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Forme et Santé
Women's Running

Women's Running

March/April 2020

As the only women-specific running magazine, Women’s Running is the go-to source for fitness-minded females who are chasing their dreams. Women’s Running empowers the ever-growing community of women runners to live a healthy lifestyle through editorial content focused on running, fitness, nutrition and wellness.

United States
Pocket Outdoor Media, LLC
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2 min.
playing the long game

I’VE BEEN THINKING A LOT ABOUT MARATHONS LATELY. I’ve completed three of them myself: the 2015 New York City Marathon, 2017 Chicago Marathon, and 2019 Tokyo Marathon. (And yes, I’m very much hoping to earn my Abbott Six-Star Finisher medal someday!) It’s a distance I find intimidating, inspiring, and incredibly rewarding. While I’ve taken every training block seriously and committed to doing my absolute best, when I look back, it’s always been enough work to get me to the start line healthy (or in the case of Chicago, healthy-ish) and the finish line proudly. But never quite enough to really take my running to the next level. So I found myself wondering, What am I capable of? Could I qualify for the Boston Marathon? Could I go even faster? I truly don’t know—and…

1 min.
women’s running

Editor-in-Chief Jen Ator Senior Writer Erin Strout Associate Editor Malissa Rodenburg ART & PHOTO Art Director Heidi Carcella Photography Director Brad Kaminski CONTRIBUTORS Contributing Writers Caitlin Carlson, Mallory Creveling, Alison Feller, Matthew Kadey, Susan Lacke, Kelly Leveque, Bethany Mavis, Caitlyn Pilkington, Gabrielle Porcaro, Cassie Shortsleeve Contributing Artists and Photographers Brad Kaminski, Julia Vandenoever, Daniel Weiss, Cortney White MEDIA Vice President of Marketing PJ Rabice Director of Production & Circulation Heather Arnold Director of Marketing & Audience Development Dave Trendler Designer, Sales & Marketing Alyssa Gonzalez ADVERTISING Senior Vice President of Sales & Business Development Tommy O’Hare Digital Director, Strategy & Operations Anna Horsch National Non-Endemic Sales Director Lauren Ondersma | londersma@pocketoutdoormedia.com ACCOUNT SERVICES Account Manager Lily Shiland Account Manager Zach Nass Digital Media Planner CJ Schoelch A PUBLICATION OF CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER ROBIN THURSTON CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER DANIELLE QUATROCHI VP OF FINANCE GREG ABRAHAMSON FINANCE MANAGER SARAH VAN DER HOOP ACCOUNTING SPECIALIST HANNAH BERNDT MANAGER OF OPERATIONS &…

2 min.
science, says: don't use ice baths for recovery

Protocols have shifted over the years, but the cold-water bath has long remained a hallmark of the serious runner. Collegiate runners retired to tubs of ice water after every workout, trying to avoid shivering because immersing your legs in cold water was the fastest way to recover for the next workout—or so we thought. It turns out that maybe it isn’t. Previous studies have shown that ice baths may have deleterious effects on overall strength gain. In a new paper published in The Journal of Physiology, a team of Dutch researchers tested cold-water baths in a dozen college-aged men undergoing a two-week lower-body weightlifting program. After each workout, the research subjects immersed one leg in cold water (46 °F) for twenty minutes. The other leg wasn’t chilled. The researchers biopsied the…

1 min.
never run a workout if you don't know what it does.

“When I landed my first high school head-coaching job in track and field, I only really knew the thinking behind four workouts: distance runs, repetitions at race pace, hill repeats, and (oddly enough) technique drills. So that’s what I had my athletes train. And we won league. My bag of work-outs has grown a lot since then, but the principle remains the same. When you know why you’re running a workout, you’ll do it correctly and improve. When you don’t, you risk injury, excessive fatigue, and a significant chance that, at best, you won’t improve, and, at worst, you’ll regress.“ —Pete Magill, running coach and author of Fast 5K: 25 Crucial Keys and 4 Training Plans…

2 min.
smile, you're running!

A study recently published in the Journal of Developmental and Physical Disabilities found that children and young adults with a physical disability received a measurable boost in self-confidence after participating in a community running program. The researchers were hoping to find ways to break a cycle of low self-perception that is typical for this at-risk demographic. That low self-esteem, they have found, tends to lead to decreased exercise and impaired health and functioning, which in turn leads to even lower self-perception. “Any intervention that broadly improves quality of life for a child with a chronic condition is worth continuing to explore,” says Jennifer Angeli, the lead researcher on the study. Participants in the study were aged 7 to 24 years old with a range of disabilities, but the highest reported was cerebral…

1 min.
turn your race medals into something more functional (and subtle)

Have a stack of medals hanging up somewhere? (Or worse, stuffed in a box collecting dust?) Relive great memories and celebrate those proud accomplishments by displaying your medals in a classy display case that doubles as a drink coaster. Each coaster is made with a black rubberized base and a removable clear acrylic cover, and comes with six different foam inserts that allow you to adjust the background color. (Adding or removing the inserts also doubles to help accommodate medals of different thicknesses.) The water-resistant seal protects your hardware, and the beveled lip saves your side table. Cheers! SHOWN: Kudos Coaster Plus, $20, kudos2u.com…