Teen Black Girl's Magazine November 2020, Issue #3

To enlighten, inspire, and entertain kids and teens by offering unique perspectives written by Black girls

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third bgm teen edition!

Dear Readers, 2020 has been a most unpredictable year. In this issue, BGMTeen writers recall the events of the year so far. Thanks also to the interview contributions of friends who weighed in on their quarantine experiences, including the artistic expressions of seventeen year old Nadira whose lone miniature ‘mystical clay things’ portray the isolation of friends and family that we have all felt. And who can forget the anti-racist protests led by the Black Lives Matter Movement in honor of the fallen victims of injustice and police brutality in the United States? Events which ignited a global domino effect against systemic racism with millions of people marching worldwide. Fourteen year old Jaylah captures the emotions of these events through her artwork. In this issue, BGMTeens contemplate the year so far, and…

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I think I speak for all of us when I say we came into 2020 expecting something glorious—and got quite the opposite. A long list of New Year’s resolutions awaited me. I soon found out I would not even have the time of day to work on them. From the Australian wildfires in January to a civil rebellion happening as we speak, this year has been nothing of what we thought it would be. Unfortunate events seemed to snowball one after another creating the avalanche that is 2020. More has happened in the past six months than in the entirety of 2019. To top it all off, we are living through a global pandemic. To start the year off just right, there was back and forth between the United States and…

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life in 2020's pandemic

I thought that 2020 was going to be a fresh start and one of the years that I would remember forever. I can tell you one thing - this is a year that I’ll never forget. Everyone thought the new decade was going to be fun, refreshing, and a start to a new future. Instead, it’s filled with a deadly worldwide virus that has killed thousands of people, protests against racism, cancelled vacations, murderous hornets, and a low supply of toilet paper! In the year 1720 there was the Bubonic plague; 1820 was the Yellow Fever; and in the year 1920 there was the Influenza A virus. I feel like we should have seen this pandemic coming, and we should have been better prepared. Every 100 years there has been a big…

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covid-19 a game changer

It felt like the world was ending. When the Coronavirus hit, life changed right before our eyes. We developed a “new normal”. No more hanging out with friends. No more school. No more unnecessary outings. No more travel. No more life. We were trapped behind the walls of our house in what the government called “quarantine.” Even if you didn’t have the virus, you had to stay at home. So what if I usually didn’t go out anyway? That’s different! When I have a choice, I’ll choose to stay at home and make myself into a human burrito with my blanket. When that choice is taken away, suddenly I have an urge to do everything humanly possible outside of my house. I was initially very put off by the virus. I…

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the quarantine

While the quarantine has limited our usual activities from taking place, it has also paved way to new experiences. Being stuck at home all day with all of your devices may seem like a recipe for Netflix and binge-eating; don’t fall into this trap. You can hone your productivity during these times. I have found myself picking up old hobbies and taking more time for myself. We all lead busy lives, meaning the things we truly enjoy can get lost in all the chaos of school, work, and extracurricular activities. Taking advantage of this new-found free time can maximize your happiness and open your eyes to new interests. I have always loved writing. However, in school you must write within strict academic parameters, which may at times limit your creativity. As…

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2020 has been… interesting, to say the least. Some might say chaotic, some might say turbulent, some might say a dumpster fire that continually gets bigger. Regardless, these times can be stressful, and it’s especially important to take care of your mental health through self-care. Self-care is anything you do to take care of yourself as a whole. Self-care is necessary in order to manage your mental health, and can actually reduce anxiety and depression. It’s a pretty wide concept, and it looks different for different people. According to Prof. Alex Segall at the University of Manitoba, self-care is a health term that refers to “any necessary human regulatory function which is under individual control, deliberate and self-initiated.” However, you can simplify it into four basic branches; Physical self-care is taking care…