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3D World May 2019

3D World magazine is the world's biggest-selling monthly title for the 3D artist covering all aspects of the CG creation, inclduing animation, visual effects, vidoegames and architectural visualisation, and includes expert training in apps such as 3ds max, Maya, Cinema 4D, ZBrush, LightWave, Vue, Photoshop and After Effects. Every issue the magazine features an artist showcase, making of features and reviews of new products.

United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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editor’s welcome

Archviz is an area that has become more popular, as well as profitable, for many CG artists. This issue we take a better look at some key areas, bringing you a feature on the state of the art, training and insight, to help you better your archviz renders.rob.redman@futurenet.com5 for £5 in our spring sale!When you sign up to a print subscription - turn to page 69.…

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spotlight on our contributors

Carlos LucioArchviz is a growth area for CG artists and Carlos is at the top of his game. This issue he shows you his process for creating our cover image. carloslucio-visualization.comMike GriggsMike Griggs is a 3D and visual effects artist with vast experience across the industry. This issue his bootcamp gets you started with Gravity Sketch. www.creativebloke.comMaya JermyMaya is a 3D artist and animator based in the UK. She started her career in 2012 remaking and animating characters for Oddworld. mayajermy.artstation.comMike BatchelorA veteran C4D and X-Particles artist and director of design at Insydium, Mike shows you how to create awesome fluid systems in X-Particles. www.insydium.comIan FailesIan is a regular contributor to 3D World, and in this issue he takes you behind the scenes on the quirky live-action film Marwen. www.vfxblog.comAnt…

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ARTISTSOFTWAREZBrush, Maya, XGen, Photoshop“I worked on Ape on and off for a couple of months,” says Stockholmbased artist Björn Arvidsson. By day Björn works as lead character artist at Embark Studios and has been in the industry for close to seven years, previously working in advertising and film, before moving on to real-time graphics at DICE.“The most unusual thing about the image is that I barely used any textures,” he continues. “The only textures I used were for the eyes. The face and body were almost entirely made up of procedural nodes in Arnold and Maya. I then used several small masks to control the look and feel for different areas.”Björn enjoys the learning involved in each new project. “This was no exception,” he says. “I learned so much about…

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walter white (breaking bad)

ARTISTSOFTWAREMaya, ZBrush, Mari, XGen, Arnold, Substance Painter, PhotoshopThis incredibly life-like image of Walter White took character and creature artist Abdelrahman Kubisi six weeks to complete, working in his spare time around his fulltime job at MPC. Discussing his technical approach Abdelrahman says: “I used the new Arnold 5 shader for the skin, and used Texturing.xyz maps for displacement detailing and colour textures.”He continues: “I always start by collecting reference, it's the most important part in the job for me, then I start the digital sculpting inside ZBrush. I texture inside Mari, building layer upon layer to make the skin look real.”When asked what inspires him to create, Abdelrahman says: “Mimicking nature, which in my opinion is very difficult, and trying to make things that look hyper-realistic. If I'm able to make…

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spiderman fanart

ARTISTSRattasat Pinnate & Piyapong YusiSOFTWAREZBrush, KeyShot, PhotoshopThis action-packed image is the work of Rattasat Pinnate, 3D model supervisor, and Piyapong Yusi, senior modeller, who both work at Bangkok-based Igloo Studio. The process began with a 2D design before employing ZBrush to create the 3D model. “I started from proxy to check the pose, proportion and silhouette. Then I adjusted the detail by hand,” Rattasat says.For him, the most enjoyable part of the process was the posing. “If the pose doesn’t look realistic enough it will look weird. As a 3D model it will show that it’s unbalanced. That was a big challenge for me,” he adds.When asked what inspires him as an artist, Rattasat highlights seeing great 2D becoming a 3D model. “We can look at it from every angle. Also,…

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midnight ride

ARTISTSOFTWARESubstance Painter, Substance Designer, Unreal Engine 4, 3ds Max, Marvelous Designer, Adobe PremiereThis image is freelance artist Ronan Mahon’s entry for the X-TAON art car contest by Allegorithmic. “My theme for the art car entry was based on the node graph in Substance Designer,” he explains, “how any one node in the graph can be used to create an explosion of art and creativity.”Ronan won Best Storytelling for his entry and received an RTX 2080 from NVIDIA. “Through my entry to the competition Allegorithmic got in touch and we subsequently collaborated on a video for Substance Source,” he adds.“I enjoyed having Substance Painter and Unreal 4 set up in live link mode and seeing it come to life before my eyes in a lit scene,” says Ronan. “To be able…