The English Home September 2020

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a letter from home

The English Home has championed British brands for as long as I can remember, but it feels especially important to support our home-grown talent now. With shops reopening, this is a crucial time for designers, manufacturers, and the retailers themselves. It is also a welcome opportunity to remind ourselves of the exciting diversity of design and craftsmanship we can all support by buying British for our homes. From reducing our carbon footprint to supporting our industries and prolonging traditional skills, there are many reasons to choose products made on our shores. In this issue, we reveal an abundance of British-made, beautifully designed, high-quality products to be tempted by. Our guide to decorating (page 76) shows the breadth of designs British brands offer for a range of classic, eclectic and contemporary looks,…

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home comforts


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naturally british

Bring a refined touch to elegant schemes with pretty yet sophisticated designs inspired by nature. Seek out soft colourways to instil a gentle mood or, for a more contemporary setting, neutrals or shades of grey lend a fresh feel to country themes, whilst layering print on print creates a timeless country style. Within a more polished scheme, look to furnishings or details with hand-painted motifs or that capture natural shapes in classic materials, such as marble, wood and metal.…

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artistic licence

British museums and galleries are not just wonderful to visit, their gift shops – on-site and online – provide a treasure trove of artisan pieces to discover. From bespoke creations and collaborations with renowned designers to limited editions from rising stars, many pieces lend a sense of provenance or allude to classical art, history and literature to enrich interiors with culture. FEATURE SUZANNA LE GROVE PHOTOGRAPHS (NATIONAL GALLERIES SCOTLAND) ESTATE OF JOAN EARDLEY. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.DACS, LONDON 2019. PHOTOGRAPHED BY ANTONIA REEVE; (ABSTRACT HOUSE) © FOLLOW THE FLOW…

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PURSUITS Delicious Abundance Hedgerows and trees are festooned with ripe fruits and nuts in September, ready to be picked. Sloes, blackberries, elderberries, rowan berries, rosehips, hawthorn berries, beech nuts and wild varieties of strawberries and raspberries are just some of the wild treats in store. The Woodland Trust is an expert source of advice for safe and responsible foraging ( ) and suggests using reference books to correctly identify any woodland finds in case they are poisonous or rare and protected. The Trust also advises picking only what will be consumed and leaving plenty behind for the wildlife that relies on nature’s bounty to survive. Food For Free (Collins, £4.99) is a helpful pocket-sized guide with a useful A-to-Z format, a calendar of what is in season, and colour photographs and illustrations to…

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the edit

SAMUEL HEATH Luxury brassware manufacturer Samuel Heath’s rich heritage stretches back over two centuries to 1820. It began as a traditional brass founder and has produced a vast array of products over the years, from bedsteads to high-quality giftware and fireside accessories. Today however, its reputation is as a designer and manufacturer of bathroom accessories, taps, showers and door and window furniture of distinctive style, quality and performance. Having built a reputation for craftsmanship that combines traditional and state-of-the-art manufacturing methods, Samuel Heath offers a beautiful range of collections. From industrial to art deco to sleek modern and more classic aesthetics, the brand has styles and designs to satisfy all tastes. MEG MORTON Maggie Baxter and her daughter Vicky founded their country-inspired fabric and wallpaper brand Meg Morton – named after Maggie’s mother…