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Under the Radar

Under the Radar July - August - September 2017

Under the Radar is obsessed with music. We're dedicated to breaking new bands and checking-in with our favorite established artists through our in-depth articles and eye-catching original photography. Each issue also contains a ridiculous number of reviews--all the better to help you find your new favorite album, film, TV show, book, comic book or video game.

United States
Under The Radar, LLC
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4 min.
letter from the editor

Kirin J Callinan is four from hours the road late. , The Australian musician has been giving us updates from the road, as he is travelling in his tour van from Philadelphia, but is seemingly no closer than his last update. He’s past due at Washington DC’s Black Cat venue, where my wife/co-publisher Wendy and I are waiting to do a photo-shoot with him for a feature in this issue. It’s the last night of his tour opening for countrymen POND and the simple excuse for his tardiness is that he overslept and thus left late. In our near 16 years of doing Under the Radar , it’s certainly not the first time we’ve been kept waiting backstage by a musician, but the photo-shoot locations we have lined up will…

2 min.
staff’s favorite songs of the moment

Mark Redfern (Publisher/Senior Editor) 1. Grizzly Bear: “Mourning Sound” 2. The War on Drugs: “Up All Night” 3. Broken Social Scene: “Stay Happy” 4. Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner, Nico Muhly, and James McAlister: “Mercury” 5. Girl Ray: “Earl Grey (Stuck in a Groove)” 6. Bedouine: “Solitary Daughter” 7. Trailer Trash Tracys: “Eden Machine” 8. Ride: “Rocket Silver Symphony” 9. Japanese Breakfast: “Diving Woman” 10. Childhood: “California Light” Matt Fink (Hip-Hop Editor/Staff Writer) 1. Fleet Foxes: “Fool’s Errand” 2. Vince Staples: “Big Fish” 3. Grizzly Bear: “Losing All Sense” 4. Kendrick Lamar: “DNA.” 5. Lorde: “Perfect Places” Lily Moayeri (TV Editor/Staff Writer) 1. Ride: “Charm Assault” 2. Nick Murphy: “Your Time” 3. Joe Goddard: “Music Is the Answer” 4. The Charlatans: “Solutions” 5: DC Breaks: “No One Like You” (feat. Niara Scarlett) Charles Steinberg (Media and Premieres Editor/Staff Writer) 1. alt-J: “Pleader” 2. Kevin Morby: “Downtown’s Lights” 3. Paul Westerberg: “Lost In Emily’s Woods” 4. Big Thief:…

2 min.
under the radar 61 a digital sampler!

1. THE WAR ON DRUGS “Thinking of a Place” A Deeper Understanding Atlantic www.atlantic.lnk.to/ADeeperUnderstanding 2. CHILDHOOD “Californian Light” Universal High Marathon Artists www.childhoodband.com 3. MIDNIGHT SISTER “Blue Cigar” Saturn Over Sunset Jagjaguwar www.facebook.com/midnightsistermusic 4. THE PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART “Dance With You” The Echo of Pleasure Painbow www.thepainsofbeingpureatheart.com 5. GIRL RAY “Preacher” Earl Grey Moshi Moshi shop.moshimoshimusic.com/EarlGrey 6. ALVVAYS “Undertow” Antisocialites Polyvinyl www.alvvays.com 7. IRON & WINE “Call It Dreaming” Beast Epic Sub Pop megamart.subpop.com/releases/iron_and_wine/ beast_epic 8. BEDOUINE “Solitary Daughter” Bedouine Spacebomb www.bedouinemusic.com 9. SINGLE GIRL, MARRIED GIRL “Starlight” Spark Self-Released www.singlegirlmarriedgirl.com 10. FRANKIE ROSE “Trouble” Cage Tropical Slumberland/Grey Market www.frankierose.info 11. BEACH HOUSE “Chariot” B-Sides and Rarities Sub Pop/Bella Union/Mistletonewww.beachhousebaltimore.com 12. BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE “Skyline” Hug of Thunder Arts & Crafts www.brokensocialscene.ca 13. THE DEARS “Of Fisticuffs” Times Infinity Volume Two Dangerbird radi.al/sDxr3Z 14. EMA “Aryan Nation (Demo)” Exile In The Outer Ring City Slang www.iwannadestroy.com 15. BIG THIEF “Shark Smile” Capacity Saddle Creek www.saddle-creek.com 16. CHASTITY BELT “Different Now” I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone Hardly Art www.hardlyart.com/artists/chastity_belt 17. LAND OF TALK “This Time” Life After Youth Saddle Creek www.saddle-creek.com 18. SAINT ETIENNE “Sweet Arcadia” Home Counties Heavenly www.saintetienne.com 19. CURSE OF LONO “London Rain” Severed Submarine Cat www.curseoflonoband.com 20.…

4 min.
kirin j callinan

Wendy Lynch Redfern If you have the inclination that you might have caught a quick glimpse of Kirin J Callinan’s penis, you can assume you’re correct. He does indeed flash his private parts in his music video for “S.A.D.” He also conjures the spirits of Michael Bolton and George Michael as he shows off sultry dance moves all over Cuba. “We wanted to explore the potential fine line between smut and art, beauty and vulgar, poser and provocateur,” said Callinan in a press release. That mission statement refers to more than just “S.A.D.” (which stands for “Song About Drugs”); it’s a lifestyle that the Aussie artist says goes as far back as adolescence. “Certainly as a teenager coming into adolescence, I always liked dressing up and being the center of attention. What teenager…

3 min.
kevin morby

Kevin Morby is calling during a rare moment of relaxation—a day off at his drummer’s place in upstate New York. The next morning he’ll fly to Barcelona for a festival gig, but his easy speaking voice jumps when he talks about the last four shows. He finally had the opportunity to debut songs from his new record, City Music . The crowd’s reaction was a validation of the record he set out to make—an electric guitar record—as he puts it, built with his live band. Conceived as a mind-out-of-body experiment, City Music is the second album Morby wrote, back-to-back, in Los Angeles during a solitary spell. Having just finished penning 2016’s Singing Saw , a lush folk album with backing vocals, horns, and strings, Morby played devil’s advocate with himself. “I…

3 min.
the dears

“T his is being alive!” There’s a moment, midstream through “1998,” where you can hear Murray Lightburn’s heartbeat. “This is being alive,” The Dears’ frontman sings over and over on the central track on Times Infinity Volume Two. It’s a buoyant, even bouncing, moment where the rest of the band frolics musically around Lightburn and his musical partner and wife Natalia Yanchak. It’s also about as happy as you’ll hear Lightburn. Such a moment is an authentic one for The Dears, a duo who are deeply committed to their craft, who come alive when making music. Even as mainstream attention has eluded them despite the critical acclaim and Polaris Prize nominations for albums like 2003’s No Cities Left , 2006’s Gang of Losers , 2008’s Missiles, and 2011’s Degeneration Street , The…