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Sunset March 2017

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3 min.
fiesta time

ONE OF THE EARLIEST MEMORIES I have from my childhood in Manila, Philippines, is of a daytime party at a relative's house—platters of pancit noodles, buckets of San Miguel beer, chicken thighs sizzling on the charcoal grill, and my cousins and I playing barefoot tag in the backyard. In the center of it all was a gleaming lechon, the whole roast suckling pig that holds court at Filipino festivities ranging from baptisms to funerals. (Apple in mouth optional.) Like most gatherings I remember from my native country, it was a rollicking good time. And 20-plus years later, when I threw my 300-person wedding reception in San Francisco, my Uncle Tong brought—what else?—a lechon for the occasion. A generous home-cooked meal shared with friends: Truly, does life get any better? That's why,…

4 min.
best of the west

BEST BEACH BUDDY SWING TIME Meet Layback Co., a new hammock company from Vancouver, B.C., whose eye-catching prints—palm fronds, feathers, stylized waves—pack into a matching knapsack for easy transport and look even cooler on the sand. "The idea started in a friend's backyard in Venice Beach," says founder and owner Adam Cook. "What sets ours apart from the rest is the lifestyle we're branding. Hammocks have been around forever; we're not trying to re-create the wheel, just make it that much more fun." From $79; BEST MIXER Your new favorite cocktail "I didn't come from the beverage industry, but I've always been fond of eating and drinking," says Ann Soh Woods, founder of Soh Spirits. The Los Angeles entrepreneur channeled her love for Japan into a smooth-drinking whiskey called Kikori, made of 100 percent…

11 min.
stranded… and loving it

Rough it among the animals on SANTA ROSA ISLAND, CA Terrain Just three native terrestrial mammals live on California's second-largest island—and humans aren't one of them. The mountains on this patch of land, 40 nautical miles from Ventura, are also home to almost a hundred species of birds, including the recently reestablished population of bald eagles. Add to that the turquoise waters and white sand beaches, and you'll see why this is a prime daytripping spot. Shelter BYO, preferably a windproofed tent. On Santa Rosa Island, 30-knot winds are not uncommon. A 1½-mile hike from the ferry landing will bring you to Water Canyon Campground (from $15;, in Becher's Bay, which has 15 basic sites with pit toilets and picnic tables. (Beach camping is also permitted at sites across the island.) Hunt + Gather Unless…

7 min.
close encounters

THE OTHER DAY, having put in a solid six consecutive minutes of work, I rewarded myself with some random Internet reading, an article about the world's smallest inhabited island. At around 18 by 50 yards, Bishop Rock is a jagged pinprick of desolation in the Atlantic, where, in the Middle Ages, criminals were abandoned to their fates. I gathered this tiny island was somehow meant to impress me. But take note, Internet clickbait: I've lived on smaller. It was another era, and I was a different person, awash in idle time and hungry to push unspecified boundaries. That's my best stab at explaining why one fall morning, in the company of a shaman, I wandered out into the California wilderness and spent four days within an 8-foot-wide circle of stones. No tent,…

3 min.
gone for a ride

I'VE ALWAYS BEEN A DOG PERSON, but no animal has ever captivated me like Luna. A friend gave her to me after college when I was going through a hard time, and the bond was instant. She has a pack mentality and always has to know where I am, so I began taking her with me on road trips around the Sierra, Cascades, and Canadian Rockies. She's pretty low-maintenance and happiest when we're going somewhere for a hike or camping. I'll park the car and open the door, and she immediately jumps out, ready to explore. But even if Luna's off-leash, she stays by my side as we seek out hidden waterfalls and climb hard-to-reach peaks. When I get lost, I let her lead the way; when I'm tired, she uses…

4 min.
treasure island

Last spring, Tim Pfeiffer was doing some routine cleanup on the beach outside his cabin in Vashon Island, Washington, when he made a serendipitous discovery. Amid the washed-up fishing floats and tangles of seaweed, he turned up a tiny wood-mounted illustration of a seaside village. "It reminded me of both the San Juan Islands and Cape Cod, which was funny because these places were the inspiration for our home," says the Seattle-based interior designer. He wiped off the relic, marched it inside the house, and displayed it on a living room shelf. That inclination to see past chipped, decayed façades is what captured Pfeiffer's imagination when he and his partner, Matt Carvalho, stumbled upon the 1890s house after years of searching for a vacation home on the island. A former shipbuilder's…