3D Artist No. 94

3D Artist magazine is a luxury title for fans of 3D software and the phenomenal images that can be created. Each issue is packed with advice and inspiration for 3D devotees, all written by first-class artists. The tutorials give readers valuable insight into the techniques used by 3D professionals, while interviews and features focus on the latest projects being created by commercial studios and freelancers. 3D Artist looks at the entire 3D world, from TV and architecture design, through to film work, concept art and character development. The unique 'Workspace' mini-mag is for people training for a 3D career and shines the spotlight on 3D university and college courses, in addition to specific career advice from experts in the field, interviews with 3D studios and recruitment agencies, plus tips for anyone starting out as a freelancer. Please note: Digital versions of the magazines do not include the covermount items or supplements that you would find on printed editions.

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Thinking about it, one of the hardest parts of my job is planning. You all know how many different techniques, software solutions and communities exist out there, so how do we please everyone all the time? Alas, we can’t, but we’ve given it a solid crack this month with features and tutorials that delve into every aspect of the 3D pipeline, starting with our fantastic cover feature on modelling. It’s the stage where all the 3D mischief starts and is crucial for absolutely all of you to understand, even if you aren’t an out-and-out modeller yourself, so give our expert projects a go. Elsewhere, we’ve had a chat with Image Engine, Zero VFX and more about what it takes to be a great compositor, and DI4D, Remedy and Audiomotion show off…

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new fusion 8

For over 25 years Fusion has been used to create visual effects on thousands of blockbuster films, TV shows and commercials. Fusion features an easy to use and powerful node based interface, a massive tool set, true 3D workspace and GPU accelerated performance all in a single application! Now with Fusion 8 you can use the same powerful software to create your own blockbuster effects! Hollywood’s Secret Weapon Fusion has been used to create groundbreaking visual effects and motion graphics for Hollywood films such as The Martian, Thor and The Hunger Games, as well as on hit television shows like Orphan Black, Breaking Bad, Grimm and Battlestar Galactica! If you’ve ever gone to the movies or watched television, then you’ve seen Fusion in action! Work Faster with Nodes Fusion uses nodes to represent effects…

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the expert panel

HRISTIAN IVANOV artstation.com/artist/hristianshyne We’re always on the hunt for the best imagery and the best workflows, and Hristian’s baby dragon really stood out when we were looking for modelling experts for our feature on p22. 3DArtist username n/a MARC POTOCNIK renderbaron.de Many of you will likely rely on global illumination when lighting a scene – Marc is here to show you how to do away with GI and set up your own controlled lighting setup in Cinema 4D R17 on p44. 3DArtist username n/a MARK VAN HAITSMA artstation.com/artist/mvhaitsma Kitbashing is a popular and useful procedure for generating concept art. Mark brings his experience in the games industry to 3D Artist and shows you how to make your own quick concepts. 3DArtist username mvhaitsma AYI SÁNCHEZ artstation.com/artist/kratos Many people in magazines would say we’re mad for putting an image of a…

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the gallery

“This image was created for a university class I was taking at the Centre NAD (nad.ca). My goal was to depict a fictional city with different coexisting social classes. The architecture of the towering city was mostly inspired by a recent trip to Turkey”Vincent Joyal, The Tourists, 2015/2016 Vincent Joyal artstation.com/artist/joyal Vincent works at Square Enix/ Eidos Montréal and has worked on environment art for 13 years Software 3ds Max, Photoshop Work in progress… “ This is a character in my sci-fi short film ‘RETURN’ and I’m trying some different textures/materials to make it look more elegant and create more cultural feelings”Mark Chang, Cloaker, 2016 Mark Chang artstation.com/artist/equinoz 3DArtistOnline username: Equinoz Software Cinema 4D, ZBrush, OctaneRender, Photoshop Work in progress… “I started working on this with the idea to create a Tunisian atmosphere, reviewed to match actual design rules. The idea was…

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technique focus

TOPOLOGY For the headdress pieces, I started with a subdivided sphere in ZBrush. From there I painted directly onto the surface using PolyPaint. I then chose Mask by Intensity in the Masking subpalette to get a clean mask to use Edge Loop Mask Border. After that I isolated that selection, deleted what I didn’t need and ran Panel Loops on it to give it thickness. Johnny Malcolm artstation.com/artist/johnnyhalcyon Johnny works as environment artist at United Front Games Software ZBrush, Marmoset Toolbag, Substance Designer TheShadowPaintsthe Earth, 2016…

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fire up your modelling

“Use Transpose Master for posing; thanks to ZRemesher you can use a low-poly version of the model for easy posing”HRISTIAN IVANOVON POSING THE BABY DRAGON MODEL AFTER POLYPAINTING EXPERT Hristian Ivanov PORTFOLIO artstation.com/artist/hristianshyne BIO Hristian is a young artist with a passion for 3D, robots and cool shapes. His dream is to become a greater artist. Historically, modelling artists used to use clay to carve out their ideas and make them visceral, pulling and deforming the earth to bring their inspirations to life, cutting away and refining over and over until they had a sculpture they were happy with. The only thing that’s changed in over 1,000 years are the tools: that core creative philosophy is the same. Our expert guide to modelling aims to teach you that anything is possible. From hard surfaces to intricate organics –…