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Sunset February 2017

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2 min.
the next great place

A YEAR AND A HALF AGO, when my family and I were contemplating a cross-country move to California, I became obsessed with Bay Area real estate and read everything I could get my hands on. One of the articles was from Sunset's February 2014 issue: a cover story called "Best Places to Live," with a blurb on an East Bay island called Alameda. For some reason, that story stuck with me; when it came time to pick a location for my temporary rental, Alameda was where I chose to look. Now I can picture myself happily growing old here. Thank you, Sunset, for steering me to the hometown I always dreamed of having. A few blocks from my house lies Alameda's downtown core, Park Street—home to a killer Burmese restaurant, an…

4 min.
best of the west

BEST REVAMP The comeback kid "There's no shortage of run-down, under-appreciated motels," says Kaitlyn Canfield from inside the Amigo Motor Lodge's impeccably curated lobby. The roadside inn is distinct from the more traditional lodging along U.S. 50 in Salida, Colorado, and not just because of the tipi at its entrance. Last summer, Canfield and fiancé Philip Sterling reopened the nearly 60-year-old motel after six months of DIY renovation, adding a modern, pared-down feel to traditional Southwest hues and textures. Accent walls of pegboard, cedar shake shingles, or salvaged fence post distinguish each of the 16 rooms, along with the occasional 48-star flag, animal skull, or succulent. Plush beds and linens belie the reasonable cost of accommodation. Says Canfield, "We wanted this to be a pleasant surprise." From $100; BEST BASICS KITCHEN SUPERSTARS Beloved by…

8 min.
the four-day reboot

No, this isn't your average spa vacation. Those seeking a cucumber-water-and-bathrobe kind of getaway need not apply. Because less than an hour after arriving at the private compound on Stinson Beach, California—once you step on the scale for your weigh-in (more on that later), slather your feet with petroleum jelly to ward off blisters, size your trekking poles, and strap on your backpack—you and your new acquaintances are ascending a steep trail up Mt. Tamalpais at a shockingly brisk pace. Welcome to your warm-up set: a 4-mile hike through redwood forests and creek-laced canyons, then over a pocket-size waterfall that you scale via a 10-foot ladder. This is The Coast Ridge, a four-day wellness program where nature is at the core of the transformative journey. Cofounded by Yarrow Schley, a longtime…

4 min.
strip tease

GROUSE ALL YOU WANT about the Las Vegas Strip—too crowded, too phony—but at some point everyone gets sucked into its tractor beam. Whether you're being dragged to a bachelorette party or yukking it up at a convention, chances are that sooner or later you'll find yourself on Las Vegas Boulevard. And that, we're here to tell you, is a good thing. A recent spike in visitors has paved the way for new investments and a beefed-up and, in some ways, stripped-down Strip. One with scaled-back hotels, urban parks, and more of an emphasis on dining than ding-ding-ding. So say good-bye to long taxi lines (thank you, Uber!) and watered-down Jack & Cokes, and say hello to 4.3 miles of awesome. DON'T MISS … The Park's 40-foot-high Bliss Dance installation which, like everything…

5 min.
king of the mountain

WHEN JEREMY JONES, the best big-mountain snowboarder on the planet, went looking to settle down, he didn't choose Colorado or Chile or the high reaches of the Swiss Alps. He chose California. "I'm in San Diego right now with my family getting one last hit of beach time before a long winter," says the 41-year-old father of two, speaking in late November. But the storms are beginning to creep into the Sierra Nevada, his home range, and he's feeling the itch. "I think I'll cut my surf trip short and drive to the snow." Getting to the snow has been something of a defining theme for the 11-time Snowboarder Magazine "Big Mountain Rider of the Year." After dominating the sport for years, Jones set off on another path, one less traveled.…

4 min.
corona del mar, ca

[The following content appeared in the Southern California and Northern California edition.] Sun and seastars With ice plant–covered cliffs, gentle waves, and, come evening, a sea of bonfires, Corona del Mar State Beach is California encapsulated. "Big Corona" has a strong claim to legend status: The beach served as the TV launch point for the crew on Gilligan's Island. But discerning beachgoers should look down the road to Little Corona. Venture there at low tide, and you will be surrounded not by tourists but by rocky tidepools filled with neon seastars and otherworldly sea slugs. Big Corona and Little Corona: Bomb flavors In 2015, Top Chef alum Brian Huskey and his brother, Andrew, teamed up with Wahoo's founder Ed Lee to turn part of Big Corona's lifeguard station into foodie hot spot Tackle…