood forest, the 38-room resort offers classic treatments like deep tissue massage and Pacific sea salt body scrubs as well as cutting edge therapies like metabolic screening and nutrigenetic consultations. LOS ANGELES STAYCATION Silver Lake Pool & Inn Despite being home to some of the best restaurants, bars, and independent shops in Los Angeles, hipster enclave Silver Lake hasn’t had much in the way of equally design-minded, on-trend lodging. But with the arrival of Palisociety’s chic new Silver Lake Pool & Inn, Angelenos and visitors now have a boutique retreat. “It’s a true escape in terms of the design, amenities, and vibe,” says Palisociety founder Avi Brosh. “With…

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the refill revolution

1 THE SHOP: Sustain LA, In addition to a series of roving pop-ups at local farmer’s markets, Sustain LA now has a bright and airy permanent home in Highland Park. They also offer zero-waste event planning services and party rentals. sustainla.com 2 THE SHOP: Public Goods and In addition to stocking handsome lunch boxes, market bags, and refillable razors, this West Seattle shop has an extensive refill station with organic laundry detergent, toothpaste, and other items. What’s more, they offer drop-off refill services for busy shoppers. apublicshop.com 3 THE SHOP: Home Fill, Denver 3 Part of the sprawling Modern Nomad design collective, Homefill offers a tightly curated selection of low-waste, chemical-free home products, the majority of them made by Colorado companies. modernnomaddenver.com…