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100 Biker100 Biker

100 Biker 240

100% Biker is the leading grass-roots custom bike magazine in the UK. It is the Bible for all things custom bike in Britain, covering the best from the custom bike and biker event world. It features traditional choppers and bobbers, streetfighters, rats, cafe racers, cruisers and custom bikes that don't easily fall into any definable category.

United Kingdom
Jazz Publishing
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£3.59(Incl. tax)
£29.99(Incl. tax)
13 Issues


3 min.

In this, the month that marks the centenary of the ending of the First World War, a ceremony in Coventry will take place to rededicate a restored memorial. Like many cities, towns and villages, Coventry has several monuments to the war dead but this memorial is specific to the Triumph motorcycle and Gloria sidecar factories. Those two factories lost 66 men between them. Think about that. Even if you work for a big company, imagine the effect of losing 66 of your colleagues and workmates, gone forever. (The first man to be lost from the Triumph factory was Frank Harris, who was killed in action in Meteren, France, on 13th October 1914, less than three months after hostilities had commenced.) The war affected everyone who worked at Triumph, from those who…

2 min.
the power goes off at alta

Last June Alta had secured $27 million in funding and had also announced plans to add the new road-going Redshift ST Street Tracker to its highly regarded off-road range, the production version of which—seen here—was scheduled to be unveiled just weeks after the shock news that the company had shut its doors. While the additional investment and a partnership with Harley-Davidson to create new electric bikes under the Harley brand seemed to indicate a bright future for the eleven-year old firm, there were rumblings that all was not well when the prices of Alta’s 2018 Redshift models were slashed, leading to speculation that each bike would be sold at a loss in the hope that increased volume, along with extra investment, would eventually balance the books. However, two months ago, Harley-Davidson…

1 min.
up, up and away with ural air

You don’t expect technology or even, really, the 21st century, with a Ural combination, but that’s exactly what you get with the Air Limited Edition. Built into the front of the sidecar is a cubby hole—a 3D-printed component nonetheless!—from which a DJI Spark drone can be launched. Also fitted in the sidecar is a custom mount to hold the controller for the drone which can be operated by the passenger. To keep the drone’s battery in tip top order, there’s an integrated USB charging port on this Ural (and that’s a sentence we never expected to write), as well as a telescoping selfie stick that holds a windsock. That’s a fully-sized windsock to allow you to judge the conditions for the drone, which is capable of flying to an altitude of…

1 min.
zodiac at 50

The first of those is Zodiac’s 50th Anniversary Bikers Book, produced to mark Zodiac’s half century which it will be celebrating in 2019. Containing over 40,00 parts, it features components from American manufacturers like S&S Cycle, Feuling, Wiseco, Keith Black, Red Shift, James Gaskets, Cometic, Roland Sands Designs, Performance Machine, Mustang, Le Pera, Kerker, SuperTrapp, Jims, etc, as well as the leading European brands such as Black Duck, Fehling, Tolle, Kustom Tech, Kellermann and many, many more. In fact, there’s 2000 new items from all over the world. Get your copy from your local Zodiac dealer or for 10 euros plus P&P from www.zodiac.nl.…

2 min.
the new can-am ryker

The Can-Am three-wheeler is an acquired taste and the Spyder is a vehicle which is still a rare sight on British roads. That could be set to change with the launch of the all-new Can-Am Ryker, still with three-wheels in a two front and single rear formation, but smaller than the Spyder and, crucially, much cheaper. In fact, a new Ryker will cost you £8499, although you could spend considerably more on the wide range of accessories and aftermarket bolt-on parts already offered by Can-Am. In fact, Can-Am says there’s more than 75,000 ways to customise a Ryker—you can even download an app on its web site and design your own look for your Ryker. But, remember what we said in last month’s editorial about the dumbing down of vehicles to satisfy…

1 min.

It may not have escaped your attention that we like the idea of a flying motorcycle. Oh, come on, who doesn’t? Now that fantasy could be a step closer to reality. And who has made it work? Not a large company with unlimited resources or a clandestine department of a foreign government (although how would we know?), but a 40-year-old drone technician in the Guangdong province in China. For the last two years, Zhao Deli has been working on a flying motorcycles and has now completed some 1564 test flights—not without incident, it should be said. The machine’s batteries—for, of course, it is electric—caught fire on the first trip and there have been a couple of crash landings since. But now Deli is confident that his flying bike, which can reach…