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November/December 2020

Yoga Journal offers all practitioners—from beginners to masters—expert information on how to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life both on and off the mat.

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5 min.
5 mindful tips to beat stress and boost your immune system

ANATOMY Feeling strong and often uncomfortable emotions during challenging times is completely natural. And while it may be tempting to suppress anger, sadness, grief, and frustration, mental health experts say that doing so can physically stress your body and negatively impact your immunity and well-being. When your body is under significant physical or emotional pressure, it has to work harder to find and maintain balance. Fortunately, yoga can help us regain equilibrium during stressful seasons and transforms distress into eustress, known as beneficial stress that helps build resilience. So try to embrace feeling unsettled, and rely on your practice to help you navigate these difficult emotions. YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM AT WORK Your immune system illustrates your body’s intrinsic ability to heal. It fights foreign invaders by sending an army of white blood cells through…

3 min.
4 steps to help manage overwhelming emotions

This challenging year has depleted our emotional well-being in unpredictable ways. During times like these, failing to remember our innate unbreakable wholeness—and its qualities of indestructible joy and peace—can cause us to over-identify with our emotional responses. Our egos may translate physical illness, emotional trauma, or even day-to-day challenges as “something’s wrong with me.” Perhaps your neighbor keeps turning down your invitations for a socially distanced walk. You might feel angry and rejected and interpret their unavailability as “I’m not worth their time.” In reality, they may be stuck in endless Zoom meetings or dealing with family obligations. Welcoming and mindfully responding to your emotions can help you see that your inner wisdom, wholeness, and well-being are always close at hand. This is the unbreakable promise that yoga offers us all. The…

10 min.
exploring kaiut yoga

SEQUENCING Yoga can help us be deeply loving and accepting of our history, pain, and trauma, instead of ignoring or denying these experiences. I learned this while growing up in Brazil. My father was in the military, and one day when I was five years old, my cousin and I found his gun while playing in his car. We started toying with the weapon, and my cousin accidentally shot me in my left hip. The hip trauma impacted my entire body, and the few memories I have of my childhood are mostly related to pain. After the accident, I had uncomfortable sensations, particularly in my leg, back, neck, and shoulders. Sometimes I experienced spasms in my hamstrings and would have trouble walking upright. Or my back muscles would lock up when I…

14 min.
pride and joy

AMBER KARNES Is well aware that the body positivity movement has been co-opted by commercial campaigns designed to sell us soap and overpriced razors under the guise of developing self-esteem. But when she founded Body Positive Yoga in 2010, the concept was more about social justice than capitalism—“to make room and access for all bodies,” she says. At the time, Karnes was halfway through a yearlong 200-hour teacher training, and the same issues kept cropping up in class: She and the other students were learning how to teach poses in a way that’s really only effective for one body type: thin and able. “I was always the person giving feedback, like, ‘Well, actually, my foot doesn’t step forward between my hands,’” Karnes tells me one August afternoon as we sat on…

15 min.
redux resolution

Twenty-twenty felt like an epic dystopian novel come to life. A global pandemic, murder hornets, and a recession (to name a few) have left our zen heading for the hills. (Even meditation master Deepak Chopra has struggled to make sense of the collective chaos, writing in a CNBC op-ed: “In a time of crisis, the impulse is to go into emergency mode, fear, concern, and panic.”) As we say good riddance to this turbulent year, we’re setting our sights on 2021 by swapping out traditional year-end customs with novel reset rituals designed to give us fresh ways to ground ourselves, even as the world continues to rock the very earth beneath our feet. And given typical New Year’s resolutions are said to have an 80 percent failure rate, there’s even less…