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Writer's Digest September 2019

Writer's Digest magazine is a comprehensive source of writing instruction for writers. Each issue provides advice and insider tips on writing and selling fiction, nonfiction, poetry and scripts.

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1 Lean Into Your Weird “Breaking In” (Page 22) author Sarah J. Sover opens up about how embracing her weird side led to the publication of her first book. 2 Pitching High Concept After “Mastering High Concept” (Page 40), check out the best tips literary agent Danielle Burby has to offer for honing your pitch for your high concept book. 3 More Slaughter In an editor’s cut of her WD Interview (Page 44), Karin Slaughter talks about what led to her Save the Libraries nonprofit, social media for authors, and what the future holds for her characters Will and Sara. To find all of the above online companions to this issue in one handy spot, visit BLOG ILLUSTRATION © FOTOLIA.COM: BLOSSOMSTAR; PHOTO 1 © GETTY IMAGES: PCHYBURRS; PHOTO 2 © GETTY IMAGES: HUTANGAC; PHOTO 3 ©…

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IT’S GREAT TO SUCK AT WRITING Author Karen Rinaldi sucks at surfing, but she still dedicates hours to it anyway. In this article, Rinaldi explains why we should be OK with failure in many forms—even our writing. THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOOKS: WRITE YOUR QUERY LETTER FIRST If you’re feeling frustrated by the querying process, author Scott Wilson suggests another way of doing things: Try writing your query letter before writing your book. WANT TO BE MORE PRODUCTIVE? START BY BEING HONEST ABOUT THE TYPE OF WRITER YOU ARE Freelance writer and editor Samantha Sanders suggests taking a moment to consider the you who’s #notwriting, and making a judgment-free plan of action based on the type of motivation you respond best to.…

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hey, what’s the big idea?

I’m thrilled to welcome you to our September issue: The Big Idea. One of the most frequently asked questions of successful authors is, “Where do you get your ideas?” It’s hard to answer. As any writer knows, ideas are a bit of magic, little pieces of lightning in a bottle … catch them before they disappear! I used to write everything down in a journal. Now in the era of the smartphone, I keep a notes app and also often sleepily email myself at 3 a.m., only to wake up the next morning and read something like, “Whistling sheep on a giant chair” and wonder what on earth my brain was doing the night before. This issue has all of the angles on ideas covered by some of your favorite WD writers.…

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JANE K. CLELAND writes fiction and nonfiction, including the multiple award-winning and long-running Josie Prescott Antiques Mysteries (St. Martin’s & Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine) and the Agatha Award-winning bestsellers Mastering Suspense, Structure & Plot, and Mastering Plot Twists (WD Books). She is a member of the full-time faculty at Lehman College, a contributing editor of Writer’s Digest, and the chair of The Wolfe Pack’s Black Orchid Novella Award. She is a frequent workshop leader and guest author at writing conferences and MFA residencies and produces the weekly free podcast “Honors Class,” a series of one-minute lessons designed to help writers tell captivating stories. Visit her at SIMON VAN BOOY is the award-winning and bestselling author of nine books of fiction and the editor of three anthologies of philosophy. Van Booy…

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10 scientifically proven ways to beat writer’s block

Many of my writing students share a common complaint: They can’t get past writer’s block. When that feeling of futility strikes (it does for everyone), I reassure them that it’s part of the process and there are many remedies for getting unstuck. If the muse just won’t manifest, here are a few ways supported by scientific evidence to knock down those blocks so you can build something lasting with your words. 1. REPETITIVE ACTION RELAXES: My best ideas come to me when I’m doing something over and over again such as folding laundry, mailing out batches of invitations, doing dishes, or wrapping a large number of presents. WHY IT WORKS: A study out of the University of Oregon demonstrated that rote activity allows the mind to wander, making it easier to tap into…