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If you had to show someone who had never seen kitesurfing before one picture to perfectly capture what it is all about then surely this would be a great contender… It’s got it all. The location has that ‘not my home spot’ vibe which perfectly encapsulates the freedom we have when we look at the map and choose a place to visit on the planet just because of its wind stats. The rider, Christoph Hesina, perfectly illustrates the freedom that kitesurfing gives us. Can you jump this high in ANY other sport? No. Can you get in a cheeky nose grab while you’re taking in the view? Hell yeah. Can you pull on the bar to eek out another couple of seconds of airborne ecstasy? Sure, why not. So yes,…

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RIDER RODERICK PIJLS PHOTO REIN RIJKE LOCATION BROUWERSDAM, THE NETHERLANDS TKM: Together with Rein, we wanted to create the ultimate sunset shot with a humongous big sunset. In order to accomplish this, we had to create a distance of more than two kilometers between each other, with Rein at the beach with a 1200mm lens. The most difficult part was to get the right spot. A slight difference of me just 20 meters off would put me completely out of frame. We had two walkie-talkies in order to communicate with each other but unfortunately, just before sunset (when I was two kilometers from the coast), the walkie-talkies got out of reach. So we had to do it completely based on intuition and with no communication but, luckily, we pulled it off. In my…

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tony logosz tangled lines

ALEX MAES I have always loved that Slingshot stayed true to its identity. What was the biggest challenge when creating your own brand compared to the challenges the brand is facing today? The challenges are not a lot different today than when Slingshot was being created back in 1999. Never enough financial resources, and everybody wearing a lot of hats! I’m happy we have stayed true to our identity and hopefully we can continue to do that as I think it is so important to the brand. REED BRADY How was it going from brothers, to brothers in business? Like a lot of brothers, we have our share of moments. Families working together can be a struggle because of the history that sometimes follows. Being the big brother might make the younger one want to…

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on the list essaouira

Although Essaouira may not be known for easy kiting conditions – though it did host the Kiteboarding World Cup for over 10 successful years – there is so much to do here, that each day is another adventure. The wind can be gusty and strong, but each session offers so much incredible scenery, so many different spots to adventure to, and alongside that the enchanting “medina”, the heart of Essaouira, where you can get lost for hours on end browsing the shops and market stalls, tasting the delicious food, and taking in the most historical part of this magical city. Essaouira is known as the windy city, and it is often windy all through the year, but the north-easterly trade winds are strongest from April to September, where you will find…

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cabrinha acehybrid

BOARD DIMENSIONS: 138cm // RIDER WEIGHT: 71kg // RIDER HEIGHT: 177cm I ride the Ace Hybrid as my strap board whereas I ride the XCalibur with boots, as it’s better suited for that and has a bit more rocker. The Ace is the high performance freeride model in the range and has slightly less rocker than the XCalibur. It’s a faster board and will get you going earlier in light wind. It helps you build enough speed to do some big boosting. It’s got solid grip, and the channels are deeper and sharper than the XCalibur, so you can hold the edge until the last second before taking off. I’ve been riding the Ace and XCalibur alternately depending on what I plan to do in my session. So if I’m going to do…

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annelous lammerts

WHAT ARE YOUR FIRST RECOLLECTIONS OF THE BEACH? My first recollections of my home spot at Brouwersdam was heading there with my friend Louk who was an instructor at a kite school there, and he taught me to fly a trainer kite. I had so much fun flying the trainer kite and from that moment I went to my beach as much as possible. CAN YOU REMEMBER ANY OF YOUR FIRST SESSIONS? I was 16 when I learned how to kite so I remember everything really well. I was just frothing on every session and being out on the water was the best feeling ever. One of my favorite parts was that every session I would make progress and that feeling was really addictive. WHO ELSE DID YOU RIDE THERE WITH? I was mostly riding…