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ireland’s remarkable journey

Most of you know the story of Irish whiskey’s dramatic ride—from greatness to near extinction, and then back to glory again in the current age. From the grim days of the 1970s when only two distilleries (Midleton and Bushmills) remained in Ireland to the more than 40 that are humming with life today, Irish whiskey is truly living a renaissance. But what does it all mean for you, the whiskey lover? What sorts of styles are now being delivered for you to enjoy, as the fruits of this great recovery come to market? The key watchword here is “different.” When Ireland embarked on its long road from the brink of ruin, a survival plan was hatched. Irish whiskey would find its footing with just a handful of mainstream labels—all with simple,…

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dear whisky advocate…

WHISKEYS OF THE WEST Dear Whisky Advocate, Just a quick note to say how much I enjoy your magazine. There are great articles, but there’s one problem I see: You do not show any whiskey made in Idaho. I would love to see an article about the small distilleries from Idaho and Montana. Thank you for your time and consideration. Leonard Counihan Dear Leonard, We’ve covered a few distilleries in Montana—Montgomery, Willie’s, and Wildrye Distilling—though it’s been a few years. As for Idaho, you are right, and we will definitely keep it in mind. We love the West and its whiskeys! KOSHER RULES! Dear Whisky Advocate, As a whisky lover who maintains a kosher diet, I very much enjoyed the “Kosher Rules” article in the Winter 2020 issue. And I was even happier to see the article on…

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summer shrubs

If you want the taste of summer to last, make some shrubs—a mixture of fruit, sugar, and vinegar. In addition to being a way to preserve fresh summer flavors, shrubs also complement whisky. “They add a light, refreshing component to a cocktail,” says Trent O’Connor, partner of Whisky Neat bar in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. “The sweetness of the shrub is a great balance with the bold spirit.” Try these shrub recipes with whisky, other spirits, or even mixers like soda and lemonade. The Western Rim Created by Brett Helke, wine and beverage director, Toast and perro Blanco, Norfolk Va. Every sip of this crisp, peppery drink is refreshing thanks to the mint in the bottom of the glass 9 to 11 mint leaves¾ oz. blackberry-peppercorn shrub (recipe below)½ oz. fresh lemon juice 1½ oz.…

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marble city magic

Once known as Marble City for the pink stone used to build the Lincoln Memorial, Grand Central Station, and New York Public Library’s famous brace of stone lions, Knoxville has seen recognition as the Cradle of Country Music, the first Capital of Tennessee, and the Gateway to the South. It is also a growing whisky destination. While travel and entertainment as we once knew have changed due to the pandemic, we’re looking forward to the days of resuming such activities. Thus, we share with you this guide to Knoxville while being mindful that distilleries, attractions, restaurants, and bars may have limited services and/or hours in order to comply with local mandates and social distancing. Whether for future planning or some armchair travel, join us as we tour the third most-populated city…

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those maritime notes

The sensory pleasures of the seaside can sometimes be found in your whisky glass, remarkably enough. The lip-smacking combination of sea spray, rock pools, vanilla ice cream, beach barbecue, and smoked shellfish all come together in the best peated whiskies, creating a delightful maritime journey in a dram. Saltiness imbues these whiskies’ peat smoke notes on the nose, and deliver a briny character to the spicy smoke on the finish. Maritime tasting notes like tarry boat rope, wooden fish boxes, and lobster pots on a boat’s deck all invoke the pull of the sea. Smoky Islay whiskies are of course the world’s signature peated expressions, but unpeated whiskies finished in Islay casks can also accomplish this goal. Those smoke flavors come from the hardy compounds that envelop the malted barley when peat’s…

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packing the bar

Leather Travel Bar Exclusive to Frontgate, this classy leather case serves up an ice bucket, room for two bottles, a drawer that includes nine cups, and basic tools to serve up your favorite whisky. $500; frontgate.com Manhattan Cocktail Case Create a classic cocktail from this seemingly vintage suitcase. The leatherette exterior encases a velveteen-lined interior that protects two bottles, and includes a shaker, bar tools, and two glasses. Available in black or mahogany. $300; picnictime.com Bartender’s Backpack Cocktails to go! This canvas backpack holds four bottles, includes a laptop case, and has straps to secure a bar tool roll-up (sold separately). $100; cocktailkingdom.com Bar Backpack Perfect for happy hour by the lake! This insulated backpack carries three bottles, and comes equipped with 16 bar tools, including a cheese board and knife. $230; picnictime.com Portable Three-Bottle Travel Bar Secure up…