WellBeing Astrology 2021

*NEW MOON CALENDAR INCLUDED* The 2022 edition of WellBeing Astrology #18 reveals the mysteries of your personal sun sign and how it makes you unique. We explore the Year of the Yang Water Tiger, the exciting Pisces conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune, and what’s instore as a triple conjunction of Mars, Uranus and the North Node hits 2022. Discover the power of intergenerational healing with Chiron in Aries, the spiritual benefits of astrology and the intersection between astrology and psychology. And that’s not all! Take a journey with us as we work with the potential of 2022 and get your copy now.

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from the editor

For all its complexity, astrology remains fundamentally simple. It offers a time-honoured system of symbols that sum up key aspects of human life while providing profound insights and practical guidance.— Anne M Nordhaus-Bike Two major new cycles start this year: a 20-year Jupiter-Saturn cycle and a longer 200-year air element cycle. The year 2021 is one of all kinds of new beginnings. Striking out in a new direction is often exciting; the promise of what might be can motivate you and encourage you to move forward into new territory. But heading off in a different direction, with new priorities, can be unsettling too. When everything is new and different, it can take time to settle in and to find touchstones to use as anchor points. This year promises both — the excitement and…

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sun sign predictions

Your sun sign, also known as your star sign, represents the sign of the zodiac the Sun was moving through at the time of your birth. As the main light source, the Sun provides heat, warmth and inspiration. The Sun is one of your most important planets and describes significant features of your personality. Your sun sign shows how you light up life. It also defines the archetypal ways in which others see you. Via links to elements and modalities, your sun sign provides insight into the inner workings of your personality. As it’s the most powerful of all stellar bodies, your sun sign symbolises the underlying energy that fuels all you do. Sun signs: ancient wisdom for modern life Even though the modern use of sun sign astrology is often attributed to…

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aries 2021

Overview Mars, your ruling planet, is on the move throughout 2021. As the red planet rises through the western portion of your solar horoscope, your year will be peppered with opportunities to get proactive in most areas of your life. Wealth This year gets off to a promising start in respect to your cash flow and income, when Mars moves into your second house of money from 7 January–4 March. You might be motivated to address a financial issue, especially around the way you earn and spend money. Feelings of frustration or lack may crop up around 13 January, leaving you feeling like you’re between a rock and a hard place. Your need for stability and security will be heightened then. If that isn’t available in your current job or business, tension, stress or…

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taurus 2021

Overview Your professional life looks particularly exciting thanks to the rare pairing of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, starting mid-December 2020. While you’re cosmically gifted with an abundance of opportunities to hit some career benchmarks this year, the ongoing trend of Uranus in Taurus will help ensure any professional choices you make align with your evolving personal perspectives. Mercury’s reverse or retrograde cycles this year will activate your work and cash-flow sectors, and help you negotiate a better salary, or improve contract terms and conditions. You’ll also have two opportunities in 2021 to explore what gives your life a sense of meaning, purpose and fulfilment, thanks to two different cycles by Venus through Capricorn. Wealth This year provides you with exciting openings to reshape the way you earn, spend and save. You’ll have active Mars…

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gemini 2021

Overview Expect a fast-paced year that opens up a plethora of new possibilities and lots of opportunities to realise some of your biggest dreams. As Jupiter moves through Aquarius and Pisces, work-related travel or an academic goal can pave the way for exciting new adventures. A New Moon eclipse in your sign in June promises a push towards positive progress. As Mercury moves in reverse through your fellow air signs, you’ll have the chance to reframe your ideas around personal growth, happiness and global opportunities. Wealth Mars’ move into Cancer from 22 April–11 June can inspire confidence in tackling a money or cash flow issue. Looking back over the last two years, you might notice how your income, as well as your spending and savings habits, have fluctuated. Try not to take these…

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cancer 2021

Overview Your inner world is active this year as Mars spends the majority of its time in the eastern part of your solar chart. As you continue to invest your energy into personal growth, you’ll generate movement on projects or plans that are important to you. Jupiter spends time in Aquarius and Pisces this year, helping you get on top of debts and savings so you can finance some of your biggest dreams. Wealth Your big financial focus is debt, savings, investments, inheritances and couple or family finances, which are all topics linked to the eighth house. The longer trend of Saturn in Aquarius, until 2023, can help you organise your cash, such as saving for the future or paying off debt. You might embrace healthy limits such as automating a savings schedule,…