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WellBeing Astrology 2016

* NEW MOON CALENDAR INCLUDED* 2021 will be a year of transformation and change as old systems of power break down and we move into a new world order, one of greater equity for all. In this edition of Wellbeing Astrology, we explore the changes to come as Saturn and Uranus square off in 2021, triggering global change as we search for stability and the ‘new norm’. We investigate ways to harness the power of Mars in order to take charge of your life and discover your inner warrior, unleash your hidden gifts with the help of your helmsman planet, identify cycles of growth through the influences of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, delve into the transformative power of fixed signs, and explore food and lifestyle tips to enhance your health and wellbeing in accordance with your astrology. We also search the unique potentials offered by your personal sun sign for achieving health, wealth and happiness in 2021, and so much more! A SNEAK PEEK: • Chinese Astrology: Year of the Yin Metal Ox • Eclipses in Gemini and Saturn in 2021 • Fixed Signs: Discover why 2021 is perfect for long-term planning and embracing change • Aspects 101: Identify aspects in your chart and discover your planetary obstructions and cosmic supports • Unearth the potentials of your 11th house and what it says about your friendships and community • Discover which planet to honour to enhance your vitality, wellbeing and health • Identify how the cycles of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto might influence your life in 2021.

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from the editor

This is a special edition for us here at WellBeing Astrology. Our 2016 annual is our 12th publication and marks the magazine’s Jupiter Return. In honour of Jupiter, we’ve drawn on the symbolism of Jupiter in Virgo (August 11, 2015, to September 9, 2016), an earth sign, and created a magazine full of practical tips, insights and techniques to help you make meaningful improvements in your life. The coming year, 2016, brings a collection of planets in the mutable or moveable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. These signs are curious, flexible and open to new experiences. See how you might connect with the big-picture themes of Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces, as well as how global trends may be affected in Cosmic Currents for…

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further reading

36 Faces: The History, Astrology & Magic of the Decans Austin Coppock, Three Hands Press If you’re anything like me, when you first open your copy of 36 Faces you’ll dive right into whichever of the thoughtful and thought-provoking interpretations of the 36 decans are most relevant for you. The decans are the “faces” referred to in the title and the descriptions of each make up the bulk of the book. But don’t overlook the engaging introduction, which “outlines the trajectory of the decans through time and culture”, tracing their use through ancient Egypt, the Hellenistic era and India and into the Arabian Empire, the Renaissance and the Enlightenment. Coppock concludes with a detailed summary of the concepts, images and talismans associated with the decans from a variety of historical sources. Coppock…

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what’s on in 2015/2016

SPECIAL EVENTS September, 2015 September 11–14, Cambridge, UK Astrological Association of Great Britain Annual Conference astrologicalassociation.com/pages/ conference/2015/index.php September 18–20, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Astrology Conference Canada astrologyconference.ca/index.html October, 2015 October 22–25, Cheektowaga, New York, USA State of the Art Astrology Conference donnavantoen.com October 22–25, Monterey, California, USA Organisation for Professional Astrology Annual Retreat opaastrology.org/annual-retreat November, 2015 November 19–23, Sedona, Arizona, USA Vedic Astrology Conference sedonavedicastrology.com January, 2016 January 21–25, Sydney, AU International FAA Astrology Conference faainc.org.au/faa-conference-2016 February, 2016 February 16–24, Palolem, Goa, India Working Creatively with Astrology heavenandearthworkshops.com/fasindia March, 2016 March 19–20 International Astrology Day afan.org April, 2016 April 14–18, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA Great Lakes Astrology Conference greatlakesastrology.com May, 2016 Seattle, Washington, USA Northwest Astrological Conference Exact dates not available at press time. Visit the website in late 2015 for details.norwac.net MONTHLY MEETINGS Many astrology organisations host monthly meetings for members and guests. Contact the following organisations to see what’s on in your area: AUSTRALIA Federation of Australian Astrologers Inc faainc.org.au/member-associations Tarot Guild…

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sun sign predictions

Your Sun sign (also known as your “star sign”) represents the sign of the zodiac the Sun was moving through at your birth. As the main light source, the Sun provides heat, warmth and inspiration, both in the world at large and through your personal birth chart. The Sun illuminates and gives life and, in astrology, is considered one of your most important planets. Your Sun sign shows how you instinctively light up life. It also defines the archetypal ways in which others see you. Via links to elements and modalities, your Sun sign provides keys to understanding the inner workings of your personality. As it’s the most powerful of all stellar bodies, your Sun sign symbolises the underlying energy that fuels all you do. Sun signs: ancient wisdom for modern life Even…

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Overview This year, 2016, offers the chance to focus intently on a few important areas of life. Thanks to lucky Jupiter in Libra, your relationship sector will glow, starting September 9. Saturn will bring greater structure to travel, adventure, learning and teaching projects, while the personal planets Venus, Mars and Mercury join with Pluto in Capricorn to energise your career sector and bring progress at work. Your reputation may help open doors in your career as sweet Venus visits Capricorn twice. This adds a magnetic quality to your public and professional image, which can help you make a favourable impression at work and on the wider public. If a social media profile has value in your industry, extra time spent refreshing your online profiles can be fruitful, especially between January 23 and…

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Overview While most of 2016 invites you to focus on other people — at home, in relationships and in your career — there is one planetary cycle that is all about you. Curious Mercury will spend an extra-long time in Taurus in 2016, giving you plenty of chances to question assumptions you’ve made about yourself. If necessary, you might also improve your personal habits and goals. Mercury brings insight and offers information and, from April 5 to June 12, while Mercury is in Taurus, you’ll be most interested in learning about yourself. This cycle of personal growth would be a lovely time in which to invest in healing, therapy or more time spent doing what you love. Any word- or talk-based activities, like writing, psychotherapy or simply talking more with loved ones, can…