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100 Biker No. 250

100% Biker is the leading grass-roots custom bike magazine in the UK. It is the Bible for all things custom bike in Britain, covering the best from the custom bike and biker event world. It features traditional choppers and bobbers, streetfighters, rats, cafe racers, cruisers and custom bikes that don't easily fall into any definable category.

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100% biker

EDITORIAL 250. How on earth did that happen? But happen it did. This is the 250th issue of 100% Biker, a magazine that has grown over the years to become the best and most comprehensive custom motorcycle title in the country, representing every aspect of the custom scene from the folk building in sheds to the most prestigious of builders, from the one day pub shows to rallies both traditional and not so trad, to the top shows in the world. Over those years we reckon we have featured around two thousand bikes and as many – and probably more – shows, rallies and rides. Of course, we could have counted every bike and every event in every issue, but trust me, with my innumeracy, that might have taken the next 250…

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curtiss brings the fight to harley

At the heart of the Hades is a massive 162kW motor which produces 217hp and 147lb-ft of torque, making it one of the biggest battery options of any production electric bike. In fact, the motor is as powerful as that on a Zero SR/F and a Harley-Davidson LiveWire—combined! But it’s also light years ahead in design, the work of JT Nesbitt. Nesbitt was responsible for the Confederate Wraith and G2 Hellcat, but decided to stay in New Orleans when Confederate relocated to Alabama in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. He went on to design the Bienville Legacy, a supremely ugly motorcycle, before recently rejoining his old colleagues in Curtiss Motorcycles, the company which grew out of Confederate. What happened to the Bienville Legacy? We’re not sure although it was to…

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twisted iron proper chopper show

One of our favourite weekend events, Twisted Iron’s The Happening is, as many of you will know, taking a break for this year. But we are delighted to say that the good people at Twisted Iron—in other words, Russell and Bev Cort—will be putting on a Ride-In Proper Chopper Show on 29th September. Like its monthly Twisted Turnouts, it will be held at This is Your Garage in Culham, Oxfordshire. There will be some very special handcrafted prizes for winners and runners-ups, some of which are being created by the remarkably talented Kai Hirst of Loyalty Customs whose twisted metalwork has won him fans worldwide. There will also be an award for Best Paint, provided by Ben from Bearknuckle Customs who will be giving live demonstrations of his craft during the…

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getting mark back to work

You will remember that last year we featured a Suzuki Bandit 600 (‘Win This Bandit’, 100% Biker #237) which had been restored by the remarkable Mark Hancock, an ex-Royal Navy submariner who lost both his legs through illness. Mark now restores motorcycles for free for the Let’s Do veteran support charity, something which he finds both physically and mentally helpful. However, last month, some lowlife—politeness forbids us from saying exactly what we would like—broke into Mark’s shed and stole all his tools. It could have meant the end of Mark’s building career but his many friends decided that wasn’t to be and people have risen to the challenge. A friend contacted Fowlers of Bristol to ask whether the motorcycle dealership had any spare tools to replace those stolen. Fowlers director, Stephanie…

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indian takeaway

You know how it is, you’re in the middle of a road trip and you suddenly get hungry. Not, “I’ll just stop for a packet of crisps or a Kit-Kat” hungry, but proper man (or woman) hungry. The answer could be in the latest build from Thor Drake at See See Motorcycles in Portland, Oregon which combines a custom-built Indian Springfield Darkhorse with a Traeger Ironwood 885 wood-fired barbecue. It is, as Indian Motorcycle says, ‘the machine nobody asked for, but we all needed’. Quite. If you’re travelling with friends, then you will certain to be quite popular with this combination because the barbecue is capable of cooking ten whole chickens at the same time or seven racks of ribs. The Traeger is forged from commercial-grade stainless steel and boasts a…

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five ways to spray

If you’re thinking about buying an airbrush, then there can be a bewildering amount of equipment on offer. Without knowing exactly what you need for your particular experience and requirements, you can end up making expensive and dispiriting mistakes. We suggest that you speak to our friends at The Airbrush Company who have a wealth of knowledge and can give you advice tailored specifically to you. But, before you pick up the phone, you can also find some extremely useful information which The Airbrush Company has just added to its website. Iwata is one of the best-known names in the airbrushing world and has been designing and creating airbrushes, compressors and accessories for over thirty-five years. As the UK distributors of Iwata products, The Airbrush Company has now made available online…