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Sunset July/August 2019

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sea change

THE PHONE SLIPPED into the water like a diver—just a swip! as it pierced the surface. The ocean giveth, the ocean taketh your iPhone. And so it goes. This was meant to be a sea-foraging excursion, fodder for a risotto we’d be whipping up later. But each cast of the net sent the crabs scuttling, eyes rolled like a teenager’s. We chased them until the phone surrendered to the abyss. Somewhere, Poseidon pumped his fist. There was nothing to do but thrust our hands blindly into the froth for this new prey. The contours of the phone eluded us; not so much the urchin spines. Chef Gomez was the “lucky” angler. Blood poured down his wrist, his hands purple with urchin ink as he raised the phone aloft. Was it the catch of…

6 min.
ask sunset

Q: I love farmers’ markets, but I feel overwhelmed by all the options. How can I tackle them strategically? a: Don’t panic, we’ve got your plan of action: 1. Eat first: Snack before you shop—it’s the best way to rein in impulse buys, and you won’t be distracted by the crêpe and tamale stands. 2. Go early: There’s a reason chefs shop at sunrise—they know the best stuff sells out fast. Consider arriving even before the market officially opens. There’s nothing worse than watching that last bunch of tender zucchini blossoms or fresh chickpeas get snatched up. 3. Bring three bags: One for sturdy produce—hardy fruits, root vegetables, onions, garlic, and brassicas like cauliflower and broccoli. One for tender lettuces, berries, and herbs. One for dairy, meat, and eggs. 4. It’s not about the Benjamins:…

1 min.
captain’s quarters

Brothers Matt and Mike French, the visionaries behind the effortlessly hip Pioneertown Motel in the Southern California desert, have a knack for turning off-thegrid places into magnets of cool. Last spring, the duo, along with Ace Hotel Group–alum Eric Cheong, reimagined a historic inn on Washington’s sleepy Whidbey Island. The result: an adult summer camp with saltydog, nautical soul. Set on the shore of Penn’s Cove, Captain Whidbey’s accommodations include a Captain’s Suite above the main tavern, where you can spot whales from your bed, and secluded cabins, each curated by a distinctive Northwest designer, such as Filson.…

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choose your own adventure

1 If You Have One Day Who: Field Trip Society What: This Seattle-based club hosts workshops on sourdough baking and half-day foraging trips with wild-edibles expert Langdon Cook. Trip to book: Join a crabbing charter where you’ll drop and pull pots, learn how to cook a crab, then enjoy a seafood feast. $225; 2 If You Have a Long Weekend Who: Wilderness Collective What: An adventure-travel company that also produces films and a quarterly magazine; the West’s national parks are their specialty. Trip to book: Fly-fish a different high-alpine lake every day on a three-night horseback-riding trip in the John Muir Wilderness of California’s Eastern Sierra. $2,000; 3 If You Have One Week Who: The Outbound Collective What: This digital network of outdoor enthusiasts recently launched a travel offshoot with partners such as Under Canvas. Trip to book: A…

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sun smart, ocean safe

We can’t sugarcoat it: Your trusty SPF is killing our coral reefs. Every time you step into an ocean wearing traditional sunscreen, two main UV-filtering ingredients—oxybenzone and octinoxate—wash off into the water and bleach the coral ecosystem. But now we’re wiser, with Hawaii passing a bill that will prohibit sunscreens with oxybenzone and octinoxate by 2021, and forward-thinking brands making eco-friendly alternatives. After testing a lineup of new options, we’d happily slather on any of these four sunscreens before diving in.…

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the starter a-frame

When Fresno, California, high school film teacher Marco Tovar purchased a less-than-one-acre plot of land steps from Savage Lake in Troy, Montana, two years ago, there was little left in his budget for a house. So, for just $1,700 he built an 80-square-foot A-frame with plans he purchased off the Internet. “I've always loved A-frames,” says Tovar. “Someday I want a full-size A-frame here, but my stage-one plan is to build a few tiny structures so that guests can have their own space.” By his own admission, Tovar possessed zero carpentry know-how, but he used the skepticism of friends as motivation. As summer approached, he immersed himself in YouTube tutorials on how to build a shed and frame walls and doors. When school break rolled around, he built the base…