WellBeing Astrology 2018

*NEW MOON CALENDAR INCLUDED* The 2022 edition of WellBeing Astrology #18 reveals the mysteries of your personal sun sign and how it makes you unique. We explore the Year of the Yang Water Tiger, the exciting Pisces conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune, and what’s instore as a triple conjunction of Mars, Uranus and the North Node hits 2022. Discover the power of intergenerational healing with Chiron in Aries, the spiritual benefits of astrology and the intersection between astrology and psychology. And that’s not all! Take a journey with us as we work with the potential of 2022 and get your copy now.

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from the editor

Taking our cues from Jupiter, who tours deep and insightful Scorpio from October 2017 to November 2018, the year ahead promises profound introspection and new understandings of power. I like the Jupiter in Scorpio pairing: it provides a chance for stillness and encourages looking inwards. It can be reflective, transformative and cathartic. In addition, the major aspects of 2018 — a sextile to Pluto and a trine to Neptune — are flowing, supportive ones rather than the clashing types we had from 2015–2017. Find out what Jupiter in Scorpio promises in our special feature on p102. Healing, especially at the soul level, is highlighted and I personally am looking forward to the chance to slow down and make time for meditation and reflection. I’ll be taking my cues from some of the…

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further reading

ASTROLOGICAL BODY TYPES: FACE, FORM & EXPRESSION JUDITH HILL, STELLIUM PRESS Do you want to see astrology right before your eyes? Are you looking to “believe” in astrology? If so, pick up a copy of Astrological Body Types: Face, Form and Expression. This highly useful book by Judith Hill covers everything there is to know about how people physically look according to their astrological chart. Not only is it full of beautiful illustrations, drawn by Hill herself, this text also outlines a simple step-by-step approach to uncovering physical expressions in any chart. Whether you’re a professional or a newbie, this book will advance your skill set to the next level. AG COSMIC LOOM: THE NEW SCIENCE OF ASTROLOGY DENNIS ELWELL, URANIA TRUST Dennis Elwell does masterful work defending the core tenets of astrology…

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what’s on in 2017 and 2018

2017 October 19–22, Zion, Utah US The Art of Living and Dying, OPA Conference opaastrology.org October 19–23, Cheektowaga, New York US State of the Art Astrology Conference donnavantoen.com 2018 January 14–26, India Heaven and Earth retreat with Caroline Casey heavenandearthworkshops.com/carolineindia.html January 19–21, Melbourne Vic FAA Astrology Conference faainc.org.au/faa-conference-2018 March 22–26, Seattle, Washington US North West Astrology Conference norwac.net May 24–29, Chicago, Illinois US United Astrology Conference (UAC) uacastrology.com MONTHLY MEETINGS Many astrology organisations host monthly meetings for members and guests. Contact the following organisations to see what’s on in your area: AUSTRALIA Federation of Australian Astrologers, FAA faainc.org.au/memberassociations Tarot Guild of Australia tarotguild.org.au/tga-tarotevents- and-workshops CANADA Canadian Association for Astrological Education thecaae.com UK Faculty of Astrological Studies astrology.org.uk Astrological Lodge of London astrolodge.co.uk US Association for Astrological Networking afan.org American Federation of Astrologers astrologers.com International Society for Astrological Research isarastrology.com National Council for Geocosmic Research geocosmic.org…

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sun sign predictions

Your Sun sign, also known as your “star sign”, represents the sign of the zodiac that the Sun was moving through at your birth. As the main light source, the Sun provides heat, warmth and inspiration. The Sun is one of your most important planets and describes significant features of your personality. Your Sun sign shows how you light up life. It also defines the archetypal ways in which others see you. Via links to elements and modalities, your Sun sign provides insight to the inner workings of your personality. As it’s the most powerful of all stellar bodies, your Sun sign symbolises the underlying energy that fuels all you do. Sun signs: ancient wisdom for modern life Even though the modern use of Sun sign astrology is often attributed to RH Naylor,…

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aries 2018

Overview Your ruling star, Mars, covers just one third of the zodiac in 2018, much less ground than usual. In turn, this can help you narrow your focus or even specialise in one or two important life areas. Rather than try to do or have it all this year, set yourself a limited number of goals, and then devote your best efforts to achieving them. You’ll also get an in-depth period of review and reflection — plus the chance to refocus — when Mars goes retrograde, or moves backwards, from June 25 to August 26. You may notice you want to do less or move at a slower pace then. While retrograde, Mars will pass over the karmic South Node three times, highlighting the importance of letting go. This can manifest as an…

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taurus 2018

Overview A preview visit of Uranus in Taurus will arrive with 2018. This longer trend begins properly in 2019, but you get a taste of what’s to come from May 15 to November 6, 2018. Uranus in Taurus can help you radically reshape your life. New talents will emerge and you’ll get in touch with a deeper, more authentic sense of self. 2018 is a transition year, where you get a taste of the future but may still need to deal with unfinished business from the past. You may be especially creative while Uranus tours Taurus from mid-May to early November. Experiment with new habits, attitudes and hobbies. You may discover a bold quality that helps you put your priorities first. While it may seem unsettling to think change is on its…