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YMag October 2017

YMag is a professional magazine for female business owners, empowering women to become the best version of themselves. We believe that behind every incredible entrepreneur, is an inner drive. We like to call it your Y… We believe that YMag truly harnesses that special energy, captivated within the stories we feature in our printed magazine. Our powerful, inspirational, educational, yet strongly ‘on purpose’ articles and stories, are aimed to target the most savviest, switched-on and heart centered female entrepreneurs in existence.

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happy hello

I’m Lisa Pollock, Artist, Wife, Mum and Creator of Art from the Heart. We are a small Gold Coast business, creating heartfelt designed decorative pieces. It is my wish that through my artwork I may in some small way inspire others to believe in the magic of their dreams and to never ever give up. Each affirmation is created from my heart in the hope of bringing a little more peace, love, gratitude and laughter into our crazy busy worlds. Always remember… life’s too short, too amazing and too beautiful not to believe in the magic that lies within you. Just go for it! I thank you all for your beautiful support, belief and being part of my dream. Without each and every one of you it would not be possible… I am deeply…

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advisory board

Christina Guidotti Founder of Leading Women “I truly believe in an opportunity to help women to understand that true success is living according to your values – where we get the things done that really matter. How to live that life is about your belief, conviction, commitment and your ability to adopt an excuse free culture. I look forward to helping women through the YMag community” Jeff Yang LinkedIn Advisor Founder and Head of B2B Social at SocialGen “I’m honoured to be an advisor and contribute to the YMag community as I believe that knowing your WHY and having the courage to act on it with the support of powerful professional women from all walks of life, is one of the greatest gifts in life” Simon Bowen Visual Thinking Expert As the proud father of 3 incredible, adult daughters, I’m thrilled…

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steve baxter

EARLY VENTURES Steve Baxter is a Queenslander, born in Cloncurry and raised in Emerald in the State’s central highlands. Leaving school at the age of 15, he joined the Army and became an apprentice technician working in electronics, telecoms and guided weapon systems. Throughout his life, Steve has sunk his entrepreneurial ‘teeth’ into many new business ventures. It all started at age 23, when he invested his life savings of $11,000 to launch his first start-up, the ground-breaking internet service provider SE Net, from the spare room of his Adelaide home. Servicing more than 35,000 customers, SE Net was eventually acquired by Ozemail/UUNet under the stewardship of its founding Director and now Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull. In 2001, Steve teamed with a schoolmate to launch his second start-up, PIPE Networks, a provider of…

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ceo letter

The team and I have had so much fun creating this issue and it really made us think long and hard about our theme for this issue – resilience. What is resilience, how do you get it, when do you need it and Y is it a critical success factor in life and business? Our feature story this issue is on Steve Baxter, one of Australia’s most successful tech startup investors and a shark on Channel 10’s Shark Tank. I must say, I did enjoy doing that interview, but had to keep my wits about me! We have carefully sourced articles to answer these exact questions. Take for example Simon Bowen’s ‘How to model a resilient life’ on page 56. Simon is our Visual Thinking Expert, and he will certainly challenge the way you…

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meet fiona van lochem

“I help you find the truth of who you are beneath the layers of label” This may sound intimidating, but Fiona is anything but. She’s an energetic mother of two with a penchant for helping others through group sessions, one-on-one therapy and other forms of empowerment and psychological support. She’s always had a passion for personal development and a knack for running successful workshops of all kinds. YMag caught up with her recently to find out more about her company, Butterfly Lane. YMag - You’ve always had an interest in running different types of workshops. How did your experience lead you to launch Butterfly Lane? As my life has transformed, so has my business focus. I truly understand what it is to lose who you are. When I rediscovered who I had buried, found…

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message from the editorial director

It’s arguably the most important characteristic a budding entrepreneur will need. Plenty of us have the skills, the dreams, the ambition, the drive - and yes, the sheer luck. But these alone are not enough to guarantee success. Unless everything goes 1,000% your way (and what in life ever does?), you’ll need a healthy dose of resilience to withstand the inevitable failures you’ll need to face along the way. In fact, failure is a vital part of the entrepreneurial process. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs the world has ever known struggled for years with failures and daunting setbacks that would deter most people. But they persisted; they were endlessly resilient and they turned adversity into mere learning steps along their entrepreneurial journey. Did you know that Thomas Edison failed 10,000…