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VW Bus T4&5+ No. 87

This is the only magazine dedicated to the late model VW buses from the T4 and T5 on. The magazine acknowledges the evolution of the VW bus and spotlights where this symbol of freedom and adventure has now arrived: the T4 and T5 - taking their rightful place in the family of VW models and carrying on the tradition of quality and innovation that is the ever iconic VW Bus.

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We’re pretty sure we have something for everyone this month. Two of the buses are really ‘Out There’ style-wise. On the other hand, two of the other buses look stock on the outside, although both are in fact slightly modded and one of them is anything but stock inside. Of the remaining two, both have stylish camper interiors, one is a Lowdown aficionado, the other has a penchant for stunning graphics. So, in order, feature one really is something out of the ordinary, Dirty Weekenders’ grassy camper, I’m not going to describe it, just turn to page 14 and find out for yourself. Feature two is another bus with a unique style, John Power’s Rat-Steampunk-Mad Max T4 really is in a class of its own. Feature three, Ritch Shandley’s cool…

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film night

Imagine a cinema that you can take anywhere, well almost anywhere. The Camping Cinema have designed several packages that enable you to do just that. Whether wild camping on a mountain, pitched in a campsite, sat on the beach, or relaxing at a show, you can watch a film with your family, or live sports with your friends, you can even link it to your games console via the HDMI cable. The packages come supplied with wireless headphones that allow you to watch a big screen outside without upsetting the neighbours. The headphones receive the audio for the projected film via an FM Transmitter. This means that you can connect as many FM headphones as you like and invite everyone! The headphones have hardly any sound lag, (when the sound does…

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rhodes rims

Want something different wheel wise? Rhodes Vans have just opened their new website, on which they have their extensive range of unusual wheels listed. Now when we say extensive, we mean it. To give you an example they currently have 179 different wheels listed for the T5.1 alone! They stock rims for the Caddy, T5s, T6s and the Crafter. Their driving aim is to supply wheels that are different from the normal fare offered to the van and bus community. To that end their brand range includes TSW, XO, XD, Beyern, Black Rhino, Petrol, KMC, Redbourne and Status. Take a look at their website www.rhodesvans.co.uk to see what they have to offer. And keep an eye out for future developments.…

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in tents?

With the camping and show season now well underway, news of a new upgraded range of small tents from Ol Pro has reached the editorial desk. No, we haven’t gone completely mad we are talking about tents here, not awnings. An increasingly large number of us take a tent to house the extraneous kit that we take with us, when we’re not on the pitch. Or, they’re used to fit the growing people or growing number of people in, when it becomes clear that they no longer fit in the camper. Ol Pro’s upgraded small tent range starts from £49 and can sleep either two or three people, although they do, of course, have larger tents too. There are new colours, ripstop fabric for added durability, improved ventilation and new…

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so low

Debuted at Ultimate Dubs, the brand new So Low kit made by Bilstein is available for the T5, T5.1 and the T6, in all the variants T26, T28, T30 and T32. It gives a 130mm drop at the rear and a 100mm drop at the front straight out the box! Being a coil-over kit, it is completely adjustable, thus helping you to get your van sitting perfectly level. Included in the box are front springs, front struts (with adjusters), rear springs, rear dampers, rear adjusters and adjustment spanners. Now if you’re chasing further lows, we are advised by Transporter HQ that combined with a machined top mount plate you can get an extra 12mm at the front, lowering it 112mm from the standard ride height. Also combined with the hub mod…

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Regular reader Matt Everard got in touch with us recently to tell us what he does with his T5; apparently, he uses it to tow his record breaking Tuk Tuk. Intrigued, we wanted to know more. In May of this year he towed the Tuk Tuk to Elvington airfield in North Yorkshire and observed by the official Guinness World Records made a successful attempt on the world speed record for the “fastest Rickshaw”. He achieved an average of a slightly scary 74.306mph, over the prescribed two runs in opposite directions and carrying a passenger, all the while raising money for Haven’s Hospices in Essex. The Tuk Tuk was manufactured in 1971 as a Bangkok Taxi, purchased by Matt on ebay one night (we bet that took some explaining to his…