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* NEW MOON CALENDAR INCLUDED* 2021 will be a year of transformation and change as old systems of power break down and we move into a new world order, one of greater equity for all. In this edition of Wellbeing Astrology, we explore the changes to come as Saturn and Uranus square off in 2021, triggering global change as we search for stability and the ‘new norm’. We investigate ways to harness the power of Mars in order to take charge of your life and discover your inner warrior, unleash your hidden gifts with the help of your helmsman planet, identify cycles of growth through the influences of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, delve into the transformative power of fixed signs, and explore food and lifestyle tips to enhance your health and wellbeing in accordance with your astrology. We also search the unique potentials offered by your personal sun sign for achieving health, wealth and happiness in 2021, and so much more! A SNEAK PEEK: • Chinese Astrology: Year of the Yin Metal Ox • Eclipses in Gemini and Saturn in 2021 • Fixed Signs: Discover why 2021 is perfect for long-term planning and embracing change • Aspects 101: Identify aspects in your chart and discover your planetary obstructions and cosmic supports • Unearth the potentials of your 11th house and what it says about your friendships and community • Discover which planet to honour to enhance your vitality, wellbeing and health • Identify how the cycles of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto might influence your life in 2021.

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from the editor

As 2017 dawns, a special pattern forms between Jupiter in Libra, Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. This bodes well for a dynamic year ahead, one in which exciting breakthroughs and uplifting progress will be possible. To find out how your sign may be influenced, dive into your extended — and revamped — 2017 horoscopes, starting p10. A series of intense eclipses in February and August can indicate a break with the past and may bring new adventures. Learn more about the eclipses of 2017 and how they may affect us all on p68. Each sign benefits from a unique health and wellness strategy. Discover the links between astrology and Ayurveda on p58. If enhancing abundance and success is on your 2017 to-do list, don’t miss our exploration of Indian astrology…

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further reading

MIDHEAVEN: SPOTLIGHT ON SUCCESS FRANK CLIFFORD, FLARE PUBLICATIONS Clifford’s slim publication on the Midheaven, one of the four “power points” of the horoscope, is a delightful and juicy read. Often overlooked, the Midheaven is an essential factor in your chart and describes more than just your career. In his engaging and entertaining style, Clifford explores each of the four angles, or power points, before detailing the Midheaven through each of the 12 signs. Strategies for success along with the influence of any planets on the Midheaven are also explored. As you read, you’ll be inspired to take action in your own life while also developing new respect for the Midheaven. KS TRADITIONAL ASTROLOGY FOR TODAY BENJAMIN DYKES, CAZIMI PRESS If you only buy one astrology book in 2017, make it this one! Not…

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what’s on in 2016/17

SPECIAL EVENTS October 2016 October 13–17, Costa Mesa, California US ISAR Power of Forecasting Conference isarastrology.org November 2016 November 10–14, Cheektowaga, New York US State-of-the-Art Astrology Conference donnavantoen.com November 18–20, online Breaking Down the Borders 4, Online Astrology Conference astrologyconference.org January 2017 January 20–22, Cocoa Beach, Florida US Kepler Conference thekeplerconference.com/ the-kepler-conference February 2017 February 16–19, Baltimore, Maryland US NCGR Conference: “The Many Faces of Astrology” ncgrconference2017.com March 2017 March 19–20 International Astrology Day afan.org May 2017 May 25–29, Seattle, Washington US Northwest Astrological Conference norwac.net MONTHLY MEETINGS Many astrology organisations host monthly meetings for members and guests. Contact the following organisations to see what’s on in your area: AUSTRALIA Federation of Australian Astrologers (FAA) faainc.org.au/ member-associations Tarot Guild of Australia tarotguild.org.au/ tga-tarotevents-and-workshops CANADA Canadian Association for Astrological Education thecaae.com UK Faculty of Astrological Studies astrology.org.uk Astrological Lodge of London astrolodge.co.uk US Association for Astrological Networking afan.org American Federation of Astrologers astrologers.com International Society for Astrological Research isarastrology.com National Council for Geocosmic Research geocosmic.org…

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sun sign predictions

Your Sun sign, also known as your “star sign”, represents the sign of the zodiac the Sun was moving through at your birth. As the main light source, the Sun provides heat, warmth and inspiration. The Sun is one of your most important planets and describes important features of your personality. Your Sun sign shows how you light up life. It also defines the archetypal ways in which others see you. Via links to elements and modalities, your Sun sign provides insight to the inner workings of your personality. As it’s the most powerful of all stellar bodies, your Sun sign symbolises the underlying energy that fuels all you do. Sun signs: ancient wisdom for modern life Even though the modern use of Sun sign astrology is often attributed to RH Naylor, whose…

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aries 2017

The second half of May can bring second chances or progress on any money matters that are delayed through April. Overview Your patron planet Mars is on the move and on a mission this year, giving you extra energy, drive and confidence. As Mars moves more quickly than he did in 2016, and covers much more of the zodiac, you’ll be ready to take on a number of new challenges. A variety of topics and goals may fill your heart so allocate time for different projects and directions throughout the year. Lucky Jupiter continues through Libra, your relationship sector, bringing growth and new happiness in your closest partnerships. In addition, Venus spends an extra-long time in Aries, which can help you refresh your look, style, habits and attitudes. Two special energy patterns involving Mars,…

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taurus 2017

Jupiter in Scorpio can help you overcome old fears about trust, togetherness or commitment. Overview Your personal life looks busy thanks to dynamic triggers around relationships and your home life. Lucky Jupiter in Scorpio, starting October 10, brings excitement and new happiness in dating and with relationships. Finances remain an area of focus, thanks to Saturn in Sagittarius, while new experiences with friends and in groups are likely due to a combination of Mars in Pisces, along with an eclipse. Your patron planet Venus spends time retrograde, or moving backwards, from March 3 to April 14 and you, too, may take time out to reassess life, your plans and how to best nourish your body. Wealth You’re in the middle of an extended cycle that’s all about money management. Saturn in Sagittarius can help…