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YMag July 2017

YMag is a professional magazine for female business owners, empowering women to become the best version of themselves. We believe that behind every incredible entrepreneur, is an inner drive. We like to call it your Y… We believe that YMag truly harnesses that special energy, captivated within the stories we feature in our printed magazine. Our powerful, inspirational, educational, yet strongly ‘on purpose’ articles and stories, are aimed to target the most savviest, switched-on and heart centered female entrepreneurs in existence.

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advisory board

Pauline Longdon Chief Wordweaver “Women make 85% of all buying decisions, yet we are still being taught to market to men. Women business owners have wonderful, mindful and heartfelt products and services that can’t reach their market because of the language they use. I am passionate about empowering entrepreneurs to become the success they desire and deserve. YMag is filled with useable and instantly implementable information.” Darren Burgess Videographer “When I was presented with the opportunity to be on the YMag Advisory Board, I jumped at the chance As a single Dad to 2 amazing little girls, I thought this was a great way for me to be part of the future that they will inherit. For women in business it is important that you OWN who you are so you can have the confidence to do…

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shar moore the ywoman

www.studio4photography.com.au Location Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort & Spa, Presidential Suite Y IS IT THAT SOME PEOPLE ARE DRIVEN WELL BEYOND WHAT MOST OF US CONSIDER THE NORM? AND WHAT IS IT THAT MOTIVATES THEM, SEEMINGLY WITH BOUNDLESS ENERGY, DAY IN AND DAY OUT, WHEN THE ENTHUSIASM OF OTHERS WANES OVER TIME? Shar Moore is an example of this rare quality that not only provides leadership, but inspires others around her to be the best version of themselves, regardless of their personal circumstance. Was she born into this character? Hardly! Was her path mapped out for her? Yes, however it was so far from her current life’s journey, that it is unrecognisable from any viewpoint. The adolescent life of most eleven year-old girls, should not need to consider a future beyond sixteen - and why should…

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ceo letter

What you’re holding in your hands right now, is the culmination of a 4.5 year dream 18 months of solid work and oodles and oodles of love! (YaY!) Many people have asked me Y I would put together a printed magazine, in a dying industry and put all of my time, effort and money into something that people probably won’t buy. Everyone wants digital they said. Fair question I guess, when you look at the distribution statistics in Australia at the moment, something I have now started to do by the way! As an Entrepreneur, Mum, Wife, Sister, Daughter and Nani, I crave inspiration and encouragement from like-minded women, as this business and life journey can be a lonely one. I went searching for a magazine 4.5 years ago that would fill…

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message from the editorial director

You hold in your hand the realization of a dream. As you may know, YMag was founded online by inspirational speaker, author and International award winning entrepreneur, Shar Moore some four years ago. After an incredible response to the online version, she decided to move into print - and here we are! I must say, that Shar is one of the most amazing women I’ve ever encountered. She lives in Brisbane and I live in the U.S., but when we talked about me joining the Y team, her enthusiasm shouted to me from across the world. I just couldn’t say no. Shar is fearless, she’s passionate and she’s inspiring. Once she explained the premise of the magazine I was hooked; I’m so honoured to be part of it. It’s been an…

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y not enter today

WIN with a ‘YSelfie’! 1 Take a selfie of you with YMag 2 Share your YSelfie on Facebook or Instagram. Use these hashtags so we can find you #YMag & #YSelfie Entries close 11pm every Sunday night until 24/9/17 And you could be one of the 2 lucky winners drawn every week to win a prize valued at AU$50 Y not enter move than once! WIN as a ‘YTraveller’! 1 Snap yourself with your copy of YMag at an iconic location OR with an iconic person around the world 2 Share your snap on Facebook or Instagram. Use these hashtags so we can find you #YMag & #YTraveller Entries close 30th September 2017 Our winner receives a AU$1,000 Travel Voucher from Viva Travel Club, to be used for any travel, anytime, anywhere! Y not enter as many times as you can. valued at AU$1000 WIN a…

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miami drive

Entrepreneur and tenacious business woman, Lynette Janac started her magazine, the South Florida Luxury Guide, when media pundits were all but announcing the death of print in the face of the increasing strength of online advertising, and worse than that - the Miami area was still suffering from the continuing effects of an economic recession. So how did she do it? We spoke to her recently about why (and how) she started the magazine and what has made her successful in the overly crowded South Florida magazine area, where there are upwards of 100 different print publications of different types serving the marketplace. YMAG - What made you decide to become an entrepreneur? It was a combination of things. After so many years of being an “intrapreneur” for other companies, treating and working…