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Woman's World January 6, 2020

A great week made easy! Woman's World is written for the traditional, family-oriented working woman. Each issue delivers a feel-good mix of heart-warming human interest stories, practical everyday solutions for work and home, and mouth-watering recipes.

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fill your week with smiles!

FRIDAY JANUARY 10 NATIONAL BITTERSWEET CHOCOLATE DAY Indulge in a lava cake Treat yourself to an ooey-gooey dessert that’s literally bursting with chocolate with this easy recipe from the Woman’s World test kitchen. To make Chocolate Lava Cakes: In bowl, mix ¼ cup each of melted butter and melted bittersweet chocolate chips. Whisk in ½ cup of skim milk and 2 eggs. Stir in 1 box of instant chocolate pudding mix and ⅔ cup of Bisquick. Divide batter among 4-oz. greased and wax paper–lined ramekins. Bake 10 minutes at 425°F until edges are firm and center is slightly soft. Loosen cakes with a knife, invert on plates and serve. Serves 4 SUNDAY JANUARY 5 NATIONAL BIRD DAY Feed the birds! Take a moment today to show some love for birds by setting out food for them.…

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relax and have fun this week

TV: NBC Root for your Hollywood faves at the Golden Globe Awards! Roll out the red carpet as the 2020 awards season gets under way with the 77th annual Golden Globes! While it is anyone’s guess who will snag the coveted acting trophies, daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres is already a known winner, receiving this year’s Carol Burnett Award for outstanding achievement in television. Also being celebrated is Tom Hanks, with the Cecil B. deMille Award for his contributions to the world of entertainment. See all the fun unfold on January 5. MUSIC Sing along with Keith Urban in Las Vegas! Get up close and personal with Keith Urban when he sets up shop in Las Vegas for a residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace! The arena-sized show will feature his hit songs…

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it happened this week!

• Diane Keaton, who starred along-side Kathryn Grody and Carol Kane in the 1989 film The Lemon Sisters, was born in 1946. • The love-obsessed French skunk Pepé Le Pew made his debut in the cartoon short Odor-able Kitty in 1945. • Construction on San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge began in 1933 and took only four years to complete. • The Sopranos debuted in 1999. Originally a movie pitch, the show lasted eight years and scored 21 Emmy Awards. • The TV series Fame, based on the 1980 movie, premiered in 1982. Madonna tried out to be on the show but didn’t make the cut!…

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this week’s best new books

Fiction WOMEN’S FICTION Saving You by Charlotte Nash Fans of Jojo Moyes and Jane Green will rejoice over this heartwarming saga. When Mallory Cook’s ex-husband, Duncan, fails to return her 5-year-old son, Harry, after a visit, she boards a plane to find him. During her trip, she meets Zadie, Ernie and Jock, three retirees who escaped from their assisted living home. Soon, the friends take risks to help each other find what they need most. A tale of compassion and hope. HISTORICAL FICTION The Wicked Redhead by Beatriz Williams This enchanting story first whisks readers back to 1924, where Ginger “Gin” Kelly, a red-headed flapper, is seeking refuge in Cocoa Beach with disgraced Prohibition agent Oliver Anson Marshall. Flash-forward to 1998, as Ella Dommerich is settling into her Greenwich Village apartment where Gin once lived. After…

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“never give up—a miracle may be closer than you know!”

Monitors beeped as Cami Loritz entered the transplant ICU at Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee. She’d been in nursing school when her dad had donated a kidney to his brother, saving his life. Inspired by his amazing gift, Cami decided to become a transplant nurse. But as much as she loved her job, her heart would ache thinking about all the people who were still waiting for organs. I’d like to help someone in that way, Cami realized, and after doing some research, she discovered that because our livers regenerate, it would be possible for her to donate a part of her liver to someone in need—and there was currently a very high demand for liver transplants. So last March, Cami began the testing process to become a living liver donor. “I…

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3 easy ways hope can help you heal!

1 Use healing affirmations! A recent study conducted by Stanford University researchers found that positive affirmations can “rewire” neural pathways in the brain to reduce fear and dramatically slash stress. To do: Simply repeat an uplifting phrase, like “I am loved” or “Everything will be okay,” when you’re feeling anxious. Researchers say that even if you don’t fully believe the affirmation, it will still trigger more healing, positive thoughts! 2 Wake up happy! Set a photo of a loved one beside your bed so you see it as soon as you wake up. Studies show focusing on a happy image first thing in the morning creates a positive mind-set that wards off stress! Bonus: Set your alarm tone to a catchy song you can’t help but sing along to. Research also proves that…