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ThinkSales magazine caters exclusively to the needs of sales management leaders. The editorial objective of ThinkSales magazine is to empower, motivate and inspire sales leaders with strategic knowledge, tactical skills, management insights and exposure to international sales and management thought-leadership and best practice necessary to lead sales organisations to achieve higher and sustainable sales results.

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expert contributors

BOB HERBOLD is the former Chief Operating Officer of Microsoft Corporation and the author of three books on leadership. His latest, What’s Holding You Back: 10 Bold Steps that Define Gutsy Leaders was released in 2011 by Wiley/Jossey-Bass. More on the book and Bob’s blog on leadership can be found at www.bobherbold.com ANTHONY IANNARINO is the President and Chief Sales Officer for Solutions Staffing and the MD of B2B Sales Coach & Consultancy, a boutique sales coaching and consulting company. He is also an adjunct faculty member at Capital University’s School of Management and Leadership where he teaches Persuasive Marketing and Social Media Marketing in the MBA programme. DICK GROTE is a management consultant and the author of How to Be Good at Performance Appraisals, published by Harvard Business Review Press. Over…

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want results? consider this!

THE BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT I frequently refer to the premise that the rate of change is one of the most powerful forces impacting both B2B and B2C companies in sales today. This is one of the key challenges companies need to overcome to sustain and grow revenue. Here’s why. And the evidence is overwhelming. Due to the rate of change impacting the speed at which decisions have to be made and business executed, we all have to do more with less available time. This has created an interesting dichotomy in that the internet has opened us to opportunities and choices, but due to lack of time, the ability to make quality decisions has been hindered; and the more complex the purchase the more pronounced the challenge. The rate of change force is compounded by many…

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invest in mindfulness

One second may not sound like a lot, but it can be the difference between making a rushed decision that leads to failure and reaching a thoughtful conclusion that leads to increased performance. It’s the difference between acting out of anger and applying due patience. It’s a one-second lead over your mind, your emotions, your world. Leaders across the globe feel that the unprecedented busyness of modern-day leadership makes them more reactive and less proactive. There is a solution to this hardwired, reactionary leadership approach: mindfulness. Having trained thousands of leaders in the techniques of this ancient practice, we’ve seen over and over again that a diligent approach to mindfulness can help people create a one-second mental space between an event or stimulus and their response to it. One second may not…

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are you motivated by comfort?

Even if you believe you are not motivated, you are. You may not be motivated by success, money, freedom, security, or happiness. But you are in fact motivated, and it could be that you are motivated by comfort. WAKE UP If you want to stay in bed and hit the snooze button three times, you are motivated by the warm comfort of sleep. Sleep is necessary, but the additional comfort of nine minutes is not. ENTERTAINMENT IS A FORM OF ESCAPE It isn’t necessarily negative, unless it consumes more of your time than it should, and unless is subtracts from your higher calling. That escape is a form of comfort. It prevents you from having to deal with the part of your reality that isn’t comfortable. THE AVOIDANCE OF CONSTRUCTIVE CONFLICT IS A FORM OF…

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build up your resilience by asking yourself two simple questions

Think back in your life. Has anything happened to you that, at the time, you thought was a ‘bad thing’? Looking back at it today, can you see clearly that it was not so bad, and perhaps was even a ‘good thing’? In an era where business keeps moving faster, it is no small wonder that resilience has become the new must-have executive skill. While executives have always known about the personal benefits of being resilient, they haven’t always recognised that it is also needed for the sake of their teams and organisational health. Take Susan, the CEO of a small telecommunications firm. She was enrolled in my MBA course when she received some bad news. A major contract, one that her firm had spent months preparing for, had gone to a…

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love your losses & no decisions

Capturing competitive intelligence is difficult. Some companies capture loss information using a drop-down menu embedded within the opportunity record. Others purchase enablement software in the hope that an algorithm will pinpoint the problem. However, we continually find the best information comes straight from the prospect. You’ll be surprised at the quality of information you receive. Did I mean a win-loss interview? No. Win interviews are fruitful for small tweaks or suggestions. However, new customers are reluctant to mention blemishes in their post-purchase honeymoon. They also tend to accentuate strengths. One customer we worked with exclusively conducted win interviews. The result was a self-confirming bias towards all their product’s best features. The equivalent of Volvo reporting safety as the number one desired feature of all car buyers. Losses will tell you much…