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Tracks is Australia's leading surfing magazine. For over 40 years Tracks has tapped into the minds of cheeky grommets and grizzled gurus alike, and remains the voice of hardcore surfing in Australia today. Every month it takes you to the most exotic surfing locations, fills you in on what's happening on the pro-circuit as well as at your local beaches. Tracks is the surfer's bible.

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upfront 1.

THEY SAY A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS. IF THAT’S TRUE, THEN THIS TIMELESS IMAGE OF A SORE AND SORRY LOOKING DWIGHT PASTRANA DRAGGING WHAT REMAINS OF HIS SURFBOARD UP THE BEACH AT PIPELINE CONTAINS A WHOLE BOOK. AN APT TITLE OF WHICH COULD GO SOMETHING ALONG THE LINES OF ‘THE HIGHS AND LOWS OF SURFING PIPELINE, BUT MAINLY THE LOWS’. Moments before this shot was taken the 19-year-old Puerto Rico raised, Maui residing, Dwight, had packed one of the biggest tubes of the insane early season Pipe sessions of late 2019. Had he of come out, which he was a was millimetres away from doing, it would’ve been a Wave of the Winter contender, but sadly he didn’t, and this was the result. As Chrissy Amphlett sang in the Divinyls…

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upfront 2.

NOW WE ALL KNOW JOHN JOHN NUDGED OUT KELLY FOR AN OLYMPIC SLOT AND WILL BE CHASING GOLD IN 2020, BUT IF MEDALS WERE TO BE GIVEN OUT FOR BEST ALL-ROUND PERFORMANCES OUTSIDE THE WCT IN 2019, IT SEEMS NATHAN FLORENCE WOULD BE THE MOST LIKELY RECIPIENT OF THE TOP HONOURS. While John John went under the knife and nursed his wounded knee, Nathan ensured the Florence name was permanently in the spotlight. In the last year he has graced the cover of Tracks, chased down swells in every corner of the globe, put in notable performances on the Big Wave Tour and made his You Tube channel one of the most watchable surf portals on the net. Part of Florence’s allure lies in the fact he knows how to have…

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titus comes a cropper

While Christmas is well and truly in the rear-vision mirror you probably have fond memories of a family lunch, maybe even a few fun little waves ridden in the morning to work up an appetite before unwrapping the presents. Things didn’t quite play that way for Kauaian big-wave specialist Titus Kinimaka back in 1989. Thirty-four years old, and at the zenith of his career as a big-wave rider, Kinimaka had his heart set on winning the Eddie Aikau Invitational and had spent months preparing for the event with a winter-long waiting period. When a massive swell showed up for Christmas Day on the North Shore, Titus saw it as a gift and was up at three a.m. getting prepared. He paddled out at sunrise and by most accounts attacked the lineup…

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Behind the Cover - Matahi Drollet by Dom Mosqueira This was by far my best shot of this particular day. It was towards the end of a fun session that saw waves from six-feet to a couple of tow size bombs. I saw Matahi paddling for it and had a feeling he was going to do something unique. He bottom turned, stood tall, and at the west bowl he looked up at the lip. It was almost like mutual respect was being given. Matahi to the wave and the wave to Matahi. It was epic to see. It has been fun to watch Matahi’s surfing evolve out there, and super special to have been shooting him since he first starting surfing Teahupoo. He has become one of my best friends in…

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in the beginning

THE SHIPPER SURFBOARDS AD IN THE FIRST ISSUE OF TRACKS – OCTOBER 1970 There was no ‘Shipper Surfboards’… it was a combination of ‘Shane’ and ‘Nipper’ and it definitely tells you something about the times that Shane Stedman and Nipper Williams agreed to it. It was a double page spread in the first issue. It was madness. This was the text we ran with the ad: ‘We’d like to announce the formation of Shipper Surfboards (but honesty forbids)’ NIPPER:… Shane & I had occasion to share a double bed at Bells last Easter. This blew everyone’s minds because they couldn’t believe that two rival manufacturers could be such good friends. If I had a choice I would have preferred to sleep with someone else but the accommodation situation at Easter is always pretty heavy.…

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Not the News THE WSL GETS A SOFT-ON! The WSL have announced the launch of the World Foamie League (WFL). In a major coup, Mick Fanning has indicated he will come out of retirement to compete on his own MF softies. He faces stiff competition from Jamie O’Brien who will ride for Catch Surf and is excited by Pipeline’s inclusion on the schedule. Meanhwile’ Bondi’s (a locked in location along with P-Pass) Maha Metwally was confident she could be a contender. “Nobody can take me in the Bondi shoreys,” she claimed, throwing down the gauntlet to all those softie-specialists eager for the mixed sex tour that has already been dubbed the foam-ball. Tunes EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING - ALL IN GOOD TIME After a nine year hiatus, the Australian Post-Punk icons return with an LP…