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Women's Running

Women's Running

November 2020

Marathoner, jogger or racer, Women’s Running magazine prepares you for any distance no matter your running style or ability. Looking for the most suitable trainers and apparel to make every run rewarding? Or perhaps expert tips on how to boost your stamina and improve your energy levels? Look no further than a super informative, digital subscription to Women’s Running magazine! Every issue offers a full scope into the world of running - from sections on gym training and healthy nutrition to running fashions and running events for women of all ages. Discover everything you need to take your running to the next level. Maximise every run with the ultimate monthly motivational guide - subscribe to Women’s Running today!

United Kingdom
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I always think one of the most wonderful things about running is how inclusive it is. It’s not often you might see athletic teenagers happily sharing the same fitness goals as 70-something grans, but on Saturday mornings at parkrun (oh parkrun, I miss you!) you would. Every single week. But while the numbers of older runners are growing, there are still some common misconceptions about age and running. There’s that old chestnut about running ruining your knees, for instance. If we could banish just this one untruth about running, I would be one happy editor. The next time some ardent non-runner expresses concerns about your joints, smile sweetly, and remind them of some actual facts: running prevents osteoporosis. It helps manage the symptoms of menopause. It prevents the risk of heart…

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this month we love…

PREMAX ANTI FRICTION BALM FOR WOMEN £20, PREMIX.CO.UK Natural anti-bacterial ingredients provide a long-lasting protective barrier so you can keep active for hours without chafing. SEBOPURE SEBUM PURIFIER £12.95, CLAROL.CO.UK This new anti-acne treatment uses wild mustard leaf oil to keep sebum production pure, and your skin clear, even after your regular workouts. SLEEK BLACK UTOPIA MASCARA £8.99, BOOTS.COM Apply Black Utopia for instant volume and high-impact lashes – take just 60 seconds after your workout to transform your eyes.…

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Reassurance, inside and out In a mission to cut plastic pollution from periods, Dame is responsible for both the world’s first reusable tampon applicator, and also organic and toxic-free hypoallergenic tampons. Made from 100 per cent pure, natural cotton, the tampons stay fully intact in your body, so no rayon or viscose fibres are left behind in your vagina. Dame menstruation products are biodegradable, sustainable, cruelty-free and vegan. £8.50 for 34, wearedame.co 3 SMART DRINKS OFFBLAK FUTURE IS PINK TEA £4.99, offblak.com A taste of this naturally high-caffeine breakfast tea will make you slide on your trainers and run like the wind. A delicious floral and citrus scented earl grey black tea with rose petals and lemon peel too, and all encased in individually wrapped tea pyramids. FÜD £18.99 for 12, drinkfud.com Füd Vitamin Energy is the great-tasting alternative…

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is taking supplements better for your arthritis than going for a run?

Alastair Dickson, GP with an interest in rheumatology and arthritis, and trustee of the PCRMM Society Keeping as fit as you can is important for protecting joints from osteoarthritis and reducing pain. But it may be wise to think about switching high-impact exercise, which puts greater strain on joints and wears down cartilage more, for low-impact activities like swimming, cycling and walking. As soon as you notice joint pain or stiffness, consider taking a clinically proven supplement that is specifically for joint health, to help prevent the onset of symptoms of osteoarthritis. The most popular joint health supplements include Omega-3 fatty acids (found in fish oils), glucosamine, chondroitin and rosehip extracts, the latter having been proven to reduce pain within three weeks as well as improve mobility and repair cartilage. Scientists have…

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the mira rai initiative

Mira founded the Mira Rai Initiative (MRI) in 2017. She wanted to use her trail running success and new platform to give back to her community and promote trail running in Nepal, particularly for women. She is the perfect role model to inspire and encourage young women to widen their horizons and follow their dreams. The MRI not only wants to give training and racing opportunities to young athletes but to educate them and help them develop leadership skills which they can use within their trail running communities. Talent spotting The MRI runs the Exchange and Empower (ENE) programme. It’s a collaboration with Hong Kong Trail Running Women. There are currently many more opportunities to train and race over long distances in Hong Kong than there are in Nepal. Each year, girls who…

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keep on running!

We often focus on the negative side of ageing, but there are huge benefits to getting older. Through the lens of life experience often comes a natural sense of inner strength, wisdom, maturity and peace, which you can apply to all areas of your life. In addition, once you retire you’ll have more time to dedicate to hobbies you love; in fact, you might even find that you run more in your 60s and 70s than you did in your 20s and 30s when you were juggling a career with a busy social life. And you might find that having all those extra hours to dedicate to the things you love means you feel like challenging yourself to try new things; different styles of running, joining a running club or even…