The English Home August 2020

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a letter from home

There is nowhere quite like the English countryside in summertime. As I work on finalising this issue from home, the air is fragrant with flowers and alive with the sound of bees and birdsong, and my views are of the Cotswold hills beyond the garden. It’s an environment I’ve been especially grateful for during lockdown. A connection to nature and the seasons, a slower pace of life and relaxed interiors that reflect their surroundings are all elements of country style I’ve enjoyed increasingly over the last few months. Of course, these are ideals that are desirable for city and town dwellers, too. The elements of English country style have broad appeal and can work in any location – classic or contemporary – and be adapted and used in many ways. This…

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behind the scenes...

The Secrets of Country House Hotel Style Regular contributor to The English Home Suzanna Le Grove interviewed the key names behind some of the smartest country house hotels this issue. Her feature (on page 72) reveals the style secrets behind creating luxurious, comfortable interiors and how to emulate them at home, along with a little black book of interiors brands to discover. Picking up future issues of The English Home We appreciate that it is not always easy to get to the shops at the moment. With the disruption to life, and whilst you may possibly have more time to reflect and read this summer, we have created some special subscription offers to enable you to continue enjoying The English Home (see page 31 or visit Once you have subscribed, we will…

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home comforts

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bright & beautiful

The popular modern country look is pared back with rustic touches. A new wave sees bursts of vibrant colour and print to contrast against white and natural finishes. Artisan buys and quality craftsmanship are key to this fun yet sophisticated take on country style. Keep colourful additions to one or two pieces and patterns minimal. A statement chair, rug or some colourful tiles and a bold accessory or two will work well against white painted furniture, chic linens and a careful blend of contemporary pieces and natural materials. FEATURE KATY MCLEAN PHOTOGRAPHS (ARTISANS OF DEVIZES) © MARK LAWRENCE AURASTUDIOS; (FLORENCE BROADHURST) © YESHEN VENEMA; (VAUGHAN) © ANDREW SMART…

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for queen & country

The Royal Family is known for its love of country pursuits and enjoying rural life at Sandringham and Balmoral. Add regal style to life in the country with products from Royal Warrant holders. This prestigious accolade recognises that services or goods have been supplied to HM The Queen, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh or HRH The Prince of Wales. So, from the iconic headscarf to the requisite teapot, take inspiration from Royal style. FEATURE KATY MCLEAN PHOTOGRAPHS (HM THE QUEEN) © THE PRINT COLLECTOR / ALAM…

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PURSUITS The Joy of Beekeeping Just like tucking into vegetables we have grown ourselves and eggs laid by our own chickens, tasting honey produced by our own bees is an alluring part of the English countryside dream. Beekeeping dates back to Ancient Egypt and pots of honey were found in Tutankhamum’s tomb. Today, bees need our help. Their numbers have declined dramatically due to habitat loss, pesticides, climate change and disease, threatening the future of our food supply. Planting more native flowers in our gardens will help, but experts say becoming a beekeeper offers just as many benefits to the keeper as it does the bees. Passionate beekeepers (protected from stings by a safety suit) describe the hobby as soothingly pastoral as well as the joy of handing guests a pot of home-grown…