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1 Fritz Fryer’s new range of handmade and handblown led ‘Aston’ table lamps and pendants (shown; from £980) comes in so many configurations you’re sure to find a model to suit. And if you don’t? You’ve recourse to the remainder of the company’s vast repertoire of antique and modern fittings, housed in an old Georgian brewery building in Ross-on- Wye in Herefordshire. Ring 01989 567416, or visit fritzfryer.co.uk. 2 By 1900 the French regions of Digoin and Paray-le-Monial were known as Ceramic Valley, thanks to the number of factories there. Manufacture de Dig oin, known for making stoneware for storing, preparing and cook ing food, was among them. The firm celebrated its recent ‘rebirth’ with ‘MD 1875’, a 32-piece collection that harks back to those traditional vessels; from £9 approx for…

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gilt edge guns

THE PARK Avenue Armory – its crenellated bulk so very not Park Avenue – isn’t even handsome any more, now that the cleaning of its weathered façade has exposed its teeth-on-edge scarlet brick. The inside however, is… rats, I have to say it: awesome. Built by subscription in 1879 for the Seventh, New York’s ‘Silk Stocking’ National Guard Regiment, the Armory’s heart is its colossal, aeroplane-hangar drill hall, so cavernous that the gentlemen of the regiment presented Wagner there (fittingly) and held chariot races, which they couldn’t do at home. Their new-built Armory also incorporated rooms for each of the ten companies: darkly panelled refuges where they could smoke and spit and one-up each other in manly seclusion, which they couldn’t do at home either. These echoed their own Newport cottages and…

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antennae roundup

For details see page 75…

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design week fabrics

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stars of the century

BADA 2018 runs at Duke of York Square, London SW3 4LY, 14-20 March. For more information, ring 020 7589 6108, or visit badafair.com. READER OFFER: receive 50 per cent off ticket prices using the code ‘WOI18’ when booking online…

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A MYSTICAL REALM OF LOVE: PAHARI PAINTINGS FROM THE EVA AND KONRAD SEITZ COLLECTION (by JP Losty; Francesca Galloway, rrp £90) Long before officers of the Raj escaped the heat and dust of the lowland Indian summer by retreating into the cool Himalayan foothills, these verdant valleys were home to Hindu Rajput rajas. They engaged artists to adorn their palace forts with vibrant murals: scenes of epic tales and erotic poetry. They commissioned smaller pictures too: works on paper to be read while seated, passed around and discussed. Pahari painters – pahari literally meaning ‘of the hills’ – worked closely with their royal patrons to produce ambitious series, often comprising over 100 or 200 paintings. It was a hereditary profession with skills handed down in family workshops. Younger members would…