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The Shed No 084 May-June 2019

The Shed is Eclectic, informed and always fascinating, there is something to interest everyone in The Shed. Aimed at those with a few tools and perhaps a few clues, this is the magazine for real sheddies. Packed with ideas, projects, advice and peeks into other people’s sheds.

New Zealand
Parkside Media
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2 min.
talent to the left of me and talent to the right

Sometimes you just have to take your hat off to folks, don’t ya reckon? As we assemble this issue I really am in awe of the talent that the sheddies we showcase have to burn. Now I cannot profess to having anything like the talents of our featured creators in The Shed, nowhere near, and I’m constantly blown away by the skills on display. It is such a pleasure to be able to showcase these talented Kiwis in this magazine and online, and tell their stories to folks all around the world — we take a lot of pride in doing that. I hope you agree that this issue is bursting at the spine with talent. Our totally unique wooden-bike builder Daniel hails originally from Argentina but if anyone displays the Kiwi No.…

11 min.
how to build a bike backwards

Daniel Strekier’s wooden bicycle is clearly a work of art, and of craftsmanship, but it also works as a bicycle, albeit a unique one. It’s not as nippy around town as a Lime scooter and it’s not ideal on hills, but give it relatively flat terrain and its fat tyres deliver a very comfortable ride. Aware that the bike weighs nearly 60kg, Daniel wanted to see if that was too much for a decent hill, so he rode it up central Auckland’s Queen Street to Karangahape Road. “It would go up, but quite slowly,” says Daniel. Coming down was a different matter. It got up to 38kph before Daniel hit the brakes. “It was quite bouncy,” he says. The oversize width and square profile of the tyres wouldn’t be the first choice of most…

1 min.
coregas building nationwide network

Cylinder-swap company, Coregas, is expanding its accessibility nationwide. Through participating Bunnings, NZ Safety Blackwoods stores, and Coregas’s own service centre partners, the company is building a nationwide network where customers can ‘Trade N Go’. Coregas’s Trade n Go Gas is a swap scheme for D and E size industrial gas cylinders, offering an alternative to the home handyman who no longer wants to pay rental charges to have a gas set or a cylinder on hand. It works the same way as LPG cylinder swappa bottle services. Customers simply pay a fully refundable deposit to get one or more cylinders, the price of the gas, and keep it for as long as is needed. When it’s time for a refill or to return the cylinder, customers can simply return the cylinder and…

1 min.
lucas celebrates 25 years of portable milling

Australia’s Lucas Mill celebrated its 25th year in the business of making portable sawmills. More than 18,500 Lucas Mill portable sawmills have been sold into more than 100 different countries, and the company says its first portable swing blade sawmill is still operating. Lucas mills can be transported to almost any location and set up to select harvest timber, which has a lower impact than removing logs for milling offsite. The company was started in a small farm shed on a sheep property among stringy bark and red box trees in Wooragee, Victoria, Australia. They were surprised to receive orders for more than 50 machines in the first month of manufacturing, which was what they originally thought would be a year’s production. The Model 6 sawmill, which can make a 160mm cut, was joined…

3 min.
a nationwide network of e-bike technicians

We probably all know someone who tools around town on an e-bike. A decade ago they were a rarity — now well in excess of 20,000 e-bikes are imported into New Zealand each year and bike shops are reporting double-digit increases in sales annually. The only problem with the growing popularity of e-bikes is that just like any other piece of equipment they need regular servicing to run efficiently and technicians who can make any necessary repairs. And there’s the rub — there’s an increasing shortage of skilled people who know how to diagnose and repair e-bikes. E-bike retailer MeloYelo is filling this knowledge and skills gap by offering training courses to its associates, as well as other qualified candidates, so that they can become proficient in diagnosing and fixing faults in…

1 min.
the shed online

What’s happening online at theshedmag.co.nz? Every week we upload new content on The Shed website to join the 100s of articles and videos already on the site for readers to discover, learn from, and enjoy. The past two months’ new uploads include: • build a racy go-kart — a great step-bystep project designed under the KISS rules of construction • making a home-made kontiki — we set about building a kontiki torpedo and winch from scratch for as few dollars as possible • build a small steam engine — a twoparter, which although daunting at first, is fairly logical if tackled one small step at a time • restoring a 25hp (19kW) Johnson Sea Horse outboard motor. From a box of 1970s pieces of an outboard engine comes a great shed project. These are just some…