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YMag October 2018

YMag is a professional magazine for female business owners, empowering women to become the best version of themselves. We believe that behind every incredible entrepreneur, is an inner drive. We like to call it your Y… We believe that YMag truly harnesses that special energy, captivated within the stories we feature in our printed magazine. Our powerful, inspirational, educational, yet strongly ‘on purpose’ articles and stories, are aimed to target the most savviest, switched-on and heart centered female entrepreneurs in existence.

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yise ones

As one of the most dynamic and creative thought leaders in Australian consumer trends, Amanda Stevens has made a career out of knowing what consumers want. YMag® is a crucially important platform to share her knowledge and to help people find their ‘Y’ in their marketing practices. Nicole Heales Nicole couldn’t find an adviser who spoke to her in a language she could understand, so she studied and became the adviser she was looking for. Nicole is excited to be included in YMag® as she is passionate about teaching women to be clever with money so they can relax and enjoy their lives. Nicole is one of the Power50 – 50 Most Influential Advisers in Australia, and has been named as a finalist for the following over the past two years — Female Excellence…

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we all deserve to shine, but how many of us truly do?

We dedicate this issue to all those who shine, or strive to shine. We decided that just featuring one person on the cover wouldn’t be enough for our big end-of-year issue. So, we chose six incredible women to share with you, all who shine in their own way! Go big or go home right? I must say, when I spoke to all of our cover girls in depth about Y they do what they, it just made sense to squeeze them all onto the cover together, as they are all so different. I trust that at least one of them will resonate with you in some way and by them sharing their light, they can help you find and share yours. Remembering of course that we are ALL equal. This issue also…

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The theme of this issue is SHINE and these women are all shining examples of professionals committed to YOU and your wellbeing. They have all devoted their lives to helping you find the Y in your life, and they do it selflessly, with one goal in mind – that is, to show you how to strip away those unnecessary doubts and feelings of worthlessness many of us have and how to build back our lives in a more positive, meaningful and happier way. Why do we let negativity hold us back? Why do we hang on to our problems to the degree that they end up defining who we are? Enter some of the most talented and successful personal development professionals we’ve ever encountered. These are women who help their clients through…

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you’ve got y mail

I love love love this issue of YMag®. Thanks, Shar Moore.- SAMANTHA MOIRIt’s so refreshing to find a inspiring magazine full of people from all walks of life.- MELISSA VAN KASTERENAlways happy when I get my email to say my YMag® has arrived at newsagents. Can’t wait to sit down to have a read.- SAMANTHA LANGRIDGEGot mine already, so happy that my local newsagency stocks it. Happy 1st birthday. Congratulations on a great magazine.- KIM WILLIAMSFeed your mind with positive words and thoughts. Our choice today is the amazing @ymagglobal, empowering women to become the best version of themselves! And what better way to do it than by a pool with this view.- @ALOKIATHLETICAI am not really into magazines but this is magazine resonates so strongly for me, it’s empowering,…

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helping clients shine through menopause and y it’s her new passion!

Dr. Wendy Sweet is here to tell you that it’s not all over. In fact, she can help you feel fantastic again with her My Menopause Transformation (MyMT) program. We caught up with her recently to ask her more about her work: YMag® – It seems as if you have the perfect credentials to launch MyMT, Dr. Sweet. Can you tell us about your background? W.S. – Yes, I have been involved in New Zealand’s health and exercise industry for over 30 years. My original career was as an ICU nurse and I was also teaching aerobics. I decided to cut back to part-time nursing and went to university in my mid-twenties, completing a degree in Physical Education. Asked by fitness legend, Phillip Mills to pioneer the personal training industry in New Zealand…

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moana robinson of be styled for life sharing secrets of successful relationships

Moana has gone through many life experiences, including debilitating health issues – and her Y is to help others through life’s obstacles with empathy and kindness, because she’s been there. Through it all, she has learned how to nurture the personal relationships in her life, and to pass on this wisdom to her clients. Diagnosed in 2015 with rare and painful spinal Tarlov cysts, Moana underwent surgery in Cyprus and needed extensive physical rehabilitation. With a supportive and caring husband, she managed to get through two surgeries. ‘My husband and I have always worked as a team although life has thrown some real “curve balls” and some of them pretty big “cannon-like curve balls”. Both times when I had spinal surgeries he would get ice packs for me and insisted that…