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a letter from home

Here at The English Home, we are passionate about curating beautiful products, whittling down the best of the new collections and generally helping to refine the enormous choice for interiors to the truly worthwhile pieces we think you’ll love. But it is also extremely important to us that our magazine is infinitely more than a showcase of alluring images or a round-up of gorgeous buys. We want to explore and explain notable stories behind the products; consider how things are made, how they are designed, where and by whom, because we believe these elements matter hugely and that you share that view, too. The discerning eye will always pick out the handmade, hand-drawn or specialist piece from amongst mass-produced, off-the-shelf items. But understanding the stories of the makers as well as…

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special 20% saving off cornishware

The distinctive blue-and-white stripes of Cornishware china feel so nostalgic yet perfect for homes today, too. So when Karina Rickards invited us into her home ( page 42 ) and told us how she and her husband are ensuring this classic brand continues to be made in Britain, we were delighted. If you love Cornishware as much as we do, Karina’s special offer of 20% off orders over £25 will be hugely appealing. To enjoy the 20% discount, visit and enter the code ENGLISHHOME at checkout. Terms and conditions: Discount valid once per customer, on orders over £25 and on full price items only. Offer ends 30 April 2019.…

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CAROLINE FOSTER Writer (She wrote about an Edwardian-style house on p60) What do you love about being a writer? I adore the diversity of the interiors I write about. Working from home is also a joy. If I glance up, I’m rewarded by beautiful Devon views. What makes your English home special? It’s a traditional cob cottage. There’s a centuries-old smithy in the garden where Oliver Cromwell’s army stopped to have their horses shod. A period house demands that you work a little harder to enjoy living in it, but you must form a relationship with it to appreciate it fully. It’s wonderful to think of all the people who have passed through our home, and that my family will be part of that story. What is your favourite seasonal pleasure in April?…

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home comforts


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art deco

Commissioned as a futuristic home by an eccentric textile millionaire and his wife in 1933, Eltham Palace in South East London epitomises the glamorous art deco style of the roaring twenties and creative optimism of the thirties. Known also as ‘style moderne’, it was influenced by art nouveau, Bauhaus and the Ballets Russes. Prepare for cocktail hour with sunburst motifs and chic designs in metallic and velvet finishes. PHOTOGRAPHS (GOSLING RUG) © EDWARD FOX; (ELTHAM PALACE) ©ENGLISH HERITAGE/JONATHAN BAILEY; (CHESNEYS) © ANNIE SCHLECHTER…

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bloomsbury style

When Vanessa Bell moved to Charleston farmhouse in East Sussex with Duncan Grant and his lover, they whitewashed its walls and set to work painting frescoes and motifs in every room. To these artists (and eventually the Bloomsbury Group), their home was their canvas and creativity a way of life that spread across every surface. Pieces with bold brushstrokes, handmade appeal and freedom of colour and expression epitomise the look. PHOTOGRAPHS (ST JUDES) © MIKE ELLIS; (MAX ROLLITT) © TOM MANNION…