Teen Black Girl's Magazine November 2019, Issue #1

To enlighten, inspire, and entertain kids and teens by offering unique perspectives written by Black girls

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This biannual magazine is created by teen girls for all girls. The young writers featured on the cover, and other teen contributors, want to inform and entertain you. They have great tips on natural hair and thrifting. Fifteen-year-old Mbabazi gives you some food for thought on the controversial topic of cultural appropriation, while Amarachi dishes out a real treat of her favourite Nigerian food. Tejiri’s creative writing piece “Vitiligo” is a must read. For teachers out there who might get ahold of BGM Teen, check out fourteen-year-old Kerlinda’s ‘lesson plan on how to teach students about racism.’ Want to be a part of BGM Teen? You Can! Tell us what you would like to see in BGM Teen, or better still, become part of our writers’ team by submitting your stories…

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traditional nigerian delicacies

In every culture, there are always traditions within families that are preserved and passed down from generation to generation. In Nigeria where I come from, there are many delicacies and my parents brought some of their favorite recipes with them to Canada when they immigrated many years ago. I will share with you my top three favorite Nigerian delicacies. These foods are delicious and because of them, I appreciate the diversity of my culture and how unique it is among other cultures. My three favorite Nigerian delicacies are okra soup, jollof rice, and abacha. Okra soup is one of my family favorites. Everyone in my entire household enjoys eating this particular dish. It looks great on the plate and even better is the sweet and savoury taste it offers. It is…

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artwork by chidera, 16

Alberta, Canada There’s a common phrase my friends and I like to use when facing different challenges: “Just think like an artsy,” that is, be creative in whatever you do. As a 16-year-old girl, I have been drawing and sketching for as long as I can remember. I would have to say that my favourite thing about art is having the ability to express myself in a way unique from everyone else. Whether it is drawing a doodle in my sketchbook or creating a bigger more intricate piece of artwork, I love to spend time expressing myself through my art. I love working with different types of media and creating new projects. My favourite media to work with is pen and ink. I love the challenge of using a calligraphy pen…

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fitness tips

1 Drink at least 8 or more glasses of water everyday We are made up of 70% of water and it’s important that we drink enough water daily. If you don’t like the taste of water, try adding fruits to make it detox water and to add flavor. Here are a few detox water recipes to try: » watermelon + rosemary » lemon + cucumber » strawberry + lemon + grapefruit » Pineapple + mint » Blueberry + mint + kiwi 2 Never skip the most important meal of the day Start the day off with a healthy balanced breakfast. Make sure to include a sufficient amount of protein (eggs and peanut butter are great sources of protein). Try to add any type of fruit whether it be an apple, or a banana, or an orange. Adding fruit…

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natural hair

Natural hair is a pretty amazing thing. With so many celebrities from Zendaya to Lupita Nyong’o embracing their curls, it might be hard to imagine a time where natural hair was almost frowned upon. Well, it happened to me, and I lived through it. This is my long journey of learning to love my hair, and how it came to be a part of my identity. I struggled to accept my hair texture for a really long time. I have thick, coily 4C hair, and I never saw anyone with hair like mine. Whenever I saw Black girls in magazines, TV shows and movies, they always had perfectly straight hair. I remember always getting upset and sad, wondering why my hair didn’t look like anyone else’s. My mom didn’t really know what…

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new music instrument

If there’s one thing to describe something that makes up my identity, it’s music. Whether it’s listening to a new album on my phone or learning a new song on piano, music is something that means a lot to me in my everyday life. So, when it came time to choose a specialized program for high school, one stood out to me; a program where you learn and study a classical strings instrument of your choosing. I’ve played a lot of instruments, but strings was a whole new territory for me. I’ve always been interested in learning an instrument like the violin, but I thought it was too hard. It’s not like the keys of a keyboard or the valves of a clarinet; you just need to know where the sound…