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The Drake

The Drake

Summer 2020

The Drake is a quarterly magazine for people who love flyfishing, and also love quality writing and photography. The Drake is informative, educational, and entertaining, but it is not a "how-to" magazine. Many of the stories are about the "culture" of flyfishing—the people, the places, and of course, the fish.

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heather hodson

FOR THE PAST 14 YEARS, Heather Hodson has been a critical care RN, working in ICU, Cardiac ICU, and Cardiac Cath Lab—the past 11 of those years at Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane, WA. In 2014, Hodson started a group called Spokane Women on the Fly. In 2016, she founded United Women on the Fly, “a safe, inclusive community that educates, encourages, and connects women anglers around the globe.” Since 2014, Hodson has been a supplemental nurse. But after COVID hit, many nurses weren’t working due to the drop in elective surgeries. So Hodson volunteered to work in the Covid Unit. “I had feelings of pride,” she says. “And the duty to serve others.” The former line-dancing champion and rodeo photographer (“I did it to meet the cowboys,” she says), has…

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essential workers

IT WAS MARCH 19, 2020 (decades ago), and one of my closest friends, a man named Scott Fabrizio, was supposed to arrive in Portland to join me on the Oregon Coast for the last couple weeks of winter-steelhead season. But that didn’t happen, because Scott is an RN at Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins, Colorado, and he wasn’t going anywhere. Scott and I became friends in the mid-’90s, while living in Wyoming. In May 2011 we went to Alaska, where he caught his first steelhead. Six months later, at Mexico’s Pesca Maya resort, Scott landed his first permit. I took a photo of him holding it with his left hand while Tebo-ing with his right, in honor of Tim leading the Broncos to an overtime win against Chicago the night…

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YOUR TRUSTED NEWS SOURCE Interesting, isn’t it, that I can find out more about local water concerns—i.e. the Skagit or SW Oregon, etc.—from this magazine than from any local “news” agency. And Brian Doyle is a favorite author of mine; what a gem of an article. Mary Mueller, Beaverton, OR ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH, COLORADO I stumbled across your magazine in an airport on my way to fish the Rockies, and fell in LOVE with it. (I caught my first native greenback cutthroat on that trip!) Everything about it was as near to perfect as I’ve seen in any magazine, let alone one devoted to flyfishing. Doug Gentile, Santa Rosa Beach, FL ON FOOTBALL AND FLYFISHING Thanks for sharing your piece on Bill and for recognizing his great work. (Redspread, Winter’19). I’m a big fan of The Drake…

10 min.

WHEN MATTHEW CHURCHMAN woke up on a recent Sunday morning, at first the only thing growling was his stomach. Coffee and a cold breakfast took care of that. Camp, nestled in a 300-yard-long, cottonwood-and-willow stretch of river bottom, was in the process of being broken down. Skies were overcast—perfect conditions for a morning of trout fishing and a leisurely row to the take-out. Wife Laura and daughter Ella were helping pack up. And the only sense of urgency he felt after strong black coffee was taking a leak. So he wandered off into the willows. That’s when he saw the bear before it saw him. Grizzly bear numbers are on the rise in the northern Rockies. Jamie Jonkel is a bear specialist for Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks. He followed in…

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keeping wilderness wild

THE FIRST FEW BROOK TROUT of my Oregon upbringing were taken with a fly, a bobber, and a spinning rod from two backcountry lakes found in the Beaver State’s Mount Jefferson Wilderness Area, about a 2-hour drive southeast of Portland. The stunning piece of preserved Forest Service land covers more than 100,000 acres and contains more than 160 miles of trails, including a 40-mile stretch of the Pacific Crest Trail. Like many hike-to wilderness lakes scattered around the West, Marion Lake and Pamelia Lake had been stocked for decades with small brook trout, with most of these fish remaining small brook trout for years to come. Nevertheless, the multi-day, multi-lake, brookie-chasing trip proved to be one of the more formative experiences of my young life, especially in regards to backpacking, flyfishing,…

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ribby the redband

A LARGE REDBAND TROUT darts out from cover, followed closely by three minnows a fraction of its size. The minnows’ movements are chaotic and confused but unafraid as they chase the much-larger fish. It’s not a sight you see every day. Specifically, it’s a sight you see thirty-eight times per year, between mid-June and early September, during the 6th inning of every Spokane Indians home game Ribby the Redband is a promotional mascot for the Indians, a Class A minor league affiliate of the Texas Rangers. His “minnows” are three lucky young fans, chosen from the crowd and dressed in scaled-down Ribby costumes. Together they take the field and sprint to the third-base-line, where Ribby launches into his signature dance move, shaking rapidly like a fish dancing on the end of…