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Games World of Puzzles August 2021

Games World of Puzzles is loaded with all kinds of puzzles by top constructors as well as fascinating articles, game reviews, upcoming events, a contest in every issue, and much more. It’s the perfect magazine for all puzzle fans and gamers! The puzzles, while not interactive, are easily printed out. Get yours today!

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United States
Kappa Publishing Group, Inc.
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family reunions

Change each group of 10 words below into a “family” of different words (words or proper names that have something in common) by dropping one letter from each word and then rearranging the remaining letters. For example, given the entries HAUNT, HAIRDO, and ADVANCE, you could drop the N from HAUNT to get UTAH, drop the R from HAIRDO for IDAHO, and drop the C from ADVANCE to get NEVADA, all in the category “U.S. states.” Can you reunite each family by determining the category for each and unscrambling the 10 entries? Answers include one two-word phrase. As a hint, a list of the four categories appears on page 71. FAMILY ONE FAMILY TWO FAMILY THREE FAMILY FOUR ANSWERS FAMILY REUNIONS CATEGORIES Family One: One-word movie titles Family Two: Slang for “money” Family Three: 1980s TV shows Family Four: Gum…

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In the familiar word game Fluster, players are given 16 letters (some of which may be duplicates) arranged in a four-by-four grid. They try to form words by moving from letter to touching letter — horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. All letters of a given word must be found in different squares. We’ve turned things around a bit here. In each puzzle below, we’ve provided a list of words from a game of Fluster, and you are to determine the correct location for each letter. One letter is given in each case to get you started. 1 2 3 ANSWERS ❶ ❷ ❸…

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group dynamics

Below are pictures of 16 famous figures. They can be separated into four groups of four, based on conditions that are up to you to determine. Some of them may fall into more than one group, but only one method of sorting will arrange them all into four equal sets. How should these people be grouped, and on what basis? ANSWERS NAME CONTAINS A PLANET Freddie MERCURY VENUS Williams EARTHa Kitt Bruno MARS NAME CONTAINS A MAJOR U.S. CITY ORLANDO Bloom Joaquin PHOENIX Bryce DALLAS Howard John DENVER NAME CONTAINS A COLOR SCARLETt Johansson Whoopi GOLDberg Otis REDding Alan GREENspan SHARES LAST NAME WITH A U.S. PRESIDENT Marilyn MONROE Harrison FORD Bea ARTHUR Andrew LINCOLN…

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Helter-Skelter is a crossword variation in which the answers interlock in any of eight different directions. To solve, write the answer to each clue starting in its numbered square and proceed in a straight line toward—and if necessary, beyond—the next consecutive number. The first answer, FIDDLE, has been entered in Helter-Skelter #1 as an example. HELTER-SKELTER #1 1 Tinker (with) 2 2001 Sean Penn-Michelle Pfeiffer drama: 3 wds. 3 In a bad mood 4 Vivarin rival 5 Bit of foliage near an acorn: 2 wds. 6 2001 actor Dullea 7 Avian source of essential fatty acids: 2 wds. 8 Be in front 9 Phone-call cost, way back when 10 First note learned by piano students, typically: 2 wds. 11 Wild about: 2 wds. 12 Do a hasty job 13 Band together for a better workplace 14 2000 Green Party candidate 15 Puts two and two together 16…

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boxing match

The object of this solitaire challenge is to guess a word before making six incorrect guesses, as in a familiar childhood game. To begin, choose any letter of the alphabet that you think might appear in word I below. Suppose you pick E. Go to the Letter Chart on the facing page and find the number listed in row E of column I (because you are working on word I). The number is 89; you now look at box number 89 in the Position Chart (to the right of the Letter Chart) and find the number 7. This means that the letter E occurs in the seventh position (and nowhere else) in word I. If a letter occurs more than once in a word, the Position Chart will show all its…

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home on the range

The answer to each of the 14 clues below will be a word, phrase, or name containing either POT or PAN. (One answer will contain both.) For example, the clue “Road hazard” would be lead to POTHOLE, while “Captain in a kids’ book series” would be UNDERPANTS. If you can get at least 12 correct, you’re really cookin’! 1. Long side of a right triangle 2. Brand near the Skippy and Jif 3. Superhero played by Chadwick Boseman 4. Lowe’s competitor 5. Grilling gas 6. Place for a tempest? 7. Kettledrums 8. Animal whose name means “river horse” 9. Latke 10. Bear, on B.J. and the Bear 11. Dark solar areas 12. Mythical box-opener 13. In Cold Blood author 14. Pharmacy, in olden times ANSWERS 1. Hypotenuse 2. Peter Pan 3. Black Panther 4. Home Depot 5. Propane 6. Teapot 7. Timpani 8. Hippopotamus 9. Potato pancake 10. Chimpanzee 11. Sunspots 12. Pandora 13. Truman Capote 14. Apothecary…