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Under the Radar

Under the Radar Issue 63

Under the Radar is obsessed with music. We're dedicated to breaking new bands and checking-in with our favorite established artists through our in-depth articles and eye-catching original photography. Each issue also contains a ridiculous number of reviews--all the better to help you find your new favorite album, film, TV show, book, comic book or video game.

United States
Under The Radar, LLC
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4 min.
letter from the editor

Lat most et me delayed level with an you issue . This of Under issue is the probably Radar has the been since issue 6 way back in early 2004 (the one with Rilo Kiley on the cover, all dressed in white in a white room, with singer Jenny Lewis holding a glass of milk). With that issue we switched to a new printer in New York. They ended up being borderline scam artists, delivering a sub-standard product with pages in the wrong order, out of focus images, and magazines that were falling apart. When we demanded they reprint the issue they took more than a month to do so. It was “The Most Anticipated Albums of 2004” issue featuring scoops on forthcoming albums (including a brief article on The…

2 min.
staff’s favorite songs of the moment

Mark Redfern (Publisher/Senior Editor) 1. Tracyanne & Danny: “O’Keeffe” 2. Natalie Prass: “Short Court Style” 3. Anna Burch: “Asking 4 a Friend” 4. MGMT: “She Works Out Too Much” 5. of Montreal: “Paranoiac Intervals/Body Dysmorphia” 6. Ed Schrader’s Music Beat: “Riddles” 7. Young Fathers: “In My View” 8. Field Music: “Count It Up” 9. Gaz Coombes: “Slow Motion Life” 10. Ryley Walker: “Telluride Speed” Matt Fink (Hip-Hop Editor/Staff Writer) 1. Mount Eerie: “Now Only” 2. Courtney Barnett: “Need a Little Time” 3. Beach House: “Lemon Glow” 4. Frankie Cosmos: “Being Alive” 5. Hop Along: “How Simple” Ilana Kaplan (Pleased to Meet You Editor/Staff Writer) 1. Now, Now: “SGL” 2. Kitten: “I Did It!” 3. Haley Heynderickx: “Untitled God Song” 4. Hop Along: “Not Abel” 5. Liza Anne: “I’m Tired, You’re Lonely” Charles Steinberg (Media and Premieres Editor/Staff Writer) 1. Walter Martin: “Me & McAlevey” 2. Ought: “Desire” 3. Son Lux: “Surrounded” 4. Beach House: “Lemon Glow” 5. No…

3 min.
a digital sampler!

1. ANNA BURCH “Asking 4 a Friend” Quit the Curse Polyvinyl www.annaburchmusic.com 2. COURTNEY BARNETT “Nameless, Faceless” Tell Me How You Really Feel Mom + Pop www.courtneybarnett.com.au 3. MOANING “Tired” Moaning Sub Pop www.subpop.com/artists/moaning 4. THE BEAT ESCAPE “Sign of Age” Life Is Short The Answer’s Long Bella Union www.facebook.com/thebeatescape 5. ED SHRADER’S MUSIC BEAT “Dunce” Riddles Carpark www.edschradersmusicbeat.bandcamp.com 6. PREOCCUPATIONS “Espionage” New Material Preoccupations appear courtesy of Jagjaguwar www.preoccupations.lnk.to/newmaterial 7. LOMA “Relay Runner” Loma Sub Pop www.smarturl.it/loma 8. CAROLINE ROSE “Soul No. 5” Loner New West store.newwestrecords.com/collections/caroline-rose-loner 9. JOEY DOSIK “Running Away” Game Winner EP (Deluxe Edition) Joey Dosik appears courtesy of Secretly Canadian www.joeydosik.com 10. MARLON WILLIAMS “What’s Chasing You” Make Way For Love Marlon Williams appears courtesy of Dead Oceans www.marlon-williams.lnk.to/makewayforlove 11. UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA “Not In Love We’re Just High” Sex & Food Unknown Mortal Orchestra appear courtesy of Jagjaguwar www.unknownmortalorchestra.lnk.to/sexandfood 12. OF MONTREAL “Paranoiac Intervals/ Body Dysmorphia” White Is Relic/Irrealis Mood Polyvinyl www.ofmontreal.net 13. GAZ COOMBES “Deep Pockets” World’s Strongest Man Hot Fruit/Caroline International www.gazcoombes.com 14. FIELD MUSIC “Count It Up” Open Here Memphis Industries www.field-music.co.uk 15. TRACYANNE & DANNY “Alabama” Tracyanne &…

8 min.
the national

One hundred and twenty miles north of New York City, Hudson, NY, sits quietly alongside the river with which it shares its name. Established in the late 1700s by merchants from Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard who needed an inland port for their whaling ships, the historic upstate locale has endured its equal share of anonymity and notoriety over the decades, at one point serving as a haven in the early 20th century for all manner of vice, including gambling, bootlegging, and an infamous red-light district. Today, the city’s sloped, downtown avenues are littered with antique and vintage clothing shops, boutiques, and art galleries—making it an increasingly popular retreat destination for weekend travelers coming from the five boroughs. It’s here, at a former industrial glue factory turned arts center called the Basilica,…

3 min.
noel gallagher

Noel Gallagher did not set out to save rock and roll. In fact, when he started writing the songs that would become Who Built the Moon? —his third full-length album with his High Flying Birds—he had no idea what kind of album he was making at all. That’s a function of the way the album was recorded, he says, as the former Oasis guitarist and songwriter entered the studio with producer David Holmes with no songs and no direction beyond being open to exploring whatever sounded good. But Gallagher would not struggle long. Soon, after sampling a snippet of a tin whistle from obscure ’70s psych band The Ice Cream, he and Holmes built “Holy Mountain,” a good vibes, wall-of-sound anthem unlike anything his catalog. “The song is revolutionary in this…

3 min.

Britt Daniel shrugs at the word “reliable,” although it’s the one that comes up from time to time. Spoon is, by any measure, one of the most reliable rock bands around, if that reliability takes into account 25 years of constant experimentation and excellence from Daniel, Rob Pope, Jim Eno, and Alex Fischel. From Telephono to Girls Can Tell to Gimme Fiction to Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga to the band’s latest, Hot Thoughts , there’s not a single low point in the band’s catalog—a quarter century of year-end lists and critical acclaim. How does a band maintain such a brilliant streak? It’s not a mystery to Daniel, who is well aware of the consistent critical buzz earned by the Austin band over the last two-and-a-half decades. Spoon’s success can be boiled…