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Sunset May 2017

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3 min.
wild things

AFTER NINE MONTHS of a gut remodel that drained our bank balances and sapped our souls, my husband and I made good on our promise last fall to take the kids on their first overnight camping trip. After all, we were already camping in the middle of a construction zone, cooking meals in a toaster oven and doing dishes in the bathroom sink. At one point, I seriously considered sleeping in a borrowed VW van that we would park under the redwood in our backyard. We were due for a break. And I'll admit, I was picturing one of the all-inclusive-resort variety. Instead, we went backpack camping on the beach in Point Reyes, California, next to a cinematic cove with tidepools and a rope swing. We accessed our campsite via a…

6 min.
best of the west

BEST RETAIL SHOP ON THE BUS "I've always wanted my own small business," says Oakland resident Lily Alegria. "But it's disheartening to look for a space in the East Bay when you can't spend thousands of dollars a month in rent." So the plucky entrepreneur took a cue from other scrappy store owners and began searching for a vintage bus to turn into a mobile boutique. Her quest led her to an old Burning Man shuttle spotted on—where else?—Craigslist. "It was bright red and covered in stencils, fur, and sand," she recalls. "The moment I saw it, I knew it was mine." Ten months of mostly DIY renovations later, Alé Katz is in business, selling clothing, jewelry, paper goods, and home accessories by makers from across the country. Alegria has since expanded…

6 min.
going deep

Sometimes when she's diving alongside deadly sharks or holding her breath for four minutes underwater off some remote Pacific atoll, Kimi Werner thinks back to the day she learned to swim. She was 5 and her father, a spearfisherman who often hunted for family meals, began taking her to the reefs near their home in Haiku, Maui. She was fine in shallow water, but when she could no longer touch the bottom, Werner would start to flail, forcing her dad to paddle the rest of the way to the reef with his daughter on his back. One day, he swam ahead and watched as she splashed and cried and began to take in water. Eventually, she sank. "As soon as I did, I couldn't hear myself screaming," says Werner. "Instead, I…

5 min.
desert cool

PEOPLE LIKE TO SAY that the Coachella music festival first drew them to the desert, but something else kept them here. Could be the desolate canyons and endless night skies. Or maybe it's the cool comfort of knowing that a midcentury masterpiece is just around the corner. Today's Desert Empire welcomes a new wave of architects, chefs, and artists who are transforming the valley—which stretches 29 miles, from the mansions of Palm Springs to the vast agricultural fields of Indio and Coachella—into their creative testing grounds. Mega-resorts have given way to mellow inns, overpriced steakhouses to chef-owned passion projects. And for the first time in a long time, people are skipping the pool parties to explore a growing network of hiking trails. The desert, you might say, is in the…

2 min.
botanical beverly hills

THIS may be the land of power shopping and Champagne lunches, but just a few blocks from Rodeo Drive is a place of pure natural beauty: The Virginia Robinson Gardens. Designed by the Robinsons Department Store heiress, who lived on the estate from the early 20th century through the 1970s, the 6.6 acres have it all, from classical gardens to tropical landscapes, plus a rogue agave here and there. Guided tours begin at the Pool Pavilion, modeled after the 18th-century Villa Pisani in Italy and planted with tangelos and two dozen species of camellias—including one named after Coco Chanel. Then prepare for a temperature drop as you change microclimates in the property's palm forest (left), the largest in the Northern Hemisphere. Don't miss the pink tennis court bubbling over with…

2 min.
washington's olympia

[The following content appeared in the Northwest and Northern California edition.] Over the past few years, Olympia has evolved from Seattle's edgy little sister into a creative capital. No wonder—it's a place that's awash in beauty. Mt. Rainier, with its year-round snowcapped peak, can be seen in the distance from most anywhere, and about 175 miles of bike lanes and hiking trails offer views of Puget Sound. That natural landscape has inspired sculptures and murals around town (made possible by a recent injection of public arts funding). Home of the riot grrrl movement, Olympia has held onto its reputation for cool too, with new distilleries and craft breweries, as well as visiting bands and cultural events at the 1924 Capitol Theatre. 9 A.M. Caffeinate for the day with a nitro cold brew…