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* NEW MOON CALENDAR INCLUDED* 2021 will be a year of transformation and change as old systems of power break down and we move into a new world order, one of greater equity for all. In this edition of Wellbeing Astrology, we explore the changes to come as Saturn and Uranus square off in 2021, triggering global change as we search for stability and the ‘new norm’. We investigate ways to harness the power of Mars in order to take charge of your life and discover your inner warrior, unleash your hidden gifts with the help of your helmsman planet, identify cycles of growth through the influences of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, delve into the transformative power of fixed signs, and explore food and lifestyle tips to enhance your health and wellbeing in accordance with your astrology. We also search the unique potentials offered by your personal sun sign for achieving health, wealth and happiness in 2021, and so much more! A SNEAK PEEK: • Chinese Astrology: Year of the Yin Metal Ox • Eclipses in Gemini and Saturn in 2021 • Fixed Signs: Discover why 2021 is perfect for long-term planning and embracing change • Aspects 101: Identify aspects in your chart and discover your planetary obstructions and cosmic supports • Unearth the potentials of your 11th house and what it says about your friendships and community • Discover which planet to honour to enhance your vitality, wellbeing and health • Identify how the cycles of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto might influence your life in 2021.

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from the editor

Astrology is the study of the patterns of movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as reflecting the potential of human affairs and the natural world — Jude Goodwin, Futurism 2020 is an epic year of transition. Collectively, a 200-plus-year cycle to do with the earth element ends and we cross the threshold into a new era, defined by the air element, in December 2020. We’re also in transition here at WellBeing Astrology, as we welcome a new horoscope writer for our Year Ahead Horoscopes, Cassandra Tyndall. Check out what your sign has in store for the coming year, starting on page 8. With so much global transition, it’s natural to wonder where life might take you next. For insights on career and life direction, you’ll love Frank Clifford’s feature on page…

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sun sign predictions

Your sun sign, also known as your star sign, represents the sign of the zodiac the Sun was moving through at the time of your birth. As the main light source, the Sun provides heat, warmth and inspiration. The Sun is one of your most important planets and describes significant features of your personality. Your sun sign shows how you light up life. It also defines the archetypal ways in which others see you. Via links to elements and modalities, your sun sign provides insight into the inner workings of your personality. As it’s the most powerful of all stellar bodies, your sun sign symbolises the underlying energy that fuels all you do. Sun signs: ancient wisdom for modern life Even though the modern use of sun sign astrology is often attributed to…

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aries 2020

Overview 2020 begins with planetary powerhouses Saturn and Pluto working together in your career sector on January 13. You might be ready to let go of a long-term responsibility or commitment as you move towards a professional path that deeply fulfils you. Mars, your ruling planet, is in Aries for an extra-long time in 2020, from 28 June to 7 January 2021. During this period you’ll be asked to slow down as the cosmos invites you to rediscover yourself and remember forgotten passions. Wealth 2020 is the first full calendar year that Uranus spends in Taurus, and in your second house of money. Events in 2018 and 2019 helped awaken you to the changes that are possible during this long-term cycle. Uranus represents freedom and autonomy, and you may suddenly become interested in…

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taurus 2020

Overview As unpredictable Uranus continues through Taurus life might seem full of possibilities. Slowly but surely you’re adjusting your habits and attitudes by embracing change and exploring what excites you. As you continue your “out with the old, in with the new” ethos, the cosmos will offer you opportunities that reflect your growing need for freedom and authenticity and help increase abundance. Wealth Attracting abundance and boosting your cash flow is possible from April 4–August 8 when Venus enjoys an extended cycle through curious Gemini and your second house — aka the money sector. This cycle can help you get curious about money, encouraging you to learn more about how it can work for you, rather than you working for it. The more you discover about the way your mind works when it comes…

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gemini 2020

Overview With plenty of planetary action in the top half of your horoscope this year, you’ll be ready to commit to making a lifelong dream come true. You might get serious about an academic accomplishment, explore foreign places or do more of what brings you meaning and purpose. Wealth Your hard work around finances in the last two-and-a-half years will pay off by the time the longer trend of Saturn in Capricorn ends on 17 December 2020. Your efforts towards saving, reducing debt or investing can put you in a solid financial position. Expansive Jupiter moves through cautious Capricorn and one of your money sectors from 3 December 2019–20 December 2020. Jupiter’s influence in your eighth house of shared finances means you might be able to enhance abundance by joining forces with a business…

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cancer 2020

Overview 2020 promises to be an action-packed year where you can make plenty of progress personally and professionally. You have Mars’ longer-than-usual tour through Aries to help you clarify your career goals. And, while the longer trend of mature Saturn in Capricorn begins to wind down in your relationship sector from 3 December 2019, you’ll have the uplifting and growthorientated influence of Jupiter onside to help support growth in relationships until 20 December 2020. Wealth Discovering new or innovative ways to completely restructure your money habits is possible with Saturn in Aquarius from March 22–July 2. This three-month period offers a preview of what the longer three-year cycle of Saturn through your eighth house may mean for you — starting December 2020. Saturn’s initial visit to Aquarius may prompt ideas about how you can…