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pinarello etreviso

If 2020 has made one thing abundantly clear, it’s that our commute has changed forever. Most of us are working closer to home and even those who have a distance to travel are eager to avoid stepping into places like tube carriages. Fortunately, Pinarello has pedalled in to save the day with its first ever urban ebike. The sharp silhouette of its hydroforming alloy frame is perfect for slicing down city streets, while its pannier and mudguards help carry your laptop bag and protect your smart togs from splashed grime on rainy days. Meanwhile, its Fazua evation power system is one of the best in the business: discreetly concealed in the downtube, weighing just 4.6kg and topping out at 250 watts, it provides a natural feeling ride even when zipping…

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editor’s letter

It’s the moooost wonderful time of the yeeear. No, not Christmas. Are you kidding? My home office is still bedecked with mouldering pumpkins and spider webs – although that’s largely because it’s become a selfsustaining ecosystem I can’t bring myself to obliterate. No, of course, the real season to be jolly’tis discount gadget season. As I write this, Amazon Prime Day is in full throw: up and down the land excitable tech fans are tearing open boxes of bargain-priced smart speakers and espresso machines. Not only that but Black Friday is imminent, offering the half of the economy that isn’t owned by Amazon the chance to entice consumers with marked-down tech. It’s a great time to stock up on new gear. Which is why we’ve put together a guide on all of…

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t3’s mission

Our mission is to bring you the clearest recommendations we can – and that means a great deal of hard work happens before a product even reaches our pages! Because we only feature products the T3 team would happily use ourselves, we end up discarding a significant number of options in each category before settling on a final shortlist to review. We select only the best of the best for our Tested section; the gear we know you’ll want to seriously consider purchasing. And that should mean an end to you having to undertake hours of painstaking research and product comparisons. You won’t see any duff products, but you will come away with clarity on which one is the best in its category or for a specific task: our awards badges (see…

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1 iPHONE 12 From £699 (iPhone 12 mini)/£799 (iPhone 12), apple.com Leave it to Apple to go big. Where Google’s Pixel 5 elicited, if we’re honest, a bit of a shrug, Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 12 – and its attendant mini, Pro and Pro Max variants – caused a stir for all the right reasons. Reasons like the company bringing the ludicrously fast A14 Bionic processor from the iPad Air 4 into a phone form factor, or finally (finally!) giving the iPhone 5G capabilities with, suggests Apple, cover for more 5G bands than any other phone. Reasons like the sevenelement rear camera, and the return of Apple’s MagSafe branding in the iPhone 12’s autoaligning, extra-efficient Qi charging setup The flat-edged design more than hints at the classic metal frame of the iPhone…

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best foot forward

1 DR MARTENS 101 ARCHIVE LEATHER BOOTS A vintage version of the classic Docs, the 101s have air-cushioned soles for all-day comfort, and an anti-slip outsole held in place by the durable Goodyear Welt. £149, drmartens.com 2 COMMON PROJECTS FULLGRAIN LEATHER CHELSEA BOOTS You’ll never tire of wearing these boots. They’re crafted from fullgrain leather, with low-key golden serial numbers at the back. £495, stoy.com 3 TIMBERLAND PREMIUM WATERPROOF BOOTS Laugh in the face of winter with Timberland’s classic waterproof nubuck leather boots, lined with 400g PrimaLoft insulation. £180, timberland.co.uk 4 GRENSON FRED BURNISHEDLEATHER BROGUE BOOTS Super-glossy and comfortable too, Grenson’s new season winter boots are perfect for all-weather date nights. £245, grenson.com 5 MR P SPLIT-TOE SUEDE CHUKKA BOOTS Available in grey and black, these ’50s-style chukkas look ace with chinos and dark wash jeans. Vibram soles will…

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money no object

There’s no better way to approach winter than with the softest scarf wrapped around your neck. And when it comes to luxury accessories of the knitwear kind, Loro Piana is the brand to look to. Founded in 1924, the Italian brand has built a reputation for only using the finest materials to make its indoor and outerwear. This year, it has a huge line of knitted accessories to choose from, including this scarf, woven on a handloom in Italy from rare baby cashmere. You will never in your life feel anything as soft as this Loro Piana scarf against your skin, though you can up the ante by opting for the cashmere and silk blend version (£885) instead. The Loro Piana Baby Cashmere Scarf has short fringing at the bottom,…