The English Home March 2020

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a letter from home

How has 2020 started for you? I do hope just as you wish. The start of any new year, but especially a new decade, offers so much promise and opportunity. By the time we reach March, those dreams of transformative home projects are usually coming into sharp focus as firm resolutions are made and serious plans begin. With this in mind, this issue is devoted to implementing significant, life-enhancing home updates to help galvanise action. If you are seeking to upgrade your kitchen, we hope the five beautiful case studies (page 103) will inspire you to be brave and bold with colour, characterful fittings and even kitchen location. Those seeking to achieve more light and space with a conservatory or garden room will find decorative guidance (page 115) on ways to…

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behind the scenes...

Visiting Bowood House and Gardens I recently had the pleasure and privilege of interviewing the Marchioness of Lansdowne for My English Home (page 74). It was a delight to sit in her glorious sitting room, taking tea by the fire and then enjoy a tour of the private apartments. I’ve known and loved the gardens and woodlands since childhood but had always yearned to see the interiors, especially the use of Bowood Chintz. I hope I have been able to impart a sense of Bowood House’s delights. Introducing a new series Today’s interiors, architecture and green spaces owe an enormous debt to historic names who safeguarded critical heritage and set a course for future design. In a new series – Shaping Britain – Features Editor Eve Middleton looks first at those who left…

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home comforts


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oasis of calm

March affords the perfect excuse to refresh the bedroom with the advent of National Bed Month. Indulge in new furniture with elegant carved-wood details and co-ordinate with soft furnishings and accessories in pale hues to create a comforting, inviting scheme. Keep surfaces tidy to promote the sense of entering a relaxing space, with smaller items hidden away yet easily accessible. FEATURE SUZANNA LE GROVE PHOTOGRAPHS (JULIE BRENDEL) © SIMON ELDON; (STONEGLOW) © ADAM MULTON/JAMES REYNARD…

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country spirit

As we head towards spring, it is timely to refresh interiors by taking inspiration from nature’s uplifting palette. Look to natural oak dressers with dainty floral china displayed on the shelves or update kitchen walls with charmingly rustic tiles in soft green hues. With thoughts turning to the garden, a pair of smart gardening gloves and wellies adorned with a sweet motif will add to the pleasure of spending time outdoors. FEATURE SUZANNA LE GROVE PHOTOGRAPH (TITCHMARSH & GOODWIN) © FIONA MURRAY…

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PURSUITS Celebrating British Pie Week Slicing into the bronzed crust of a generously filled, piping-hot, homemade pie, releasing its delicious aroma, is such a homely pleasure, especially given the variety offered by this humble treat. Ancient Romans are believed to have been the first to enclose a filling inside a pastry-style mix of flour and oil, and the first published pie recipe saw rye dough filled with goat’s cheese and honey. The pies we know and love have their roots in Northern Europe when butter and lard were used to create a pastry that could be rolled and moulded. The word ‘pie’ is said to derive from ‘magpie’ for the birds’ habit of collecting random bits and bobs, as early pies contained parts of different animals. In the twelfth century, pies became a popular, cheap…